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Gold Price Prediction for 31 Dec 2024


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4 minutes ago, Buttons said:

There is some math out there that shows a return to the gold standard would require a rise in the value of gold to something north of £30,000 per ounce.


I picked it based on Newtons wrongly calculated gold silver ratio in 1717 this effectively created the gold standard 

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I really like the Newton calculation or atleast the idea behind it. Think I am right in saying the current ratio is 66:1 which suggests either gold is a little over priced - or perhaps more likely - that silver should rise by £5 per ounce to catchup.


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1 minute ago, Paul said:

Yay !!! The more the merrier :)

Sorry @Paul I've got a PFP for tonight only. I'm just a Z normally. It's like wearing a disguise. Nobody knows me. TBF nobody probably did.

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£4 so I can buy 1650 sovs with the money I'm saving for next December's gold purchase that Paul setup :D 

On a serious note, I see it has to be higher than now, perhaps £1700ish. Lots of inflation and further currency devaluation. I can see that there will be a pivot on QT, not that there ever really was... so that will then put further inflationary pressure on things. Governments will want to reduce interest rates in an election year to try and win votes as well. Lots of political BS to con voters but it will only support a higher gold price in my opinion.

The closer the collapse of an Empire, the crazier it's laws - Marcus Tullius Cicero

We had the warning in 2006-9 but central banks ignored it and just added new worthless debt to existing worthless debt to create worthless debt squared – an obvious recipe for disaster. - Egon von Greyerz



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