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  1. I have purchased many times from powercoin.it high premium coins is their main product, but the customer doesn't get the high premium experience. I have had the points rewards cancelled. Excessive pre order times and the best yet... after waiting for many months for a coin without any price change on the website.... As soon as it gets delivered, it goes on sale... Needless to say my preference of dealer has changed.
  2. Jamie Lee Curtis 🥵🤤 Also in true lies...🤱
  3. https://agaunews.com/. This site is pretty fast with coin news information/releases....well before their advertised for sale on the popular coin collectables website.
  4. They haven't advertised if they're going to release the KG version... But odds on they will. The first two stacker bars are available in the kilo so I should see why they wouldn't for the persona mask.
  5. Two Antique black persona masks please. 👍
  6. Compared to price I've seen this is a decent price. My opinion. I sold 10 of the original first coca cola when there was a buying frenzy in 2018 £26-£30 Plus postage. The 1oz silver and the 1oz gold have high markups but lower mintage. I have the 1oz silver also. IMO they are visually a decent collectable. @Silverman2U same here.
  7. Pay by Wise (transferwise) for both shipping and orders to keep the costs low...
  8. I too see co*ks and di*ks everywhere mainly where I work (full of them) or down town pissed acting like their ten men. Still I suppose their more tolerant than the cu*ts and pus*y's that I frequently have to deal with.
  9. IMO your reply is logical and correct. The thing is their is too many variables with anything. I personally don't subscribe to ABCD=!. Follow this path and you'll be successful...don't get me wrong it does work especially in business...but even then there's the old boy network/wink wink. Just look at what RBS was up too also. The big guys win because they are helped at every level. Luck..timing...gut instinct...even listening to some crazies..(a few on here lol) reading books/articles that spark the imagination... I originally got into silver because of the wacko's.. started reading, listening, (not YouTube). ect Not there yet but I'm confident the metals in one form or another will make me very successful... I believe we are lucky to be around in an interesting time..if you are open to what is achievable, you will succeed.. the trick is.. when. and for how long... Ps... All my m8 think I'm a looser!
  10. Groundup


    From the second I press order confirm button, the wait of arrival is a buzz...on a few occasions I get the dreaded sorry we are experiencing a delay with your stock items, email. Not nice... The buying from overseas is worst.. from the onset you just know it's going to be touching three weeks before delivery. That feeling is only beaten by pre-order items. There the anxiety really kicks in... The buzz of the delivery thought is very much worth it...the best deliveries are the meaningful ones/collectors items or gifts. But everyone put a smile on my face that lasts longer than when I buy most other things in life. On a similar point. I've been buying physical stored Au/Ag in digital form with Kinesis.money and even though it's precious metals, I don't get that same feelings/buzz of the delivery format. 🤔
  11. I've done this approach every year for quite a few years now. Except when I lost job due to the current status. (Back now thought) In October/November when the new RM coins are released, I skip along to my bank, take out a 1200 loan. Order the new release pay cash at the Barclays. Job done. Unfortunately the dealer I use has stopped taking cash payment. So I might start buying from Costco instead. Makes me chuckle, every time I sit in the hot seat telling the assistant I'm planning taking the missus on a well deserved break somewhere sunny. They think I'm so romantic... Lol
  12. Currently using Wise or Crypto to fund Kinesis.. not ideal, but I'm hopeful it won't be too long now with a banking solution. So I wait and I earn my holders yield. @Minimalist organic meat and veg prices... Wow.. I've started hiding the supermarket receipts from the wife... nothing goes to waste thought dog gets scraps of meat the wormety get the veg.
  13. AHH...The enemy within. This could apply to most of the PM community nowadays.
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