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  1. Both equally good, just find the lowest premium over spot, (usually in the sales section here, rather than a dealer)
  2. What's the total weight of each stack of 25 coins?
  3. Pretty sure a quick look round my local streets would turn up some used needles I could fill with silver shot. Anyone interested at say £20 per 1/4oz ?
  4. Interesting idea for cutting Backyardbullion production costs.
  5. Has anyone ever tried investment casting using a 3D printed patern?
  6. And so it begins... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55882758
  7. Gamestop's current SP is an artificial bubble and has no relation to the asset value or turnover and as such, HAS to crash soon, anyone brave enough to short it now could make a killing, BUT... Always remember the saying: "The markets can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent"
  8. Think you'll find more than a few willing to take that Libertad of your hands when you come to get rid.
  9. The 2 on the right looked OK to me, but the one on the top left has some pretty iffy looking windows in my opinion.
  10. Shouldn't that tempt a few people to sell a couple of items for some quick cash?
  11. Especially at the moment, when you can get arrested and fined for being a couple of miles from home.
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