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  1. And yet there you are, talkin 'bout your generation... 😛
  2. Great pics! Very professional
  3. Got my 2oz QB's as well today. Very nice coin. Looking forward to the 10oz! Atkinsons 2oz capsules are a real bugger to open though.
  4. Thanks. I was going to buy from BBP, but cheaper on Atkinsons. Also love not having the pay the daft RM delivery charge (£5, even if you're spending hundreds with them. Very poor business decision)
  5. Just seen this on the RM website. Very tempted!
  6. Certainly doesn't look like they're flying off the shelves.
  7. I got one of the silver proofs as I like the design. Hopefully the many 2020 dated ones i bought will be going up in price soon as well
  8. I'll be buying the 10oz and 2oz silver bullion if/ when they come out. I'll just have to grin and bear the VAT.
  9. Surely would be easier if they just checked them in the first place before they went out...
  10. Definitely wishing i bought two of the silver proofs now, seeing the prices they're going for on eBay!
  11. @watchesandwhisky I know most of your money will be going to house savings, but I would make sure you pay into your works pension scheme (don't opt out). Need to get that compound growth working for you asap to have a decent sum in retirement to live off.
  12. Nice. I bet the 10oz looks amazing in hand. Would be good if they did a 10oz bullion version for those of us without best part of a grand to spend on silver!
  13. They didn't have to. Presumably they just think that's what will make them the most money.
  14. Not since 2015. It was spun out from ebay and the majority shareholders are now investment companies like vanguard, blackrock etc. If fact, PayPal is worth about 10x what eBay is currently.
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