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  1. It's good to see a tribute to Stan Laurel..... Next....the Oliver Hardy mask.
  2. BTC to 8-10K... then × 8-10 pump... then dump..... Then zero.... Buy when the market is fearful . sell when the market greedy. Right now I'm fearful so I buy PM's..
  3. Is there a section about how to squeeze the most % out of a dealer when selling. All advice welcome.
  4. There's a practical side to the sovereign rings. They make excellent knuckle dusters...
  5. With the Google authentication...Do either-or both.... Have have second device with your codes imported onto it.....and keep it current, ie if you add any new accounts import to the second device a.s.a.p The other way is to note the original key code.. and add to device if things go belly up... Or Go with another provider like Authy who are able to reinstate accounts.
  6. Ahh... the classic Peaceful Penetration strategy.... A well-known offensive... I believe this will be followed up with an ambush from behind.
  7. I have purchased many times from powercoin.it high premium coins is their main product, but the customer doesn't get the high premium experience. I have had the points rewards cancelled. Excessive pre order times and the best yet... after waiting for many months for a coin without any price change on the website.... As soon as it gets delivered, it goes on sale... Needless to say my preference of dealer has changed.
  8. Jamie Lee Curtis 🥵🤤 Also in true lies...🤱
  9. https://agaunews.com/. This site is pretty fast with coin news information/releases....well before their advertised for sale on the popular coin collectables website.
  10. They haven't advertised if they're going to release the KG version... But odds on they will. The first two stacker bars are available in the kilo so I should see why they wouldn't for the persona mask.
  11. Pay by Wise (transferwise) for both shipping and orders to keep the costs low...
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