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  1. Would love some for my kids if poss Hate being cheeky
  2. That's insane, I find it hard to believe someone will actually cough that up unless a RM employee to try and get more bids.
  3. Hahahahah please don't start on me I'm delicate today hahhahahah. I hope you sue for that type of c**p.
  4. I don't think he's bothered about info/comments/input but when I was reading your reply it just sounded like you was being arsy. Obv text speak is not normal speak and I'm sure you to sitting at a table with a nice IPA/whiskey you could have a very good involving chat.
  5. arcticfox

    US 50 dollar

    Yeah I'd have a few lol
  6. You paid that price for it ?
  7. Just had a look at mine "Santander" and nothing on there. Wonder if different due to being spanish bank ?
  8. What a brill idea. Would defo be interested dependent on price.
  9. Hay pal. Managed to already pick one up local. Sorry dude 😞
  10. No idea what the charges will be shipping to the US, But in UK we get a 20% VAT charge on silver.
  11. The way the world is someone prob will pay that
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