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    From the second I press order confirm button, the wait of arrival is a buzz...on a few occasions I get the dreaded sorry we are experiencing a delay with your stock items, email. Not nice... The buying from overseas is worst.. from the onset you just know it's going to be touching three weeks before delivery. That feeling is only beaten by pre-order items. There the anxiety really kicks in... The buzz of the delivery thought is very much worth it...the best deliveries are the meaningful ones/collectors items or gifts. But everyone put a smile on my face that lasts longer than when I buy most other things in life. On a similar point. I've been buying physical stored Au/Ag in digital form with Kinesis.money and even though it's precious metals, I don't get that same feelings/buzz of the delivery format. 🤔
  2. I've done this approach every year for quite a few years now. Except when I lost job due to the current status. (Back now thought) In October/November when the new RM coins are released, I skip along to my bank, take out a 1200 loan. Order the new release pay cash at the Barclays. Job done. Unfortunately the dealer I use has stopped taking cash payment. So I might start buying from Costco instead. Makes me chuckle, every time I sit in the hot seat telling the assistant I'm planning taking the missus on a well deserved break somewhere sunny. They think I'm so romantic... Lol
  3. Currently using Wise or Crypto to fund Kinesis.. not ideal, but I'm hopeful it won't be too long now with a banking solution. So I wait and I earn my holders yield. @Minimalist organic meat and veg prices... Wow.. I've started hiding the supermarket receipts from the wife... nothing goes to waste thought dog gets scraps of meat the wormety get the veg.
  4. AHH...The enemy within. This could apply to most of the PM community nowadays.
  5. Are Powercoin.it taking the proverbial out off its customers. In this case I think so.. I purchased a coin that was in Pre-sale (May21)... I've done this many times. Then the expected dates get moved... Ok... Then again... Then again. Not so OK... But what really I think is taking the Pi** is as soon as I get an email saying the item has been shipped over 4 months after I paid.. the same item goes on sale 10% discount. The rewards system is not that clear either...as I was told... They are not my points but Powercoin.it and they can be retracted!! This high premium company is IMHO starting on a slippery slope.
  6. Alitin Mint did something similar with a coin called Adam Smith way back in 2013... Guess what.. the private keys were Compromised and about 70 Adam Smith coins had their BTC swept. Each coin had 2 BTC on. I wouldn't touch these with a barge pole. I learned the hard way...
  7. I bought the au bullion to date. They didn't do the 2021 OX except proof, now the 2022 tiger is only available in proof and we'll have to wait for a decision on whether the bu tiger will be in production. What a load of boll***s. I preferred the early coins much more interesting design to look at. The newer coins are just plain boring. I'm not filling the gaps with proofs thought, I'll just call it a day. I couldn't trust the RM with the Quality for proof prices. Shame thought I would have liked to have a full set of these.
  8. Spegtacular calls someone out, then failed miserably to back it up.
  9. Any follow up on this.. Did Spectacular ever prove that Jenny's bar was not the stated purity. Did he get it fire tested. Did he find more bars of lesser purity...
  10. IMHO get a decent stack built up first some Au.. some Ag.. Them maybe turn your eye to premium coins only if you like the coins subject.. My heart has ruled my head too many times... But luckily for me the stack came first. 150 sheets on 1oz Ag coins make me wonder if I'm wired up right especially when I take them out of the box and stick them to the wall with blue tack.
  11. Thank you... Fingers crossed 🤞. I expected there to be some paperwork inside giving details of what to pay,this is how It was previously ...but nothing... TBH i didn't think about a bill arriving sometime later.🙄
  12. I have purchased a few items from two European dealer's. How do I know if I have duties to pay... Both deliveries were just dropped at door.
  13. I was given some good advice to avoid scams.... it goes Something like this...... If someone else initiated/started the call/text/email ect... Its 100% a scam...
  14. Yes many times... Always been very professional and delivered the good on time... Last time was about a year ago though (because of lockdown) and I'm not recommending them per se...I purchased the child though EMK I had been on the watch listing and ordered before price increase. I have a few of the miniatures. The Superman I have was from minted-uk.
  15. Minted-uk also advertising they can get a hold of these...
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