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  1. Funny how we are all thinking "what is currency" knowing what a crock of s--- the present system is. Sure many crypto will tank and bust, and believe gold and silver will make the correction for all the money printing eventually as seen in the past. Crypto has an ally in that the tracking device the mobile phone makes it an ideal form of payment.which the up coming generation will embrase. Love porridge which just shows you what a currency can become!
  2. Not sure this is correct unless terms have changed. ebay at one rime only applied fees on the goods, but then included fees on the postage. I usually listed postage separately as would offer combined postage at cost, ebay have got consistantly greedy!
  3. The quicker the better, off with there heads - Happy Bastille Day!
  4. ady

    Gold Films

    Interesting though not plugged into netflix or the like. Could this be forward projection and a return to the gold / silver standard. The IRS & Fed being unconstitutional
  5. Tend to agree, label collectors I call them. Wine to be drunk, bottle to be refilled!
  6. ady

    Silver break out

    Presume you meant. My answer would be paper derivatives, just look at Nickel for what happens when markets break! Just relax and ignore the "price charts".
  7. Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people. Samuel Johnson
  8. I'd say let the market decide, just remove the penalties on traders. Thing with imperial was a good educator for being able to do mental arithmetic. Good also as had many bases you could divide by. As a side note I know people who can not read an analog clock and only a digital display. Anyone remember this before the calculator?
  9. From what I have already paid - a pittance. The government breaks your leg, gives you a crutch and think it is doing you a favour!
  10. Just looking at gold sovereigns and was wondering, Is the head gear used on depiction just fashion at the time of mintage, or is something else being conveyed. Just from Victoria with no crown, crown,tiara and veil to the Edwards with no headgear. Elizabeth then has a laurel and crown. Victorias crown looks most most odd if you think about it, how many crowns are used? Your thought welcome as not even looked at other metals and ages.
  11. You really need to see my monster boxes!
  12. Yes your right should be 210 was getting ahead of myself, but the principal works for one weighing, Glad you spotted the deliberate mistake😁
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