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  1. Was it Chards? Im looking to buy some sovs from there too Maybe give em a ring to see whats what?
  2. Numbers all over the place when I ask. Heard couple K for a kilo lool. I wish
  3. Less people that Know is better in a sense. If people flocked to aktins at the like to buy gold we'd be paying more on premiums.
  4. Good for them, bad for us 🤣 Not that I’d buy from them again. Shocking quality control.
  5. Top quality service and bargain deals. What’s not to like
  6. Id also like to add I’ve bought from there several times. Best prices on sovs more often than not and excellent quality too. Had an order arrive recently....with no coin in the parcel!.....or so I thought, the bag was blue tacked to the beer mat 🙈.
  7. Bagged a sov for 335 my best price yet, hope it falls some more.
  8. Bit of this, bit of that
  9. I only started buying recently so seems like a good price to me 🙈
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