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  1. First lesson I'd teach the little sh*ts.... er I mean children is to keep quiet at school that daddy pays me in silver coins and he has loads of them at home in the safe...
  2. That could happen because of the popularity of the 10oz. I agree premiums would be too much for me too.
  3. I don't get this... This guy spends all day making out them peeps are fools for not buying the silver off him. Then he goes to the coin shop and sells it for sh*t fiat. He's as thick as them.
  4. Not at me laptop right now. But last time I looked there were 612 left @1300usd each. go to the exchange in your account...click KVT/USD symbol. Should be there. Kinesis https://t.me/kinesismoney invite link for Kinesis telegram channel. you can purchase KVT much cheaper by different channels all above board. Something to do with them Wallstreet Silver guys./Sound Money (Jim Forsythe) You'll find out more on the telegram channel or @sixgun (silver forum) is a good source of information.
  5. This is my favourite Prince Philip coin..
  6. Thanks to daca posting this thread 👍, I ordered one early. 348.35. TBH i usually get 2+ to flip some but I didn't this time. Sods law I didn't and it's looking like a good buy. Let's see where the price is on release.
  7. I can't get my head round the fact people are paying these prices and there is no fancy packaging/displaybox other than the capsule.
  8. Now sold out on Apmex eBay last two sold since my post. There was 10 originally.
  9. I looked at bullion by post 2 days ago. No 1kg bars in stock. I was surprised. Just checked they're back in stock..... But for how long!!
  10. Apmex eBay have some left.
  11. Press the link on 0P's post.
  12. Just email CL with order number or European mint with order number they will advise. Because mine was only 10oz a nice person called Janne explained that I could choose courier or post. Post is slower but as above. Courier is quicker but 100% vat charged. I'm not holding my breath that my items will pass through border and not get pinged. They are in pre- sale so I'm not bothered about time lines. As far as payment I use transfer wise. Now called WISE.
  13. The answer I received was. If I choose courier service by CL, there is 100% vat will be applied. If I choose regular post delivery. It could slip through without the charge. Either way up to 500g outside Europe, delivery is 35 euro. No vat added on the invoice for delivery.
  14. European Mint just increase price from 348 euro to 377 euro for the 10oz bar. 28 euro to 33 euro for the 1oz
  15. I have just purchased some goods from European mint. I contacted them about shipping. Someone called Janne Kalda contacted me and said regular post would be appropriate for me. The weight is 10oz plus package weight. 35 euro plus the 20% VAT. Is this normal for European mint/Capital Logistics to use regular post. I asked about insurance of goods. She said all insurance is included,
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