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  1. Socks with a decent silver content do go a long way in helping with smelly feet, only childrens sizes would be VAT free.
  2. You could try putting a couple up for auction and seeing what they fetch.
  3. If you want a prediction, watch the 2011 film CONTAGION, it has the importance of R0, social distancing, sports centres as field hospitals and mass graves. Pretty much 2011 drama film, 2020 documetary.
  4. Used them for a couple of small orders because they happened to have things I wanted, no problems.
  5. Does anyone know of a dealer that actually has stock and is still willing to sell stuff ?
  6. Not in my part of England that's for sure.
  7. No problem at all, used many times. Arshimo has just listed some 1kg bars that are way cheaper than 2x500g from a dealer.
  8. Atkinsons have 500g bars in stock. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/in-stock-silver/umicore-500g-silver-bar
  9. Forum sponsor bullion for less just had a front page that says they're closed!
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