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  1. Order received just now and spot on pal thank you so much. Also thank you for the extra little gift, Means a lot you legend.
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome
  3. Morning pal, What do you have left, This will be my 1st purchase from here so a little nervous.
  4. If you have any left next week I'll have a few bars. Just bought 3 more coins so got to make sure wife does not kill me as spent a few hundred this month hahahahahhah.
  5. I'm new myself and finding the mints far to expensive, European mint has good prices same as silver to go
  6. Hi there all, Just thought i'd say hi to you all, Started collecting silver and gold in past month or two for the long term. My plan is for when my kids "Hopefully" finish uni in 15 years time or so to maybe trade in for house/investment of there own. I currently save for them in "Was" high interest accounts but current climate is laughable. I have bought some ingots and a little gold but not sure what route to take. Will also be hopefully in next few months making my own Ingots with scrap silver. Any advice always welcome. Thank you
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