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  1. Nice coin have a couple myself
  2. Bless this court eye an my thoughts are with you as I have 3 year old twins an what was known at the time as twin 2 / 3 year ago had talipes she is still in her boots an bar of a night time an will be up to the age of 5 but on the plus side she is now stronger on her feet then her twin sister which is incredible I wish you an your family all the very best
  3. New to this will wait till you put up prices sorry ive never used a google converter never payed 20 pound delivery or ever payed any VAT in over 40 years to be honest with you I see your very busy if you do get around to putting a price on them or have a figure you know I’m keen 👍
  4. Rectangle dragons 2018 European mint €15.78 Rectangle dragons 2019 j m bullion $ 17.88 marvels will be a bit more of a mission for me!! found a couple but will need to look into it more so my calculations in pounds 2018 / £14.33 2019 / £14.57 I’m in no rush enjoy your weekend
  5. Hi I could be interested in all of your marvel coins also 5 / 2018 Rectangle dragons and 5 / 2019 Rectangle dragons
  6. I’m interested in lot will (pm)
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