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  1. Misread as sack, had laugh then reread and thought what a pervert!
  2. ady

    Unknown hallmarks

    Would be good to know what the piece is, with the repousse hammer and 950 I am sure it can be narrowed down.
  3. I should have made it clear, you do pay the lower price. I payed the higher price and Zetberg refunded me when they realized I was a foreign buyer, refund done before even realized so can not fault them on that. Best to get a reference from the tax office for importing goods in preparation.
  4. I just googled Zetberg and the first listing was the site I used. When I clicked on it I had a little box appear asking if I wanted translation. Then looked under accessories. The site you have looks to be the same company, but I do not recognize that format. Yes you will have to pay VAT (20%) but only one it enters the country.
  5. I did this when ebaying, as did lots of small items. Did well out of it especially when they had a big hike one year. I'd say just make sure you can use them in good time. They could pull a fast one with change of design, a bit like any bit of printed paper. Remember the Indian government withdrawing the highest rupee note as legal tender, panic ensued and was a rush to get rid of a note no one wanted.
  6. All models are priced on the website, currency conversion rate at the time of purchase will have to be taken into account.
  7. Hi Fadeingstar, I bought my Sigma from Zetberg in Slovenia which is one of Sigmas approved outlets. They were very good and the two companies answered a lot of questions I had. Zetberg did charge me the full amount with the tax by error and refunded it me before even I realised. You do have to pay the duty (VAT @ 20%) on import though, and I got a reference number from the tax office to pay it promptly. Once DPD notified me it was in the country I paid the dues and 2 days later delivered. It was about 10 days in total and fully tracked. Comes with 24 month warranty, 12month for legal entities. Hope not to long winded but any other questions get back to me.
  8. If I were to sell for silver/gold would I be done for money laundering, both parties agreeable? Say as an example £200k house, could I sell for 10,000 Britannia's (lets call £20 an oz silver) or like wise sovereigns 667 (lets call £300 a sov) or my car for 2 sovs or 30 brits How legal is tender of the coin?
  9. Thanks for you insight, very interesting, I was guessing no answer would be the proof but the best example yet. Thanks
  10. I did pose this question under one of the QB threads, but thought I'd ask again for those not following QB's. Is the completer coin the first to have the monarch bust in profile ( not a portrait) to appear on both sides of the coin?
  11. ady

    1 kilo Completer

    Are these beast completers the first to have the profiled monarch on both sides?
  12. £1.50 each, plus postage
  13. ady

    NGC sold to Blackrock

    Will they end up pumping out a so called higher rated coins of what should be to up the BU standard coin. Like I say this a market that does not intrest me but am aware of graded coins.
  14. ady

    NGC sold to Blackrock

    Should have read Blackstone!
  15. ady

    NGC sold to Blackrock

    Never been interested in grading myself, but will Blackstone acquisition end up compromising the grading system?
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