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  1. First Double sovereign… 2022 thanks to @SovereignBishop…really impressed! Thanks mate!
  2. Another finger in the air but how about 112?
  3. You got me…:) on the silver content I was thinking 6% silver and 2-3 % other of which I expected small copper content
  4. Thanks. I have to admit that my guess was 107..but that was more of ‘finger in the air’ + assumptions that RM was not too bothered to manufacture sovereigns with large number of serrations (too complex compared to the technology today) but again I had no idea Re the reddish nuance, it could be entirely on the light / toning.
  5. Amazing coin Lawrence! Victoria shields are my favourites!!! probably a stupid question (already answered in TSF) but what is the copper content of this sovereign? If any? Asking this since the colour has some red nuance (at least on the photo)
  6. A question that probably has been answered before, but why the people who made the fake 1925 Sov did not bother to make the serrations properly on the reverse (as per the magnified photo section)? Not the count but the overall graving. Obverse is also bad, but reverse serration is awful…Is to laziness or just too hard to manufacture?
  7. Mine too…! I consider the Young Victoria the most attractive obverse, there is something that differentiates them from the rest. Very, very special Sovs
  8. Amazing coin @ryanp007 and very rare. This is a commemorative coin celebrating the Independence of Bulgaria. (22 Sept 1908). СЕПТ is abbreviation of September in Cyrillic. On the observe, you have king Ferdinand I. As you can imagine, these coins were owned predominantly by the most wealthy part of the population and I personally haven’t haven’t seen such well preserved sample..well done!
  9. The tungsten coin will probably have a ‘flap’ sound when tossed, very different of what pure gold sounds There is a mobile app called Coin tester that I use and it quite accurate. It compares the sound waves of the coin with the supposed metal content. I suspect that app will catch the tungsten fake Eagle;)
  10. Congrats James! All the best in the new endeavour!
  11. Appreciate Lawrence! So far, serration data could be useful to track fakes, but not in all cases, probably should be used in combination with other things…It is interesting that the fake 1925 is a tone yellower than the original one despite the copper mix..
  12. Thank you Lawrence. I think that 107 should be good for 1925:)
  13. I think the combination of 1) rising prices and 2) stagnated economic growth will eventually result is stagflation environment (very similar to the 70s). Stagflation is the best time for gold….better than property, stocks, or even commodities, at least historically. This is because gold has been considered a safe heaven for a very long time and all CB hold a minimum reserve in gold (not oil, wheat or crypto) There is a current reduction in liquidity (money is plugged away from stock markets, VC funds etc and pulled into hard assets). 95% of population react in stagflation by cutting spending to pay for food, power, maintain lifestyle, while the wealthier focus on the alternative assets they are comfortable (property, commodities, PM). So people start to get interested in gold, silver At the same time, the Money masters are benefitting from gold price volatility and are shorting the paper gold to make some money, but some big whales (some sovereign nations are hoovering the physical gold to counteract the US). Then you add the interest rates and FED. So Gold price in my view is not a one sided equation and they have different forces that affect it. My bet is that physical always beats paper especially in stagflation, so hold tight and enjoy the ride.
  14. Never tried auctions (only buy from here and the RM), but are not sellers able to have a reserve price? Surely if I’m selling a proof my reserve will be at least the price for a bullion Regarding seller pressure to liquidate, my gut feeling is we will probably see a lot more of that in the winter due to inflation and salaries stagnating / not following If I’m a buyer, which auction place you believe is the best for me (fees, coin variety) and also If I’m the seller (apologies if that has been discussed before)
  15. So my renewed hypothesis is that whoever made these fakes is / was assuming the serrations to be 108 (same for each sovereign date) Not sure of the whole process, but I’m doubting he/she has different serration templates to apply. which comes to the conclusion that 108 serration sovereign might be the most popular ‘serration type’
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