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  1. Thanks pricha. I did it yesterday. I also think so and I don’t plan to sell it so no sense to keep the packaging
  2. A beautiful 2004 Sov thanks to @Goldfinga. My OCD urges me to take it out if the package and put it in a capsule but haven’t decided yet
  3. My humble view is that, if you are stacking, there is little difference between the two, but if you collect for numismatics or semi-numismatics reasons, sovereigns are the superior ones. I believe that the ‘rosy’ colour of the 2021 Sovs will be sought after in 20-30 years. My vote: two hands for 2021 sovereigns.
  4. Finally received it today (thanks to BullionByPost) with a capsule, which I didn’t expect what has started 2 years ago is not complete so happy
  5. 5oz Mother of Pearl Lunar Proof Monkey coin, 888 mintage…. probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve had…thanks @morezone
  6. Proof Isle of Man silver Angels 2017 and 2018 thanks to @morezone really amazing coins
  7. Great price! Pity, I’m tight with budget this month…..
  8. I’m a new member at Silverforum, but just wanted to share my views on sovereigns. At first, they looked inferior to me, for both collecting or stacking. They looked small, not pure gold (22kt), not the most appealing, recent mintage looks like copper, etc. Hard to me to evaluate them.... I found gold Britannia much better choice. Easier to understand... However, when I started reading more about Sovereigns and their history, I changed my mind 180 degrees Now I collect only Sovs. I firmly believe that British sovereign is the superior gold coin choice for both stackers and collectors For stackers (in the UK) 1. tax advantage (makes them superior to Krug’s and other non British gold coins) 2. Most liquid UK coin- I tested with my local jewellery shop and they immediately gave me an offer for 1914 and 1913 Sov...close to spot. If you want to sell 1oz Britannia, immediately...good luck 3. margins over sport are lower in my view compared to Britannia (at least in TSF) For collectors 1. best variety and collection combinations compared to all other gold coins I know (you can collect years, monarchs, mintage places, strike differences, etc) and you have 200 years to do that. You can literally spend a lifetime collecting all sovereigns minted. Try the same with Britannia or Krug’s 2. The coin is still in release (compared to ducats, other gold coins) 3. There is a wide market for them at coin shops, so new collectors can start quickly. Much harder to collect Britannia’s and if you decide, places to buy are few. Again, if I collect Sovereigns, I can go to my shop and they had a Victoria YH 1872, which i could acquire if I missed it in my collection 4. Sovs are 22ct so harder to dent or scratch compared to Britannia’s or other pure gold coin Again, here there are people who have collected for years and probably would disagree with me, but this is how it looks to me after 1 year of collecting:)
  9. Britannia and sovereigns from @Jamesd and @arshimo2012
  10. A little misleading from my side since I bought them earlier this week...but very happy with all of them, thanks to @oooootini and @GavinDevon Finally managed to get the QB 2oz...probably next collection should be sovereigns...
  11. can I have the half sov please 2001
  12. I check both HA and Coins of the realm for proofs and I would admit that Pete is right - proof do not bear the margins, so I collect them because I like the colours and the mastery of the product. I'm actually able to see St George's face with was great...but selling them would be painful... Appreciate Robda!
  13. Appreciate Dicker, Marsh appears a very good source indeed I share your views and i personally like the 1980-1990 Sovereigns (young Elizabeth) as well as Young Victoria heads - focusing on quality of the coin rather than rarity (probably not the best approach, but....) I also prefer proof and recently got a graded proof coin which is the coin I most enjoy so far...pleasure, doesn't have price, right
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