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  1. Any follow up on this.. Did Spectacular ever prove that Jenny's bar was not the stated purity. Did he get it fire tested. Did he find more bars of lesser purity...
  2. IMHO get a decent stack built up first some Au.. some Ag.. Them maybe turn your eye to premium coins only if you like the coins subject.. My heart has ruled my head too many times... But luckily for me the stack came first. 150 sheets on 1oz Ag coins make me wonder if I'm wired up right especially when I take them out of the box and stick them to the wall with blue tack.
  3. Thank you... Fingers crossed 🤞. I expected there to be some paperwork inside giving details of what to pay,this is how It was previously ...but nothing... TBH i didn't think about a bill arriving sometime later.🙄
  4. I have purchased a few items from two European dealer's. How do I know if I have duties to pay... Both deliveries were just dropped at door.
  5. I was given some good advice to avoid scams.... it goes Something like this...... If someone else initiated/started the call/text/email ect... Its 100% a scam...
  6. Yes many times... Always been very professional and delivered the good on time... Last time was about a year ago though (because of lockdown) and I'm not recommending them per se...I purchased the child though EMK I had been on the watch listing and ordered before price increase. I have a few of the miniatures. The Superman I have was from minted-uk.
  7. Minted-uk also advertising they can get a hold of these...
  8. Expensive ball ache🤣...that pretty much sums up the wife and kids.. but I still got married and had some...
  9. There's always going to be fee's....just a fact of life...I recently bought a premium coin bar from Estonia. I will encounter shipping fee's.. exchange rate fee's.. ect. Will it be worthwhile for me to purchase such an item..... If I just look the fee equation then NO... If I look at the value of what the item will bring to me then the answer is YES... The same goes for the Kinesis KVT. I personally think you should be looking at if the KVT will recoup the fee's and purchase price.
  10. I am so happy for you both. Unfortunately you both have history with theses types of threads and I am just the bait you thrive on. Modus operandi
  11. When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.😁
  12. If you go fishing. Sometimes you catch a fish.. it all depends on the bait.. know what I mean😙
  13. I never said you said it was a fake! And I never mentioned family in my post but you are adding it to the mix.. you are being slippery and trying it on. Shame on you...
  14. How is it a fake. It's not pretending to Be anything other than a bar of silver. The issue is as Spegtacular says.. how much Silver it contains. If allegedly the lesser amount of silver is actually a higher level PM how is that substandard or sub market If my 2*hotel was overbooked and I got replaced in a 5* hotel is that substandard. I wouldn't be complaining. I still believe it's more about egos and attitude between the two parties. A bit like what's happening here😎 My point was hypothetical anyway.
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