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  1. The two are an oxymoron, Space exploration is EXPENSIVE, if you ever managed to recover an asteroid with 1,000,000 tons of gold, diamonds or PGM's, you'd crash the price and never recover your investment.
  2. And me, I saw £1406, and I was sat with my finger on the buy button, waiting for that last £6 drop.
  3. Now that Steve Redgrave has quit, I can see that the olyimpic rowing team might need some new blood, but other than that, nothing comes to mind.
  4. How much is a half sov at a bullion dealers?
  5. Your post definitely implied that.
  6. Probably get more meat on a small cow or a large pig.
  7. Now, if we just had a hoover that worked underwater...
  8. Watched the price drop all afternoon at work, £1455 and dropping as I left, Get home, Get food, fire up the internet to make a purchase £1480 FFS.
  9. As they say in the movies, "I think we're gonna need a bigger hoova"
  10. Youtube worked out very nicely for backyardbullion.
  11. Not a fantastic picture, obviously photography has come a long way since then
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