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  1. I have suffered quite a lot of abuse on here but I will be honest, that comment hurt. I have a lot of faults but the one thing I don't have is a superiority complex. I am sure you would be very pleased, I have requested my account be deleted. Good luck to one and all.
  2. It was necessary unfortunately. A legal challenge would be fascinating but would be unlikely to succeed. Who would be motivated to mount such a challenge?
  3. sigh, come on life is to short for such pettiness. I better go before I get banned. Ironic though how someone can belittle others for clapping for the NHS but woe forbid not clapping when Kdave says you should, its 'monstrous'.
  4. Who claps at parades? Lol. It shows good discipline you mean, perhaps a little clap is needed if there is another war.
  5. Thanks to those that clapped. It shows the respect others have for people who put their lives on the line to help others. We should have had one for the military as well.
  6. This is a unique virus not encountered before from an animal vector hence it’s danger. Some commentators seem to think this is the same as ‘others coronavirus’ it simply is not, hence the tens of thousands of deaths as I sadly said would happen many weeks ago.
  7. That dude sounds drunk I suspect. How much you selling the kilo for?
  8. They will get back to normal pricing within a year I suspect
  9. I would snap these up right now if I hadn’t achieved my monthly silver target.
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