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  1. “I see no changes wake up in the morning and and I ask myself, is silver worth investing? should I stop myself” 2 pac said it best
  2. It is often given as a wedding dowry by Muslims, particularly south asians like you highlighted. A lot of whom are unaware of what their gold is now worth in £££.
  3. Tin openers Gum Tea bags Nail clippers Tinned food obvs Just a few of top of my head
  4. Let me hit my target then it can shoot to the next galaxy! lool
  5. That’s not bad tbf lol. Might just nab a coin and 🏃‍♂️back to safety.
  6. I agree, they could easily buy from Harrington and Byrne........
  7. Ordered two oderable sovs in late Jan at separate dates, one is due to arrive next week (The one I ordered later funnily enough, lool). But, the other will come too rest assured. Thank you Mr Chard! (Can I get a free capsule for being good!)
  8. Have you checked you bank account to see if its actually been cleared, because that happened to me with silver to go. Paid everything and done the text message verification and then jsut crashed. The money was "out" of my account but hadnt been cleared, phoned up Nationwide and they informed me I had made a payment but its not been accepted, if its not accepted within x amount of days it would go back into my account. Nationwide has an actual balance and available balance which is good to see whether or not payments have gone through. Worth just calling up your bank or seeing your "available b
  9. 4 sovs better than no sovs!
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