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  1. Pelosi is closing in on Tawian. Could see a Feb 2022 jump if things escalate.
  2. Awesome price, I bought the raw version for nearly 800 quid from Chards!
  3. You love silver you say? As much as @ilovesilverireallydo?
  4. Just like Dave said, sometimes the boring stuff is all you need. Before I signed up to the forum, I read a lot of your posts as you flooded the forum LOL (stacktastic forum?). But, they were a lot of questions I had myself, what to do with x? how long in order to achieve x? etc. But after taking a few losses and reading a few posts I'm going to keep the investing simple. I think we bother suffer from information overload.
  5. They’ll be bullion grade. Best f buying bog standard sov a unless you’re doing a date run.
  6. 2016 1oz Gold Britannia Life has thrown one of its curveballs and I need this shifted. No pictures because need this gone urgent, but recently purchased from Chards. 1451 GBP Plus postage (SD recommended) Will only sell to 1+ feedback
  7. Where did you buy them from?
  8. I have bought from them in the past and they did give good sovs, but a few have been banged up, but I guess it is the gold content at the end of the day.
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