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    The Netherlands
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    At this point full gold bullion sovereigns, mexican pesos and libertad and also Peruvian Soles.

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  1. Welcome tot the forum JWHocking. Now is as good as any to start collecting!
  2. Jvw

    Advice please..

    This forum is def the best place to buy. Secondary but also from most dealers.... Most dealers are also active on this forum. And always buy what you like. Don't buy what others like.
  3. Welcome to the forum! And remember, silver is a gateway metal towards platina and gold
  4. I've also understood that the frase : "Running on fumes" translates nowadays to "Making a very very very expensive effort".
  5. I've switched from Bullion to used cars. Not for the actual cars but the leftover diesel and petrol in them.
  6. Ouch! On mine it said 'flyers and folders' on the customs invoice letter (unopened package). Worth 634 euro's. ?!?!?!?!
  7. Same here, but then from UK to Europe..... I paid the VAT and import-tax, then immediately started the procedure to re-claimed the VAT and import-tax..... Still ongoing..... Could take up to 3 months before they even start to look into my case and there will be investigation fees....
  8. Jvw

    Time to sell?

    My 2 ct : Investing and holding PM, Art, Crypto etc will make unexperienced people nervous. Specially when browsing the internet for info on their investment. The first thing you will find are horror-stories. My suggestion: Read up on PM's. Do some research and create a tactic that works for you. Then stick to it and trust yourself.
  9. I hope you are right! But no bet. I have seen the Royal Mints past couple years tactics of selling as much gold and silver possible for the cheapest possible way. I wouldn't be surprised if they have investigated the option adding Rice Krispies and Play-Doh to the alloy to lower production-cost. 2022 Sovereign would be yellow/blue/green/red-ish if it would mean lower production costs and more profit....
  10. Not a fan of ebay tbh. I trust the good people on this forum to do deals, ebay not so much. But I do appreciate the heads up. I managed to pick up the 1848 thanks to @SVcollector, now my main focus is on 1924 and 2007.
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