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  1. Cobalt will be the big one, already seen a significant price rise over the last 5 years or so.
  2. If only we knew someone in this country that could hand cast silver.
  3. Technically, it is actually a coin, Full instructions are availiable if you want to make one for yourself.
  4. At the risk of being completly banned from the Forum, can I just say, I happen to like the current colour.
  5. I laser cut some paper spacers from acid free paper, then stick them in tubes, no more metal-on-metal contact.
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tungsten-Block-Weight-LIMITED-OFFER/dp/B012YE3MC2/ref=pd_vtp_6/261-8872515-9940352?pd_rd_w=tfw8v&pf_rd_p=f8be2100-4de3-46b4-9cb2-76b688b54cf4&pf_rd_r=MAX483Y5G2TXE07YRR52&pd_rd_r=40c73c93-9092-4028-b563-d70f96638aa2&pd_rd_wg=YBS2l&pd_rd_i=B012YE3MC2&psc=1
  7. Also seems to have lost his boots and grown a ponytail ! !
  8. I have the same issue on a Royal Mint Lunar dog, the edge is sharp ehough to cut your finger if you're not careful.
  9. Or a 1933 Double Eagle if you can afford one.🤪
  10. Haven't by any chance got any left in stock?
  11. FYI, If you have a BBP account, your login will work on Gold.co.uk
  12. £324 from Atkinsons for a brand new 2021
  13. Both equally good, just find the lowest premium over spot, (usually in the sales section here, rather than a dealer)
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