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  1. Updated to reflect what has sold. Photos below.
  2. Thanks Samuel, I'm also on here, different user name however which may confuse people. I've got plenty of sovereigns to sell, various years. they start from £330 upwards. if the OP would be interested in any he's welcome to ask me.
  3. Heres the photos you requested. There's not a mark or fingerprint on it.
  4. I've got one i may be selling next week. Its a slabbed MS63 grade Koson Stater from the Brutus army hoard. 44-42 BC would that be of any interest?
  5. PHOTOS ARE IN THE LATEST COMMENT. I WASNT ABLE TO ADD THEM TO THE FIRST ONE. BARS. 1g carded pamp - £55 5g carded UBS (Heraeus) hologram kinebar £245 SOVEREIGNS. 2006 full Proof, boxed but no COA. its absolutely perfect never had the cap opened - £390 1979 full loose proof. rare as its the first year of proof sovereigns! It has been handled and has a copper spot on the reverse. Beautiful coin however and perfect for a collection - £360 1915 full with 9ct mount, good condition - £330 6 x Full shield bullion sovs. 1864 1868 x 3 1870 - hardly worn but cross test mark on neck 1880 S - damaged top and bottom of shield - possible ex jewellery. £375 each except 1880 which is £360 NUMISMATIC COINS. Hong kong $1000 coins - these are basically double sovereigns, 15.976g of 22k. rare coins 20k mintage. Boxed with COA. These are £850+ on all dealers. 1986 royal visit - £***SOLD*** 1987 lunar rabbit - £700 1922 B, 20 francs slabbed but not graded but uncirculated and in amazing condition - £275 44-42BC Greek/roman stater - King koson. This is an incredibly rare coin. uncirculated and only found in one hoard. they were minted by Brutus army (yes that brutus - same one who took out Caeser) before a battle which they lost as was buried hoard. Found in 1990 they were graded and sold off to collectors. This has been in one collection ever since. they sell for £1500-1700 at auction. two have sold in the last year alone for £1700 BEFORE fees. Im asking £1500 on this one which has a higher grade than normal. TENTHS. 1998 Maple, eagle privvy mark and plastic slab - £160 2018 philharmonic - £155 1995 nugget - £155 2015 lunar sheep carded - £160 Plus postage of your choice. Paypal F&F but can also accept bank transfer.
  6. Alas - no sovereigns that old. However I may have some European coins that age! Also some ancient gold if they aren't old enough!
  7. thats a great help - i see it now! when im able to ill start listing afew bits up for sale
  8. Hi everyone. I've been a member for a while, although have mainly stuck to the bullion Facebook groups where I'm quite well known as Aidan Howard. Since I'm collecting a selling a few bits of my collection these days I figured i would see what the Silver forum has to offer as I've heard lots of good reviews. I've helped out one member by providing him with date of sovereign he required! hopefully when I'm able to list a few things ill get to meet a few more of you! I collect 1/10ths and young head sovereigns mainly! out of interest how are photos posted on the forum? do i need to host them on photobucket or similar? cheers! aidan.
  9. Hi Kev. I have one 1928 left in lovely condition that I would sell. Not sold on here before however but have plenty of trading history on the Facebook groups. Let me know if you're interested and I'll sort out some photos.
  10. Mrbigah

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Carded Half Sovs

    I would offer £160 posted on the remaining sov? Can pay via bank transfer. Cheers.
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