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  1. Beaut. Those ripples are like staring down a long silver tunnel
  2. Well, they're a bye for me! I don't like companies with tonnes of debt (and broke my own rule on not buying companies with tonnes of debt for BT). Feels like a lead weight around their ankles.
  3. Glad I sold my BT shares the other day now, and moved some money into the BG American B fund. Amazon have had a great day with their earnings.
  4. GEORGE is the current code. Only for 2% off though. I thought the CC normally knocked a fiver off the silver proof prices as well, but they haven't this time
  5. I got one of the silver and a couple of buncs. Got from The COIN connection no problem. I refuse to buy from RM directly now due to the postage charge they introduced
  6. Crazy that BYB. Glad it turned up ok in the end. I would be sending an email to their CEO https://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-9559 and maybe drop in the fact that you have a youtube channel with 25k subscribers....
  7. Nicely done! I have heard about the EIS in the past, but had no idea how to get involved in it. Probably for the best!
  8. That was the help to buy ISA. The Lisa is still live
  9. A cash LISA would probably be the best bet for the house savings. Safe and boring, but you still get the government bonus (I believe you have to have the LISA for at least a year before the house purchase). I had a help to buy ISA for my house savings (but these aren't around anymore) and further savings in cash in my current account for the house deposit. You don't want your house savings in shares or other risky assets (assuming you're planning on buying the house in the next decade) Whilst saving for a house, I am also putting away money into investments for the long term (retirement) in my two investment accounts I already mentionned. I put roughly 30% of my earnings into stocks and shares isa for retirement, 10% into the SIPP for retirement, 20% into house savings (as I already have a decent deposit saved up) and the rest is my money for whatever. Ooh, and I also put enough in my work pension, to get the max employer contribution.
  10. The little book of common sense investing is a good book by Jack Bogle (of Vanguard). I think it's never a bad time to get started investing in index funds. Especially as you'll be pound cost averaging (putting some money in each month from your pay) which means you don't really have to worry about the stock market dropping, as it just means cheaper shares for You! As others have said, use a tax advantaged account like a SIPP or Stocks and shares ISA. I have a SIPP with vanguard and a stocks and shares isa with cavendish which are both great. Keep costs low and pick a diverse fund (maybe s an p 500 or a global index fund)
  11. Anyone got any small cap stocks that they are invested in or following at the minute? A lot of the talk on the other threads is obviously about large stocks, but I thought it might be interesting to talk about more speculative plays here. NOTE. Small cap stocks are obviously highly risky. I would not suggest that people put a large % of their money in any single small cap stocks as its very easy to get burned with them. Don't just invest in something because someone on a forum thinks it will have a big payday soon. I have most of my invested money in less risky, diverse index funds and investment trusts. A small company I'm invested in at the minute (and have been for a year or two) is Nanoco (NANO). Around a £50m market cap at the minute. They design, manufacture and hold the IP for Cadmium Free Quantum Dots - these are used in TV's to give better colours as well as having other potantial uses such as infra red sensors, camera technology, augmented reality headsets etc. The main thing happening at the minute is that they are suing Samsung in the USA for allegedly stealing their IP and using it in all of their QLED TV's (which has made samsung additional profits of around $14b). Samsung were initially working with NANO to develop this technology a few years ago, but one day pulled the plug and decided to source the dots from another (samsung family owned) business... Very interesting case that could bring about a settlement or court awarded damages in the hundreds of millions, if not billions.
  12. Nice, although the 6 dollars bit kinda ruins it for me
  13. I would stick with index funds and investment trusts to begin with. Individual stock picking is more risky. I'd recommend starting out with a stocks and shares isa with a low fee company like vanguard or cavendish
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