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  1. I quite like it. Plus I was successful in the change checker face value ballot, so I'll get a BUNC one for 50p. Can't go wrong!
  2. Same here. The price is just about justifiable without the VAT. But the VAT really kills it. I might buy one on secondary market at some point
  3. These capsules from ebay fit the 1oz silver bars pretty nicely.
  4. The 10oz britannia was 90.00 mm x 51.90 mm x 6.7mm The bond bar is 90.02 mm x 51.92 mm × 6.44mm Only a small difference. Any chance they could fit in the same capsules do we reckon?
  5. I quite like the second and third designs. I bought one of the silver poohs and a couple of BUs. Might pre-order the 9 BU set from the RM as well to avoid the postage charge each time eeyore should be a good one in future too
  6. 452 mints Daft answer is a nice acrostic poem: My Incompetent Niece Took Ill when she won the Mint counting Prize from 5HUGGY who Emigrated once he heard that Rolos were to be made Illegal due to Angry Lamas...
  7. Beaut. Those ripples are like staring down a long silver tunnel
  8. Well, they're a bye for me! I don't like companies with tonnes of debt (and broke my own rule on not buying companies with tonnes of debt for BT). Feels like a lead weight around their ankles.
  9. Glad I sold my BT shares the other day now, and moved some money into the BG American B fund. Amazon have had a great day with their earnings.
  10. GEORGE is the current code. Only for 2% off though. I thought the CC normally knocked a fiver off the silver proof prices as well, but they haven't this time
  11. I got one of the silver and a couple of buncs. Got from The COIN connection no problem. I refuse to buy from RM directly now due to the postage charge they introduced
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