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  1. I have just received a "the making of a Dynasty' brochure from RM. Now, this coin set contains 2 x Lions, 2 x Dragons and 2 x Panthers. Do you think each Beast will be depicted differently? Will you get, say, two Lions that look identical with only the heraldic shield to tell them apart? Or visualised from different angles of something? Not keen on a set where six coins are duplicates...🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 What do you think?
  2. The 1oz silver proof has now sold out at RM inside of six days🤔
  3. I really like how the Panther was visually personified, particularly on the physical coin, but have to agree that RM could have used a Tudor type font as seen above🙄. It looks like RM were going for a modern classic 'clean and tidy' approach with a san serif font and it appears this approach is what's dividing opinion🤔🙄.
  4. I always unseal the capsule on silver proofs just to further inspect the coin. Capsules tend to have surface blemishes, marks, tiny scratches and smudges that can mislead the perception that the actual coin is imperfect🥺🤔😊. And I tend to keep nickel BUNCS in the original RM packaging😊.
  5. I can't stop staring at it😊. The mis-alignment I mentioned earlier seems central🤪. May contact RM to secure the rest of the coins...this will make a spectacular set.
  6. Number 4220 arrived in 1oz silver proof. Appears to be MS70😊 and no milk spots. Yet🙄. If I had to nitpick then the year '2022' is not centred correctly and appears to be too far to the left🤔...quietly chuffed😊
  7. I have Seymour Panthers on the way in nickel and 1oz silver (the rim inscriptions are really neat on the 1oz.) Will be able to tell once another two three coins from this series come out how good this set will be😊
  8. At 9:27 I was 1765 in the queue🤔. Managed to acquire nickel BU😊 and 1oz silver proof😊. Once you have an order number I would think that is actual confirmation of a successful order going through. I checked my personal e-mail address as well. The coin itself has inscriptions along the outer rim which is really neat and I love the Panthers face. This was the coin I wanted the most from this set😊. Quite sure over time this set will become a highly delectable😊. Wondering how quickly this Panther will sell out and if I'm elated with the coins, I may opt to pre-order the remaining ones. Waiting on the 2022 Britannia proof🙄
  9. I have noticed the ads on GB News and PBS America.
  10. Upon reflection, I might just get this set in nickel BUNC. Not at all keen on spending around £1000 on ten silver proof coins just for them to be swarmed in milk spots years down the line.
  11. Well, the RM Lunar series looks like it could have looked way better than it did/does. There are no other RM sets out there that look desirable. As for this new set, the concept is solid, the three Seymour beasts and Tudor Dragon sound intriguing. the overlapping beasts may well be redesigned. I quite like this design, says Royal heraldry IMHO, the tail seems to be arranged in that position to fill negative space, ready to unthink Jody Clark designs for now, and will probably get this coin in silver proof🙄 or try to acquire this set in nickel🤔 and obtain the completer in silver proof😊 and hope I don't miss out on the silver quarter ounce set🤪 Does anyone know how many designs they will release each year?
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