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    The Netherlands
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    At this point full gold bullion sovereigns, mexican pesos and libertad and also Peruvian Soles.

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  1. Looks like a small scabies spot to me. I am no vet, but I believe it is easily treatable with a simple cream. You said any thought were welcome
  2. I agree with Dicker. I even broke some coins out of their grading-capsules to fundle them.... 🤭 But when you are in it to buy ungraded in decent shape and then flip them graded go for it! Hit or miss per coin i guess.
  3. Coins, coins coins! Welcome to the forum!
  4. I did some math, added the risk of a virus, deducted some tears and compared it to the fear-level. Extracted the lockdown, multiplied with Brexit minus the square root of the deal. Then I took in account that gold is shiny, yellowish and heavy. Making me round it up to a nice round number: = Gold will be £1643,87 on the first of jan 2022. Ratio GBP 1,00 / Euro 1,04
  5. I haven't been here long, but in my experience I have to disagree for a bit. In general people tend to think things were better in the past just because people forget the moan and rant stuff and tend to remember the good deals and laughs better. In the small time that I have been a member here i did some amazing deals and made good relations with fellow PM sellers and buyers. Some I chat to on daily basis. And to answer the Cornishfarmer question: I think we will hit golden ages again. because PM-prices will keep on climbing and there will always be good deals to be made. There will
  6. Lovely! When still available in 2 weeks i might pick this up
  7. Lovely 2020! Just spend most of my savings on @SVcollector sovereigns. Tempted to pick this up also.... please someone buy it before i might have to...
  8. Many thanks for the people selling me some of the sovereigns on my wish-list! But still looking for one or two more : 1870, 1889, 1893 (Veiled Head), 1895, 1898. 1980, 1989.
  9. 1889 and 1981 would be much appreciated. But looking for the rest also.
  10. Jvw

    2020 Libertad's

    Can you share a link please?
  11. Jvw

    2020 Libertad's

    Still very much quiet here... Anyone any more info on these perhaps?
  12. Picked up a couple of gems, but I have financial room for one more. Anyone want to sell their 1870, 1889, 1893, 1895, 1980, 1981 or 1989 sovereign?
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