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  1. If anyone is using a Google Two Factor Authentication app for their various accounts. It would be wise to note down the account key codes ( long string of digits) when setting up each account. If your phone crashes or lost or stolen or factory reset then they can't be recovered and it's a headache or time consuming to reset each account. There are apps like "Authy" that make it easier than Google Authenticator. But I like Google.
  2. AHH. the Sauna and Steam Room, ice dip pool.. I actually pick my holiday hotels based on the gym and Steam Room/Sauna facilities.
  3. Groundup

    Star Wars

    https://agaunews.com/portfolio-items/nz-mint-star-wars-2016-on-overview/ Personal favourite 2oz high relief
  4. If you bought that cast 100g bar today and then tomorrow the price increases beyond the premium price, then all is good.
  5. The points system has a time limit to redeem against another purchase. Plus you can only redeem if 100 points level is met. To get to 100 points will depend on how much you spend in first place.....So if there is a gap between purchases you could end up losing your initial points.....Well that was the case last time I purchased. Powercoin.it has a good reputation as has a wide selection of coins.
  6. https://hotco.co/collections/coins?page=2 Might be some help. I have 3 of the 2016 ones. I see on flee bay they aren't cheap thought. Mine have the hotco.com cirtificate not the blister pack ones. You don't mention Which year you are after.
  7. Groundup

    Sell some?

    Now... the e-bike I would want to put in the need section.😉. You'd need to shift a few sovereigns for this. I'm into bikes I don't have a car so me mountain bike is like essential. Currently I have a Whyte 901 coupled with a Carry freedom Trailer. This time next year I might upgrade to an e-bike. Which one you been looking at.
  8. Groundup

    Sell some?

    Needs and wants... that what I think about when the urge to buy stuff...do I need it or do I want it.. if it falls into the want category it doesn't get purchased... If your computer still served a purpose you don't need one....if your settee isn't threadbare you don't need one. Save the shiny stuff for the things you need.
  9. What woul you purchase with your newly printed fiat,once you had sold your shinny.!!
  10. Bullion test on app store. Have Krugerrand's. Basic test but it's free.
  11. Nice video good watch.👊
  12. I went to the northern shooting show in Harrogate and met Ed. Picked up a leaflet with this guy's details. I can't personally vouch for him. He a UK guy and there's a physical shop.. of some of his associates. http://air-fectivetuning.co.uk/ SHTF anyone 😂... me personal favourite is the good old CATAPULT with steel BB.
  13. LESHIY 2 MANUAL.pdf L2 PRE-ORDER FORM 06 20.pdf
  14. One has just been released by Niue celebrating 35 years anniversary. Look at auagnews.com for more news or minted-uk.com or powercoin.it Don't know if you'll find any for less than 30 Euro.
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