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  1. Wait another 10 years or so and you may well pick one up for release price or less as happens with most royal mint coins. 😀
  2. They will also lose value I imagine if the history of these type of coins is anything to go by.
  3. Lots of things sell for more than you can buy then for new elsewhere but some people still buy them on eBay. I doubt most of the sellers make much, if any profit if they are selling single items they have sourced.
  4. The Sydney mint sovereigns, with the banksia sprig in Victoria’s hair along with Adelaide pounds. That will take a fair bit of money and/or time to obtain. 😀
  5. I got a single sovereign from sharps pixley last week and it was showing as sent via special delivery. They sent it out quickly as well. I just ordered another pre decimal qe2 since I have very few of those and I’d like an almost complete date run from initial minting at some point. Hopefully I get lucky and get a date I don’t already have.
  6. I’m not buying much at all. It seems prices have increased across the board. I used to pick up some ancient and medieval stuff at decent prices but recently it seems prices have increased substantially. Even common things like Alexander tetradrachms and Athenian owls seem to have jumped in price.
  7. A lot of people who fall for this sort of thing are older. They have never been in trouble with any authorities, aren’t internet savvy and so aren’t aware of some of these scams. They panic when they hear they owe the tax office money and the words legal action. Given time to sit and think about it they may well cotton on but the scammers rely on it being a sudden shock and put time constraints into their scam just so people don’t have time to think. I often wonder how some people who have managed to accrue savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds are so gullible as to continue
  8. I am sure Lawrence looked ancient to me when I first saw him around 40 years ago so I am afraid him stating that he is only 29 certainly wouldn’t hold up in court. Then again everyone in numismatics looked ancient to me as a child. I was just thinking back and always seemed to remember Hiram (a dealer who had a shop up in Scotland) looking ancient even though he must have only been around 30 when I first met him, although in his case it probably wasn’t surprising.
  9. It’s certainly implied and reading that you may be partially refunded or have to pay more does almost make it obvious but it would be possible to miss this if you’re buying late at night or are slightly the worse for wear. 😀
  10. It wasn’t explicitly mentioned they would take his money well in advance of being able to source the sovereigns though. Maybe he thought his money wouldn’t have been taken until the seller knew they could obtain the sovereigns since that is how most companies work? The range of different stock status/levels doesn’t help either. Items change from pre-order to orderable and notify me when back in stock and there doesn’t appear to be any clear definition supplied for each level upon ordering.
  11. Not any knives though as you aren’t allowed to own or buy things like flick knives, “butterfly” knives, knuckle dusters or knuckle duster knives and samurai swords or other similar shaped swords iirc became illegal, at least for a while, unless they were traditionally made. as for carrying knives good luck with that as the police often don’t know the actual law. I was arrested after being searched due to speaking to someone the police were detaining for being nuisance drunk and ended up spending a long weekend in the cells for carrying a non locking, friction folder with a sub 3 in blade.
  12. I ordered a 2021 bullion sovereign at the same time as I stuck an order in for the silver proof griffin. Not that I am in the habit of buying many modern proofs but since I had picked up most of the rest of the series for less than release price i thought I would buy the griffin as well. I was told you'd be getting your allocation so there should be no problem but since I have seen other dealers starting to get and sell out of stock I'm a little worried I will miss out, especially if you have more preorders than allocations or receive fewer coins than expected. I'd imagine the bull
  13. Or maybe it’s because you are in Belgium and could turn up at their door easily or would have less trouble involving authorities?
  14. But how exactly are HMRC going to enforce making foreign sellers register for vat in the UK? They haven’t got a hope in hell since they have no jurisdiction over sellers abroad. Sure they could ban imports but I don’t think they would have much chance of getting away with that. No way politicians would fight fore in governments over that. Granted larger companies will not have a problem registering and some small sellers might stop sending to the UK but I can’t see a lot of Chinese sellers, for example paying any notice to this.
  15. Lots of auction houses charge those sort of rates. Recently bidding online often results in higher rates when you have to go through intermediaries. That's why they sell at prices around £260 or £280 so once you pay the 20% plus VAT you are paying around the bullion price. Still slightly better than buying from dealers. You're not going to find sovereigns at less than £350 from most dealers and not ones you can see and pick and choose from if buying online.
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