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  1. Monday update 1996 —— £60/each 1oz 2 left ( small date & large date 2017 —— £31/each 30g* 3 left reduced to £29/each
  2. Hi there: I have a tray of 2011 silver pandas and I will sell them with set of 10 (10oz) Good condition~ BT please free special delivery Thank you for looking.
  3. Hi guys I have 3 *2016 30g Chinese silver pandas sell as set of 3 £80 +certificates + free second class signed BT only please have a good weekend thank you for looking
  4. 2016 —— £29/each 30g *3 left (£26.5/each if you take all the three) only for 2016 panda sold out
  5. hi there I have 6 boxes of 2017 15g silver panda it’s for the 35th Anniversary of the issuance of Chinese Panda gold coin maximum mintage: 200,000 you could have the coin with original box with the certificate. it is £50/set+postage second class signed £4 first class signed £4.68 SD: £7.55 Face to face collection if you are in Manchester Any questions please ask~ Numista Rarity index: 91 https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces183985.html
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