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  1. 5oz Mother of Pearl Lunar Proof Monkey coin, 888 mintage…. probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve had…thanks @morezone
  2. Proof Isle of Man silver Angels 2017 and 2018 thanks to @morezone really amazing coins
  3. I’m a new member at Silverforum, but just wanted to share my views on sovereigns. At first, they looked inferior to me, for both collecting or stacking. They looked small, not pure gold (22kt), not the most appealing, recent mintage looks like copper, etc. Hard to me to evaluate them.... I found gold Britannia much better choice. Easier to understand... However, when I started reading more about Sovereigns and their history, I changed my mind 180 degrees Now I collect only Sovs. I firmly believe that British sovereign is the superior gold coin choice for both stackers and collectors
  4. Britannia and sovereigns from @Jamesd and @arshimo2012
  5. A little misleading from my side since I bought them earlier this week...but very happy with all of them, thanks to @oooootini and @GavinDevon Finally managed to get the QB 2oz...probably next collection should be sovereigns...
  6. I check both HA and Coins of the realm for proofs and I would admit that Pete is right - proof do not bear the margins, so I collect them because I like the colours and the mastery of the product. I'm actually able to see St George's face with was great...but selling them would be painful... Appreciate Robda!
  7. Appreciate Dicker, Marsh appears a very good source indeed I share your views and i personally like the 1980-1990 Sovereigns (young Elizabeth) as well as Young Victoria heads - focusing on quality of the coin rather than rarity (probably not the best approach, but....) I also prefer proof and recently got a graded proof coin which is the coin I most enjoy so far...pleasure, doesn't have price, right
  8. Hello, Apologies if that topic is already covered (tried to find this information, but without luck). An effort to educate myself and I presume it might be useful to other starting collectors My question is: What is the standard / normal margin that a Sovereign should bear above its spot price. By normal Sovereign, I mean a coin that is a widely distributed Sovereign coin (newly minted and not rare, old mintage in millions). I assume full sovereign but any insights on half Sov would be great My small research shows that in the sivlerforum the margin is usually 3-5% for standard
  9. Just sharing my experience. I bought pre47 British coins, different years and denominations and my kids are really interested in them-learning history, weighing them to calculate the silver content and intrinsic value, and just exploring them for oddities i think is an excellent way to learn something more and introduce them to numismatics (if that is the goal of course) I have only 1920-1947 (50%), but now they ask me to get pre-1919 and older
  10. Hello everyone. My name is Dimitar and I’m a new retail collector starting this year. Just joined the forum and really pleased to be part of the community!
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