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  1. The swines! Wonder where the other 200 are going then. I didn't see the reverse proof in any of the other sets on sale. Hmm. Still, not a bad mintage.
  2. Nice. Mintage is only 500 this year though isn't it?!
  3. Looks better in your photos than it did on the RM website. The jaw looks less pronounced in real life.
  4. Picked up one of the reverse proof set as it did well last year with a higher mintage. Not the best design, but I think the mintage will keep the value high.
  5. Not a fan of the design. Too busy. Prefer the Austrian RH coin.
  6. You could try sticky stuff remover. Suppose there's the potential for it to damage the plastic pouch as well though.
  7. For the 1oz bond bars and una bars, I bought these off ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113845297249 They fit fine and are decent quality.
  8. I'd need two or three pay days to come along to afford one of them
  9. I'll be very disappointed if this is true. I used to sell on ebay. Made a few sales, then PayPal banned my account over a year ago (they refused to tell me why. I still haven't got the money back from my paypal account) and so I had to stop. I thought that as managed payments were coming, I'd patiently wait for that, then start selling bullion coins again... and now this... It does seem like the universe doesnt want my little side gig to succeed! I haven't had any info about moving to managed payments from eBay though.
  10. Bought a couple of the 1oz bars from the mint today. Hate paying VAT, but love the design - especially the background swirlyness... would love a 10oz, but just cant justify the cost.
  11. 2018 1oz Krugerand silver coin And 336 washers!
  12. Nice. Love them 100g bars. @arshimo2012 often has good deals on 1kg bars. Think you need premium membership to see his sub forum though.
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