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  1. Seen some very expensive metal testing machines out there, are their any that are sub 300 quid ?
  2. Can you advise how much post charges are insured and other wise for a tube please
  3. Crabby


    Mine has just arrived absolutely love the design no stopping me now gotta have more lol
  4. Crabby


    To all the members that have big stacks etc do you still get the buzz of excitement when you order and expecting a new delivery ? i have got 1oz dragon bar/coin on order and I’m like a kid at Christmas . just wonder if it wears of lol
  5. Those big five coins are stunning
  6. Thanks everyone very informative what a lovely bunch you are
  7. If a coin or bar has toning or milkspots or other marks ,can these be bought back to mint with any cleaning methods? please be gentle I am a newbie 😳
  8. Crabby

    Junk silver

    Thanks not sure but it’s always called junk when I’ve read about it lol of course it’s only a name
  9. From one newbie to another welcome very nice folks on here helped me out already
  10. Crabby

    Junk silver

    Thanks Marc
  11. Crabby

    Junk silver

    Does any of the forum members dabble with junk silver or is it not worth the time and trouble ?
  12. I love eagles and libertads the quality and design are simply gorgeous, brittanias don’t seem to have the same quality. happily pay a touch more for that. my next buy is going to be those fab dragon bars can’t seem to find any stock anywhere tho any help with source would be appreciated
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