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  1. A ringy, pingy, tingy, dingy thing. I know its not for everyone and maybe frowned upon, but it is really amazing when you can get the coin right upto your ear and appreciate the purity & length of the ring.
  2. FB was launched the day after lifelog was killed, a DARPA. Government program!
  3. I'm sure that's just what they say about Hunter Biden!
  4. UBI, BECAREFUL, The mouse does not realise why the cheese is free, if we get UBI and CBDC you will be drawn right into the control matrix. Save in precious metals and use all the cash you can when you can.
  5. I think a safe a magnet to a thief, let alone deposit box which can be raided by the authorities. There are plenty of places to cache. Once had a modern tubular bed which took one ounce rounds nicely, a stud wall, kick board in the kitchen, under the bath, or chimney breast, a dummy brick in a wall, there are no end as long as you are possession.
  6. Yes tax on silver, as on the average working man. As silver being the main metal of the commoner in exchange for goods and services, as opposed to gold as sovereigns. Just realize the "tax paid" is always inherent in it's value when held in the hand.
  7. What if the price of silver is what it is. I always understood it to be the first metal to go extinct and thought a good investment. What if hidden technology & zeropoint energy become revealed will silver really have a value?
  8. Hi Rory, Great answer and great science I had not thought about the polarity. Also great insight to the friction issue. I can not agree with you on the parabola. Put a marble in say a fruit bowl, or a champagne flute, with a pendulum true arc inbetween, which marble will roll about longest before coming to rest without an external force? The play offs between these factors would be good for a study, maybe some graduate. Inquiring minds and great debate get us all the advancements we want.
  9. Hi Rory, Apologies for the delayed reply. I am not great in technicalities and have no intention of producing anything similar your pendulum. My thoughts on a different parabola than a true arc of a pendulum would give a longer time for analysis of the sample. Not being physacist I would not know if friction on the fulcrum to on that on a track would be an issue. Like I say it would be someone with technical knowledge above me could explain why my idea not a feasabe idea.
  10. I don't know about credit cards but my banks have been very interested when I have made purchases and trying to make me jump through hoops and asking lots of questions.. Many a TSF member has been delayed payment for checks they have to make on me spending on the account balance which is quite embarrassing when the funds are in the account.
  11. I will put it t out there to all the physicists, surely an a neodymium ball on something like like a mable run track on different parabola be better than a true arc pendulum, I had this idea when seeing a plumber bend pipes and the thinking about the copper tube trick. A different parabola would surely give more sensitivity and a race give less friction and closer contact to the tested metal, than just a pendulum. A different approach to a similar idea. Free to anyone to develop!
  12. ady

    Junk Silver Prices

    But the market must be heading in that direction, do not fret unless you have to sell.
  13. ady

    Junk Silver Prices

    But is that not the true market price?
  14. Not answering the question, but maybe a good way to look at your stack no matter how big.
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