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  1. If converting GBP to EURO i used Transferwise... Better rates than bank or post office ect.
  2. I have purchased from celticgold.eu in the past all was good. The shipping price was quite high back then. They use a different delivery company now and the price has reduced a lot. You have the option to store your purchases for XXX amount of months free of charge and ship in one consignment if you are planning on doing multiple buys over a few months.. this can reduce shipping costs I believe. The shipping company I used was UPS.You can enquire who they use now. Like I said not purchased for a while so fact find..! One other thing to remember is Vat free silver only applies to legal tender coins and not bars (Unless it is a coin bar.. but these are like rocking horse sh*t)
  3. I think April Fools Day should be renamed.. Wonga Day.
  4. I've always liked copper, there's something about the colour-smell and useablity that is appealing. As for will it become a PM I don't know. I hope so because for the last 25 years since I bought my home I've been saving every last piece of scrap from DIY. PLUS i took on an allotment form this old chap a number of years ago there was two massive sheds loaded with the stuff, there was even the bean frames made out of copper. One day I'll weigh it in, but not before it moon's.
  5. Someone one told me the best sleep you'll ever have is in a..... Coffin.🤪
  6. My preference is shaped coins. I have been collecting the Star Wars ultra high relief, some of this series have taken the shape of the subject like Darth Vader's helmet. CIT (coin investment trust) do a great job in producing interesting subject matter. My favourite shaped coin is the recently released cylindrical anniversary moon landing coin.
  7. Groundup

    Gold confiscated

    Gives a whole new meaning too....Put a coin in the slot...
  8. @freefall yes it was pretty much a stepping stone to do more research and find other voices to further my knowledge and understanding, plus he wasn't trying to sell a product like many other commentators.
  9. @freefall said...My initial fascination with gold started when I was a kid. Like many households we always had an Argos or Index catalogue lying around that I would flick through when I was bored. As you would expect I spent a lot of time looking at all the toys but it was the jewellery section that really caught my eye. When I was a kid Argos/Littlewoods catalogue's was use to look at the ladies underwear section. As a child pawn/jewelry shops always got my attention, I could never pass one without looking at all the shiny metal things... I loved stories/films about pirates and buried treasure. I remember digging in the a vacant council house front garden hoping to find treasure. I even believed that there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I was very gullible. I still am. As an adult it all got forgotten about and precious metals/jewelry never played a part of it. Working - mortgage family- going out was the norm. All that changed when I watched a News program with this crazy guy called Max Keiser talking about Gold/silver and this new thing called bitcoin. It took me right back to my childhood days, who'd have thought them shiny PM's had such an amazing and important role in history. One day I might be that pirate who sails off into the sunset with the treasure the girl and the wind at my back.🤪.
  10. One of my pet hates is the postage charges on eBay.. xxx pounds postage then the item arrives.. stamp says differently... And no way does it cost that much extra for wrapping and time involved.
  11. Have you seen the prices of these surgical mask's... Sod that I'll buy a few more Oz of Ag.
  12. Nah then Only one thing tighter than a duck's arse..... it's a Yorkshireman who stacks PM's.
  13. You weasel. Owt to come between me and half ounce.lol
  14. You imported Cling film and a label. Don't tell me you didn't because the picture is there for all to see.🤪👆
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