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  1. I have one tube of coins that have been thoroughly mauled, dropped and dinged, everything else stays in it's original capsule or tube untouched.
  2. 61oz if you don't want to waste 10 minutes of your life.
  3. Can't hurt to keep a couple of Oz tucked away in the bottom of the sock drawer.
  4. Other than, I'm pretty sure people made the same argument when spot was £12 and dealers were selling for £18 !
  5. Definitely an easy target, as is removing the CGT exemption from legal tender coins.
  6. I'm guessing someone didn't get the 'A'-level maths result they wanted.
  7. At the moment, silver, it's price is moving up way faster in % terms.
  8. Never thought I'd have to ask this, but what happens to the silver to bread ratio?
  9. Wonder if this will lead to them improving their quality controls?
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-g-Pure-Silver-INVESTMENT-INGOTS-10-x-1-gram-Bullion-Valcambi-Suisse-UK/133481609298?hash=item1f141fb852:g:tNkAAOSwb65e71A5 Works out at just shy of £100/Oz, if you're interested.
  11. Cash not much use in this contry since they introduced plastic notes.
  12. Announced less thah 24H apart https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-53448533 https://manchestermill.co.uk/p/exclusive-arrests-made-in-a-major Can everyone please shout "pure coincidence"
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