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    United Kingdom

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    Gold mainly but want to add some silver to the collection
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    1 * 2020 1oz gold Britannia
    1 * 2015 full sovereign
    1 * 1910 full sovereign
    1 * 2012 Quarter Sovereign
    3 * Malawi 1/25 oz 5 Kwacha Endangered Wildlife (Gorilla, leopard and Bison)

    1 * R.M.S Titanic 85th anniversary 1997 29g silver (NGC PF69 ultra cameo)
    1 * 2019 1/2 oz Pig


    2003 Rooster 20g

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  1. @JimmockThank you so much for the extra gift I will treasure them both. Thought i would give the rooster a little makeover and use him as my profile pic
  2. In loving memory of Sarah Louise Ives 19 May 1986 - 3 April 2019 an amazing person who died way before her time and to the heroes who helped her and her family cope. Thank you @jimmock I'll PM you my details
  3. @jimmock Sorry I should have waited until the end lol. Its a really great thing you are doing here for a great cause
  4. @shawy2510 If i take one. I assume you can post it with my other coins. If so. I'll take one
  5. Thanks @Liam84 this is my first purchase on here but after a week of watching for a few days. I have learned that you had make your decision dammed quick.
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