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    east manchester
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Tuvalu 2oz + 5oz Antiqued. Perth Mint 2oz Antiqued, and other Silver coins with Arthurian, Warriors, Gods, or Viking Theme. 1oz to 10oz upwards Silver coins + Bars in Mint Condition only. Gold Coins + Bars, all sizes.
    I also hobby-collect Pewter / Tinn Viking Longboat-Ships and figures all sizes.currently have a sizeable Armada of over 100pcs.No real Value but Fun.
    I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals
  • Coin series I have completed
    Year 1887 Q Vic farthing to Crown,copper to silver,+ gold half sovereign and full sovereign + far too many RM silver jubilee bronze/silver medals, and several 1887 silver v/f sixpences (gold finish ) withdrawn type.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    a 1 off 1 Unique complete John Pinches cased full set of over 30 bronze 'Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales' Coins (hand painted - enamelled in 1974 by Carpenter & Howlett ) Stunning Artwork and Mint Condition.

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  1. Yes, Powercoin was / is still my main go too company i buy from from. i panic everytime a parcel arrives incase it is followed by an import vat / postage charge from UK courier.
  2. Got bored collecting plain bullion silver coins from the regular mints, samo, samo year after year and now after many years of buying them i started looking at antiqued style art coins, started with 2oz gods of olympus sets of 4 about 3years ago and like them,then found an italian website and a couple of other foreign mints and found some wonderful antiqued and coloured coins on them,also a few here on TSF too, spent a lot of money and then brexit came along and has totaly buggered up buying outside of the UK, with additional 20% vat and higher postal charges etc. i have found a few f/b groups where i can occasionaly pick up an odd one here and there, but not as many as i would like.and again it is mostly plain bullion.which is my reasoning for wanting a UK website/ forum that will specialise in just these types of coins. there is one i have found on f/b but that is US based, and as yet i cannot find a group in the UK. and few UK website business sell these kind of coins, possibly something to do with VAT and import fees. for the most part i collect these coins as Art as i collect all kinds of art i am quite fussy about what i buy,if i like it and the price is right i buy it.I have rarely had to pay the release price and have picked up several real bargains too. as far as them being an investment, not really, though i do hope that my collection keeps up with inflation and when it is time to sell i will drible them out and perhaps make a little more than bank interest rates.some i think i will do very well on going by the sold prices on ebay.
  3. the first set of antiqued style silver coins i began collecting was the Gods of Olympus 2oz coins. the series of 12 coins was split into 3 sets of 4 coins, i have sets 1 and 3, however in 4 years i have seen dozens of sets 1 and 3 for sale, but yet to see set 2 advertised as shown here for sale, anywhere, very much wanted by be, but alas elusive.
  4. Lucylucy :as i have not seen these advertised by you on TSF it may be worth advertising these on the for sale page, with as much info on them as you can.
  5. I am hoping such a thread here on TSF would get support and be popular too. and yes, i have seen many of the Victorian error coloured enamelled coins,mainly sixpenses,shillings and florins, many of which were turned into necklaces and broaches too, very well done they looked ok, badly done they looked awful. popular during that period only it seemed, with only limited collectability or appeal for them now, personaly i dont like them at all.
  6. One of my main silver coin collectable purchases over the years are 1oz upto 10oz Modern coloured, antiqued, collectable coins as produced by many main world coin Mints. im sure i am one of many people on TSF that also collect this style of coins.I dont see to many offered for sale or wanted here on TSF or indeed many other social network forums, yet there is clearly a large market for these as every week new coins are released and many sell out very quickly from the mints and main dealers that sell these. I am constantly searching all the Topics on TSF and elsewhere, but there is a real lack of forums that offer just these, as it seems that most seem to offer std bullion and proof coins. for me it is very frustrating and time consuming searching these forums for my main interest. I was wondering if there really are other collectors on here also finding it frustrating having to search dozens of TSF and social network forums for elusive after market for this style. would it be great if a seperate forum thread for this style was available on TSF. as i have yet to find another in the UK.
  7. i too have purchased many times from pc,spending several £1000s, and also had points cancelled, seems very unfair.
  8. Hello, and thankyou for your reply here, and i am sorry to hear of your loss. I still have this full set of coins and inspite of enquiries i have made anywhere, you are the first real lead i have now found. I still have this set of enameled/ colourised coins and if you have any records from your fathers business relating to this set, or if you know who the artist was, perhaps he was the artist who did this, or perhaps you have other leads. it is a truly wonderful set in near perfect condition after so many years,the artwork even close up is first class and if it was hand painted, this must have taken many hours or weeks even to do on so many coins. i was told by previous owner the set was sold to his own father at a specialist coin fair and is perhaps a special edition or 1 off set.on its outer covering it states first edition proof set. I would love to get this set legitamely certified status, as i have no idea of its value. how many sets were produced with enameling etc,i have so little information myself. I am attaching a couple of photos. any help here would be appreciated best regards peter
  9. with a typical 1kg gold bar measuring just a small 80mm x 40mm x 18mm, i think my preference would be to have 130 gold sovereigns costing the same price. maybe looking slightly more impressive too.
  10. £29.26 inc Zero Vat = 50% premium on top of spot. taking the P### IMO
  11. just got a couple myself and Chris Silver : thanks for moving (didnt realise there was a seperate thread )
  12. not Gold but Platinum .cant see a seperate thread for Plat Royal Mint 1/4 oz Platinum proof Britannia 2017,or + charles + queens 60th on same site and same price ,boxed with cert issue price was £525. not many left buy 1 = £299 buy 2 = £292 each prices include postage 2017 Britannia : UK Quarter Ounce Platinum Proof (britanniacoincompany.com)
  13. Have had around 9 orders delivered so far with more on order,normaly within a week.all delivered by Royal mail in UK.with o problems at all note : they have a buy 5 pay for 4 = cheapest is free on any coins this weekend only.and buyers get extra 5% off through silver forum code( see their forum post).and you get points each £1 spent = about 5p in points.soon adds up.
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