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  1. @Panda6Pack just wondering, do you wait until these have been delivered to take payment from us or do you take a deposit or something beforehand?
  2. Nice to see it sub £300 (inc vat) as well due to the drop in silver prices recently. Good things come to those who (are forced to) wait.
  3. Bullion sov looks lovely. Interesting that they used screw caps for the bullion, but not for the proof...
  4. Mine has just turned up as well. Sadly I was charged for it when I've just checked. Boo! Lovely coin though. Looks flawless to me. Glad they did something about the opening capsules with the black foam thing
  5. Could I order one of the light antique ones please. They look great
  6. Ordered a half in a blister and a full in a cap. The Royal Mint are causing big dents in my bank account these last few months! I'm sure these'll look lovely though.
  7. Today I recieved.... a barrage of unnecessary abuse 😄
  8. Laminate floor actually Was the only place i could find any light to take the pic. Blooming winter time!
  9. You guys will never guess what I recieved today!!!
  10. They could always chop the coin in 4 ("Well it did clearly state that it was 'quartered' in the advertisement Sir...") and send it in 4 separate SD parcels. They would have to charge an extra £22.50 postage then though.
  11. I would bet that the savings from changing the capsules have been wasted on paying for returns of the coin and customer service time replying to customers. Seems like a false economy to me!
  12. Regarding the actual quartered arms design. Do we know why England is represented twice (with the 3 lions and the rose), Scotland once (with the lion and the thistle) and NI once (with the harp and the clover), but Wales isn't represented at all? They were part of the UK when the original crown was issued. I did a bit of reading, but still haven't figured it out.
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