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  1. Or a 1933 Double Eagle if you can afford one.🤪
  2. Haven't by any chance got any left in stock?
  3. FYI, If you have a BBP account, your login will work on Gold.co.uk
  4. £324 from Atkinsons for a brand new 2021
  5. Both equally good, just find the lowest premium over spot, (usually in the sales section here, rather than a dealer)
  6. What's the total weight of each stack of 25 coins?
  7. How many people opened this thread just to see the picture of 35 sovs?
  8. Pretty sure a quick look round my local streets would turn up some used needles I could fill with silver shot. Anyone interested at say £20 per 1/4oz ?
  9. Interesting idea for cutting Backyardbullion production costs.
  10. Has anyone ever tried investment casting using a 3D printed patern?
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