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  1. I think there will be a mix of duds🤮 and sensationals🥳 in this set. Still cannot decide on whether to collect the set in nickel or just the sexy ones in proof🙄🤔 I only collect in 1oz size and at current mintage can still be sure not to miss out🥳
  2. There is a place on the Strand in London (was Stanley Gibbons?) that still sells premium stamps and relic coins. Last June, I managed to acquire an ungraded, toned 1901- B. The B means the coin was minted in Bombay with the mint mark located on the middle prong of the trident. Along with a hand written COA, I paid £150, I wanted an authentic historic silver artifact from the British Empire. Still chuffed🙂 At the time they had four silvery ones remaining...
  3. I acquired last year's set in nickel, the set was advertised in the Metro, that's how I started😜 Still don't need it in silver. Was not struck with this year's set although I do have the nickel horseback crown on order🥳
  4. I only collect in nickel and silver. Can't afford platinum...couldn't say.
  5. Decided to get a nickel date stamped horseback crown from Westminster Collection, otherwise it's living in regret come the four day bank holiday this summer🥳 Is it me or are the RM queues getting bigger and longer - 10106 at 10.16AM yesterday? Even Westminster Collection had two queues yesterday🤔
  6. Looking back on today, on here...well it went mad for this set...the 50p reverse, as someone else said...looks rubbish, and I mean the visualisation, not the core concept...will pop in on Thursday to see what the horseback crown actually is...
  7. Queue commences on RM site at 9:00AM GMT. (6th Jan for individual Jubilee coins). The annual set is 4th Jan.
  8. The QB completer is the single most spectacular coin I have seen, for years, from the Royal Mint. Waiting for the Royal Tudor Beasts completer🤗🥳 (The Gothic Crown looks really good but I do not feel that I missed out on it🤔)
  9. The Seymour Panther was the one I really wanted and am still chuffed I was fortunate enough to receive a flawless one🤗 Having had time to mong out on this, I will get the Royal Dragon, Tudor Dragon and maybe the Unicorn in one ounce silver proof. The magical Beasts seem the most attractive now, having considered the QB completer coin🥳
  10. Thanks GoldDiggerDave for pointing this out, I forgot about the old dial phones and have gone off the coin now🙂 Will see what the horseback design looks like before making an actual decision, a silver proof one ounce might cost, at least, £100 to acquire🙄
  11. Well... I will wait it out until the 6th...very unlikely the annual 2022 set will sell out before then...the crown reverse with the Queen on horseback obverse will be my pick of the Platinum Jubilee coins...hope👼 I can get one in silver proof...would settle for nickel🙂
  12. I reckon the Lion of England or the Royal Dragon (of Wales?) could be next...
  13. The horseback/equestrian obverse may look something like this:
  14. I have just received a "the making of a Dynasty' brochure from RM. Now, this coin set contains 2 x Lions, 2 x Dragons and 2 x Panthers. Do you think each Beast will be depicted differently? Will you get, say, two Lions that look identical with only the heraldic shield to tell them apart? Or visualised from different angles of something? Not keen on a set where six coins are duplicates...🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 What do you think?
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