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  1. Very interesting read, wasn’t aware of chattels. Thank you
  2. Thanks for all the advice, on the phone to my m8 now
  3. Oh bugger did i miss that out 🤔 lol This doesn’t apply to me tbf, just something i wondered about, especially regarding CGT coins
  4. Has anyone on here had any enquires from HMRC about selling they've done on the forum? Would it arouse suspicion if say you were making 2-3 sales a month and making over a £1000 in the tax year? I understand everyone has a £1000 trading allowance and if earn above this, HMRC have to be notified - but how does it work vis a vis CGT free coins. Are they exempt from the trading allowance or are they exempt from capital gains tax only?....... Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all A favourite of mine, bought from Sharps Pixley. Low mintage coin in good condition to the naked eye. This sale is only for those with 5+ feedback. If your feedback is 25+ I am happy to post out before payment, provided you pay the day the coin arrives (like my last sale!). Bank Transfer only Coin will be posted via special delivery Bars
  6. Hi all As this is my first sale I am ONLY selling this to people with 10+ positive feedback. This is just to give me a little confidence for my first sale. The coins were my first purchase off the forum and all have a degree of milking/toning as can be seen, with some looking better than others. Not nice to look at lol, but decent price if you're stacking for weight/melting. If you're feedback is 15+ I'm happy to send out before payment. Bars
  7. Remember when you do sell premium items on the secondary market, you can ask for that premium too.
  8. 64.70!, what a bargain - not long from now............
  9. You do in fact get a Tube. Coins arrived today💪🏽, top one looks mint, silica bag in and closed for few months. 🙈
  10. Knowing royal mint they’ll probably produce the queens beast completer delta, lambda, Kent and South African variant coins.
  11. True.....but you could always take your coins down t'llotment
  12. Sharps Pixely are quite underrated IMO. Rarely get mentioned to newbies, but they have a good selection with fair prices.
  13. All good tips. Want to leave a good impression for future sales, so good to hear from senior stackers. Thanks all
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