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  1. Hi Silverfox, welcome to the Silver Forum. You could certainly claim the item was “not as described” if the tarnishing isn’t mentioned in the listing description. It’s really a matter of if you can be bothered. $140 isn’t a bad price for bullion so personally i would leave it, but if you think it will bother you then it might be worth messaging the seller to see if they’re willing to do anything.
  2. Just got this email from the Royal mint asking me to register my interest for the new Winnie the Pooh collection arriving on the 23rd of September. http://content.royalmint.com/?IRDs.QvXKScbqWWFOy6BpYNIRtvSQbLeI “A long time ago , a bear of very little brain bumped down the stairs and into our world . He loves honey , Christopher Robin and all of his friends . He is known for his hums , tucking into smackerels and for getting into all sorts of sticky spots . We all know and love Winnie the Pooh. Bee - ginning with Winnie the Pooh 50p coin , we are introducing a series of designs i
  3. One ounce gold just released on the Coin Connection if anyone is interested.
  4. How long do new releases usually take to appear on third party websites such as Coin Connection? I’d really prefer to buy from a site with a bit less traffic.
  5. Yes, i’m sure there would be a nice “FREE display case” to go along with them haha.
  6. 1847 gothic crown perhaps? It’s another William Wyon of course, so maybe not, but there’s no denying the beauty of it’s design. They would have to do both sides mind you. Definitely one of my favourite coin designs.
  7. Beautiful, remarkable condition considering the amount of time it’s spent on the sea bed.
  8. Hello from Scotland, My name is Aiden. I’ve recently got into coin collecting as a hobby and I can seriously say I’ve caught the collecting bug. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it all and I’m sure it will be many more years before I can call myself experienced but I’m excited to learn more and more as I go. I’m really impressed with the amount of information readily available here for newbies like me and I'm sure It will help greatly with any questions, I’m bound to have as I learn. Graham Diamond actually referred me here from YouTube as I’m interested in learning about
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