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    The Netherlands
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    At this point full gold sovereigns. Mostly bullion.

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  1. One final try, anyone selling one of these beauties?
  2. Welcome from The Netherlands, I will be checking out your youtube channel!
  3. @BackyardBullion Would you happen to know more about the rim text that is 'upside down' on one of your coins? I checked the coins I have. And I also have one where the text is upside down. Is that a mistake, or did they just randomly struck which way up the text was? #tequilaandstrickingcoins
  4. I can imagine, I am hooked on these now. Still fancy adding one to the collection if anyone would like to sell.
  5. Jvw


    Come on in, the water is nice and warm
  6. Welcome! And looking forward seeing some of your bars!
  7. Welcome from The Netherlands! Happy stacking!
  8. Jvw

    Hi I'm new

    Welcome to the forum, the platter looks amazing.
  9. Hello, I am in the market for a 50 Pesos Centenario. If you have one available feel free to get in touch through DM with some pictures of the coin and an asking-price please. Cheers! J
  10. Welcome from the Netherlands!
  11. Only by its accent. Sorry, carry on!
  12. Sold 161,44 ToZ of silver already. Who will buy the last 35 coins for 665GBP plus shipping, or would be interested in trades for gold. Will end this sale tonight.
  13. Cheers for the quick and easy transaction. 10 Philharmoniker and 5 Brits on their way to a new home!
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