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  1. Pizza Night BUMP - If it sells I will have pizza tonight 🍕
  2. BRB, Digging fuel storage tank in backyard... Jokes aside with the tensions with Russia and instability in middle east things don't seem to be getting better any soon..
  3. A little concerned about this one not getting any sales yet, trying to think if pricing is off or there is some other issue .. Because this coin set is lovely but not sure why its not getting any interest.
  4. Welcome aboard! Its definitely one of the best places
  5. No issues , I would like to buy 5 please if you have them
  6. I guess photos are better without magnifying glass ... @sixgun it is lion passant ...
  7. Thanks for your response yes these ...
  8. Postman just delivered my 1987 US 1oz proof coin & 1992 25ecu silver proof coin both boxed. Really love the box US Dollar came in ❤
  9. Hey guys just want to confirm this hall mark, L&C , Am I right in assuming this is the Birmingham Hallmark ?
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