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  1. A lot of the bids seemed to be from only a couple of bidders. I paid over the odds a bit because one of those bidders just kept bidding over me. That put me off fighting for other coins.
  2. Murph


    I have an eschenbach but wouldn't say it's any better than my belomo loupe.. Belomo are quite cheap and of decent quality. Your not getting a Schneider Gemology Pro or Swiss Axe Triple hawk or even Zeiss quality but it's not that far off and a lot cheaper. Certainly not a tenth of the image quality even though it's easily something like a tenth of the price or less.
  3. I am pointing out the ones I quoted the price for i.e. the equivalent ones to the H&B ones. This is a deals thread so I am not going to waste any more time replying to you when you are obviously trolling and it fills this thread with useless posts. Some people may care what year they are buying so when someone posts a price for a 2020 and someone else says that's not a great deal you expect it to be exactly the same or for them to mention this. Not everyone wants any coin or bar or to have to order a larger amount to actually beat the price otherwise we'd just post shop X is selling at Y per ounce. Of course then someone else could say but shop A is selling gold for 0.5% less per ounce if you buy 10 ounces.
  4. Nobody mentioned different sovereigns from the ones H&B were selling. Point out exactly where I lied? I said they were dearer for the same 2020 sovereign and quoted the price along with their other 'newly minted' sovereigns and the prices for them..
  5. https://www.chards.co.uk/2020-gold-sovereign-uncirculated-coin/11022 1 7 £334.97 £334.97 £6.00
  6. Posting prices for 10s vs single coins and ones that aren't any cheaper isn't great either. Chard are charging 334.97 plus postage for a single 2020 and still over 334 for 10 plus postage on top again.
  7. Really? chard's 10 quantity 5.2 % premium £329.31 price each. Plus postage. That's for any sov from the last 5 years i.e. their best value new Not that I want or need 10. Still dearer than £329
  8. yes link please. Can't see it on the H&B site.. Free delivery is sometimes free. Companies sometimes offer free delivery for a short time or with a code and if you haven't searched it out you pay delivery. For example I managed to get a proof 2020Ag brit and white horse for under £80 each delivered from Royal Mint.
  9. Didn't baird's use to have an option or prices for storage in the UK or abroad a few years ago? I haven't looked at them often since the updated their site and lowered the number of items sold.
  10. I wouldn't phone or email in under two days in normal conditions never mind now. I have seen orders not update for days and have never thought about contacting the seller. I ordered from RM weeks ago and only received the order this week and not once did I bother contacting them. Every email or call answered takes time away from them fulfilling an order in these times. It's not as simple as just hiring someone or putting someone on the phone line. Most staff may be locked down at the moment.
  11. Murph

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    Glass house gases in global warming effect pie chart. Where exactly did that astoundingly detailed and referenced piece of work come from? The majority of scientists agreeing or disagreeing with man made causes having an effect on the climate is neither here nor there if it isn't their field of expertise. Where is your evidence for this apart from a few fringe blogs, oil company funded 'research' or right wing media? https://science.sciencemag.org/content/306/5702/1686 https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/8/2/024024 Consensus on consensus https://skepticalscience.com/97-consensus-study-hits-million-downloads.html I'm quite surprised you aren't one of the people that says the temperature at ground level is lower when the sky is clear because the moon is giving off cold light! Of course sometimes it isn't colder on clear night than cloudy nights. Sometimes it may be due to heat escaping more freely or prevailing weather systems or humidity being lower on cold nights. I can't say I have enough accurate data to make a decent case and have never considered it worth examining in detail.
  12. Murph

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    Maybe there is no tax on steam production because of condensers and the public won't produce much. It will also tend to condense anyway. What solar activity? Not sunspots and 11 year cycles? (It's been years since I got any good sunspot pictures) Any research from a few different people that hasn't been shown to be problematic i.e. not Lockwood and Frolisch (sp?)
  13. Murph

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    So just because we have weather there is no greenhouse gas effect? You are suggesting scientists have been wrong for over a hundred years and greenhouse gas effect was all made up even long before climate change was ever considered? That water vapor contributes considerably to the greenhouse gas effect and clouds contribute around 25% with CO2 around 20%, increasing the amount of CO2 is still going to have an effect. Of course clouds also have a cooling effect since they reflect sunlight.
  14. Murph

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    So you see each of those people for under 20 minutes per day without doing anything else. No paperwork, typing, dealing with coworkers and you're assuming they are all different people so you would learn next to nothing from or about each of them in that time. Added 0 minutes later... So you see each of those people for under 20 minutes per day without doing anything else. No paperwork, typing, dealing with coworkers and you're assuming they are all different people so you would learn next to nothing from or about each of them in that time.
  15. Hope I get the silver proof I ordered last week. The pending payment has gone from my bank and no change from an open order on the mint website. I hope they haven't just cancelled my order as it was something like 90% sold when I ordered.
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