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  1. £420? This was £180 on the RM site. Would have snapped it up😠🤬😠🤬😠
  2. Coin arrived from Westminster Collection. It's a 70. Looks spectacular at the right angle in artificial light🧐. I notice the RM milk the commemorative coins from each annual coin set so will take extra time to valuate next year😊
  3. My Trade Dollar has a worn mint mark on the trident and it is slightly 'coppered' but I have an attached, physical COA from Baldwin's on the Strand😊. How much did you pay for it? Did you obtain a receipt?
  4. I have 2 x 1oz. silver proof. Both are flawless. To my eyes, without a magnifying glass in natural daylight. Personally, I would not accept these multiple faults on such a spectacular coin.
  5. https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/h-g-wells-fans-call-out-four-legged-martian-machine-on-uk-tribute-coin/ 🤪
  6. Decided to plop for one🙄🧐🤔 was the coin that started me off. It's still available. In all variants🙄🤔
  7. Agreed. Hope he's doing the 2022 Britannia silver proof.
  8. Just received my silver proof replacement (70) that I ordered two weeks ago. I only started collecting in March and already I feel exhausted, sending coins back to be replaced when you would think RM would get it right the first time🤔. Going to give coin acquisition a rest for a while and just read this forum for the entertainment🤫. Could be a while before a really decent RM coin is released🤯.
  9. I will post this here as it seems applicable for this thread. I sent my Team GB Tokyo Olympics silver proof 50p (nice design) back to RM for a replacement. Should receive it at the weekend. They had a number of returns on this particular coin and did a re-strike. These re-strikes will be sent out as replacement coins on this issue. I asked if this is standard procedure and they said 'it depends'. So it seems they do not always do this, depends on the 'amount of work' a series takes to produce as they 'produce coins all the time'. If it's one or two returns then it's a refund. But a ten coin set with multiple issues?
  10. I doubt they will do re-strikes, this will ensure a lower than declared mintage. And what happens to the dies?
  11. Oh dear! Will stear clear, looks bland and unexciting. Waiting for next years silver proof Britannia. Will get that if it's sexy and spectacular.
  12. Not struck on the Alice in Wonderland coins. At all. Would have thought they'd release an entire set...Waiting for next year's one ounce silver proof Britannia from the RM, but will only acquire it if it's both sexy and spectacular. Otherwise I think I'm complete on coins for now.
  13. Stubble inside a sealed coin?!? And those scratches?!?
  14. I do not get it, this is a beautiful set from the RM yet the quality checks seem to be shockingly awful. If I were to buy this set I would expect a perfect box and all ten coins to be 69 / 70. You are very fortunate if you have a set/s you are happy to keep.
  15. I have to agree with Dikefalos. The completer coin is the single most spectacular coin I have ever seen from the Royal Mint. Fortunate to have it in one ounce silver proof. They must have Jody Clark on their next moneymaking series or something🤣😂🤣
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