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  1. If you sit on your willy first, it feels like you're giving someone else a handjob... And if you sit on both your hand AND your willy before, it feels like you're a complete bystander in the event...
  2. Well apparently they save them for people who just want any old kook and are willing to pay very little for them!
  3. Just a bit. I'm pretty sure they're proofs as well. I looked at what the perth mint made in 2015 and they don't seem to have a high relief bullion coin. They have the 1oz silver declared mintages as - Bullion (not high relief): 500,000 - Proof high relief: 3320 (plus a couple of annual sets that would add another 1k on top of that) The European mint are currently selling the bullion 2015 for about €13 more per coin than what I paid for these, so I don't know what they were thinking, but I ain't complaining
  4. Some of the coins I got via the group order. Many thanks @BackyardBullion. Wonderful service as usual. Like the new printed BYB boxes as well! As featured in BYB's latest In Focus Friday episode... Funny story - I was sat watching the episode of IFF while my package was in covid quarantine for 24 hours (so I hadn't opened it yet). I was thinking: "What a jammy b*****d that got them kooks, wish I'd bought some". Completely oblivious that it was me... (I'd ordered in Feb and forgotten what I'd ordered). They look even better out of the caps And the rest
  5. My PayPal account is still locked for unknown reasons. It has been for about 8 months now. Their customer support isn't interested at all - just stone wall me and refuse to give me a reason why the account was shut. I've written off the money that was in there now. Worst company ever!
  6. I just finished a little book of common sense investing recently. Good read and convincing arguments in there for lowering fees as much as possible. Bit of a shame the structure of the company isn't the same in the UK as the USA. In the US, Vanguard is owned by the investors. Bogle could have made a lot more money running it as a normal company, but seemed to genuinly want to give people a fair deal.
  7. Usually when equities are volatile, people head for safe havens like gilts and gold etc. Because you don't own the bonds directly (the fund does), the price of the fund is more to do with people's demand for the fund, rather than being driven solely by the underlying asset. If you bought a gilt directly from the government (no idea how you do this) for e.g. 10 years, you would get a regular coupon payment and then get your principle back at the end. It's only when people start trading them and trying to guess whether inflation will go up or down (and in turn whether future gilts will yield more or less than the current ones) that lead to people trading bonds at a premium or discount.
  8. Gilts are just safe bonds. Basically that vanguard fund lends the UK government money and the government pays a coupon every month/year etc until the end of the loan period where it pays the principle back to the vanguard fund. You're not betting the UK will go into more debt when you invest in one of these. You're lending the Gov money (and not getting a great return from it as they're so safe - the government is very unlikely to default on loans as it can just print money to pay the debts back)
  9. I enjoy his videos, but I do find him a tad too sure of himself
  10. Hmm. Could be back to the drawing board. I tried connecting the smart bulb to my guest network (SSID 6), but the communication between my normal 5ghz wifi (SSID 5) and the guest network is so slow it makes the light unusable. I'll press the button on my phone to turn it on...... wait between 10 seconds to a minute... and it sometimes turns on. Tried connecting it to SSID 4 and it works fine. Quick as. Not sure why the connection to the guest network is so laggy. Not sure whether to just send it back. Think the possible security risk of the device would always be nagging at me if I kept it on the main network.
  11. Thanks. I'll look into workgroups a bit more. I realise that different SSIDs won't limit network access in themselves. I just thought that because SSID 1 in my example was a different router (albeit bridged to the second router), it might work? And SSID 6 in my example is a guest network which you can limit the access to the non-guest network. I also read something about VLANs, but I don't think my router(s) support them. I couldn't find anything in the settings.
  12. The sound bar has an 'off' button for the Alexa, so I was planning on have on having that off most of the time.
  13. I do enjoy tracking my net worth. I have a spreadsheet that I update each month with my assets and liabilities. This gives net worth which I then make a graph of. Sometimes it can feel like you're not making progress if you're paying off debt/mortgages etc. Tracking net worth regularly (doesn't have to be monthly- could be annual) keeps me motivated as it shows me what I'm doing is working.
  14. I'm sure there must be some home network wiz kids/adults on the forum. I've recently bought a smart lightbulb from tp link and a sound bar for my TV which has alexa built in. I was reading that smart 'things' can be less secure than computers etc as the manufacturers don't prioritise security in them. I was also reading that putting the internet of things (IOT) devices on a separate network or guest network can help - as if the devices are compromised, they then can't 'see' or attack your main network/computers. My current home network setup is this: Phone line cable > talktalk router with modem (SSID 1) > Ethernet cable > Dual band Linksys router without modem (SSID 2 for 2.4ghz & SSID 3 for 5ghz) > Ethernet cable > tp link powerline adapter (SSID 4 for 2.4ghz, SSID 5 for 5ghz & SSID 6 2.4ghz guest network). All the computers, tablets and smartphones in the house are on SSID 2, 3, 4 or 5. I disabled the Linksys guest network as they are inexplicably just open networks - no wpa/wpa2 Would I be best off putting the smart devices on SSID 1 (The older talk talk modem/router) or 6 (the guest network on the tp link power line adapters), or option C - something else that I haven't thought of? So the thread isn't too niche. Feel free to add general network/IOT/security tips as well!
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