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    east manchester
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  • I am interested in
    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
  • My current Stack/Collection is mainly
  • What I am collecting / Investing in
    Tuvalu 2oz + 5oz Antiqued. Perth Mint 2oz Antiqued. Silver coins with Arthurian or Viking Theme. 1oz to 10oz upwards Silver coins + Bars in Mint Condition only. Gold Coins + Bars, all sizes.
    I also hobby-collect Pewter / Tinn Viking Longboat-Ships and figures all sizes.currently have a sizeable Armada of over 100pcs.No real Value but Fun.
    I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals
  • Coin series I have completed
    Year 1887 Q Vic farthing to Crown,copper to silver,+ gold half sovereign and full sovereign + far too many RM silver jubilee bronze/silver medals, and several 1887 silver sixpences (gold finish ) withdrawn type.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    a 1 off Unique complete John Pinches set of bronze 'Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales' Coins (hand painted - enamelled in 1974 by Carpenter & Howlett ) Stunning Artwork and Mint Condition.

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  1. arrived this morning,all good and completely satisfied. many thanks. now need to find the missing ones from this collection.
  2. as the base is hollow,is there any way of seeing how the base is attached,possibly a bolt inside leg/foot when cast,which goes through base with nuts holding it together,can you look inside.?
  3. Super stunning coin.many thanks to Mox for selling this to me.
  4. Tuvalu Unicorn arrived,all good,many thanks for superfast delivery. atb peter
  5. sov arrived,all good,many thanks peter
  6. sov's arrived,all good.many thanks
  7. Have had around 9 orders delivered so far with more on order,normaly within a week.all delivered by Royal mail in UK.with o problems at all note : they have a buy 5 pay for 4 = cheapest is free on any coins this weekend only.and buyers get extra 5% off through silver forum code( see their forum post).and you get points each £1 spent = about 5p in points.soon adds up.
  8. Latest addition to my collection arrived this morning. What strange coins I am collecting !! 2nd Last picture is from internet as it shows more clearly this coin. not my usual buy but different,i had to have it. BASKETBALL Spherical 1 Oz Silver Coin 5$ Samoa 2020 5.0 star rati This beautiful 1 Oz Silver coin is dedicated to a beautiful team sport – the Basketball. The coin is perfectly shaped as a ball and has a Gold plating. The coin comes in a case, along
  9. Another Lil Beauty arrived this morning,added to my growing collection THOR Norse Gods Gold Plating 2 Oz Silver Coin 1$ Cook Islands 2020 This 2 Oz Silver coin is the first issue of the series "Norse Gods" - Gold Plating, featuring Thor, the hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning and storms. The coin has an exceptional High Relief technique creating a stunning visual effect, has a selective Gold Plating and comes in a case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to 499 pcs. last pic added from website showing the coin more clearly.
  10. possibly also based elsewhere,but my order was from Powercoin.it/ and was delivered from Italy too.
  11. Update. I opened an account and placed my 1st order with LPM Metals.based in Italy.on Tuesday.Order delivered by Royal Mail,yesterday.Saturday. coins arrived in well packaged sealed packaging. LPM give you points on every order placed which you can use to discount further purchases.mine was approx.£10.00 on a £220 order placed. Every couple of days they add new coins to 'FLASH SALE' with discounts upto 30%. with some real crackers available. They also accept Paypal with no premium added Also Accept Bitcoin. No postage charge on orders over £200 Note : m
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