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  1. No, but that is the beauty of swatch, classic design, but what I would say bad a collaboration. I was using the example of value (to me) as price (to market)
  2. This is the free market at work. These to you like me probably have no appeal. It is a bit like the tulip mania but a smaller version. I have paid what some would view a a silly price for a swatch watch, it is all very much a lesson of knowing the difference between price and value.
  3. Could anyone please explain the movements in the price chart when markets are closed at the week-end. I reference BBP but have seen it on other sites.
  4. Better to look at gold/population, comparing in all fiat is meaningless. Capital has to be risked and productive to be meaningful.
  5. BYB touched on this on his latest video, worth a watch
  6. Decision is yours!
  7. No more, short ropes and tall trees have to be the answer. Why did Blair change law on Treason?
  8. Nothing much disgraceful about not wanting to be stolen from, but like it!
  9. How How about these for starters, Lester Piggott, Ken Dodd, Gary Barlow, Jimmy Carr
  10. It would be longest european reign
  11. Louis XIV ruled 72yrs 110days
  12. Interesting topic, but funny to think about currency laundering whilst they are counterfeiting! I see people trading with it, even in part eventually. A discount maybe had on a purchase price especially if want to reduce a tax liability.
  13. I have appreciated all the 3G posts and all your trials , tribulations and anxieties. My question is does such a release lead to fuelling of the grading trade? I started collecting junk bullion LSD and wonder if any have significant value, as have some that appear as little more than blanks being so worn but love the stories they may well tell. Could a minted coin never spent be really gradable? If the same perfection was being sort for such collectibles, why not have new technologies applied ,such as a laser etched coin, or will it coin down to a mint?
  14. I'm running out of boats to have accidents in!
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