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  1. Actually, I think the 10-ounce silver is having the same problem. It’s strange to have the two sizes, as the thickness of the coin is just doubled if I’m not mistaken? The ungraded two ounces still seem to be hitting the 1800 to 2000 mark, so I’m not really sure what price to expect on the other two
  2. Still waiting for the 5 ounce Silver to shoot up : / It seems to have flown under the radar a little bit. Not many sales on eBay in the past few weeks, prices have dropped a fair bit since the initial few sales on release and I still haven’t seen any graded examples make their way to a real auction house yet. All it takes is one sale for these though and the market price is set. I will say, the five ounce is stunning in hand...
  3. Aiden2343

    😢 Wtf

    He actually has another coin for sale... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-gold-sovereign-proof-2007-with-coa/373494719171?hash=item56f60522c3:g:DQcAAOSwdKhgDWRC
  4. Aiden2343

    😢 Wtf

    Wow, what in the actual ****! Thats one way to ruin a sale. I find it funny that he’s added “excellent condition” to the description when you can literally see the fingerprints! The ones were the coin is out of the capsule aren’t even in focus. Was it a gift from a relative I wonder? How much money do you think he’s wiped off the value of the coin?!
  5. I wonder what the price will eventually settle at. Surely if the 2oz silver is going for over £2k ungraded, the five-ounce should be worth at least £5k? Or maybe that's not how it works? I’m not sure lol. The mintage is quite a bit lower on the larger size but the prices are pretty insane. I will say this - when comparing the two side by side you really do realise just how huge the 5 ounce is, I do think the larger coin lends itself well to this particular design.
  6. A fair point. I don’t think it’s unreasonable however, to expect a coin without scuffs and marks after paying an already inflated premium over spot. These certainly aren't bullion prices! The gold coins are especially egregious. To receive anything less than perfect after paying more for a coin than many people would a car is just insulting. Honestly, how difficult is it to glance at your coins before sending them out to the customer? Especially when your maximum mintage is only a few hundred as it is with the gold’s.
  7. Has anyone seen any of the 5 ounce silvers sell yet? There’s only one auction I can see on ebay with bids at the moment. I’m just trying to gauge the market value, partly because I may be interested in grading. It seems like most people are keeping theirs close. I’m struggling to even find dealers that are selling. Surely if the 2 ounce is going for 2k - 2.5k, the 5 ounce can be expected to fetch at least double that? The mintage is lower by quite a margin.
  8. I would be tempted to sell a 5oz silver at that price. I mean, that's more than the 2oz gold was originally. I think I’ll hold myself back, for now, I really don’t want to sell but that kind of money is hard to turn down. One can only speculate as to what a PF 70 would go for...10k, 20k, higher?
  9. Thought you might be interested!... I think there’ll be a lot more photos of Three Graces on the way haha.
  10. I thought I would upload a comparison between the two silver sizes of the Three Graces, seeing as I’m in the very lucky position to do so. The first two close-ups are of the five ounce. As you can hopefully see, the depth of the strike on both coins is pretty incredible, to say the least! Five Ounce I can assure you, any dust particles you see are on the capsule and not the coin ( I think..!) Two Ounce Sorry, I would upload more photos but unfortunately I’ve hit my file size limit. Even after compression lol
  11. Don’t worry, mine is exactly the same and I’ve received a notification of dispatch. It says “basket total £1,655.00” with a discount of “£1,110.00”. My payment went through instantly so it’s definitely on their end. This has actually been the case with all of my orders since the website was updated.
  12. Yes, I did manage to get the 2oz, although, it's still in open orders so not sure what the situation is there. It’ll be a gift for my parents anniversary. I will be sure to post some pictures of the 5oz when it arrives! Hopefully my amateur photography skills don’t let me down lol.
  13. Just got an email letting me know my order has been despatched! So it looks like they are shipping out a few of the silver proofs after all, at least the 5 ounces. Now just to hope it arrives with no issues...
  14. My order has also been moved from ”open” to ”closed”. I can click for more details and the payment amount looks good. The money is no longer visible in my account. However, when I go to my transaction history the payment still says ”pending”. Also, no email as of yet, apart from the initial order confirmation. I’ll let you know if anything changes.
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