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  1. Just to let everyone know the 3 half sovs remaining are the 1982 Elizabeth II Decimal Portrait. £483 delivered.
  2. 3 sovs remaining for £483. 3 sold pending payment. Thank you 👍
  3. I have also decided to split the half sovs into 2 lots of 3 half sovs to give more people a chance to purchase. If you want to purchase 3 sovs the price is £483 delivered. 👍
  4. 4 x Full sovs have now sold. Thank you to the buyer, much appreciated 👍 6 x half sovs remaining. Get them for £960 with free delivery. Thank you
  5. Hi. Originally I listed these sovs as 1 lot but I realise it might be too much for alot of people. I've decided to split into 2 lots to give more people a chance to purchase. If I dont get much interest I will split further in a few days maybe into 4 lots. Any questions please PM me Thank you.
  6. So sorry I must be going blind lol. Good luck finding the coins.👍
  7. Hi. I have a 2015 minty bullion Britannia I will sell if you give me an offer through PM. Thank you
  8. Hi. I have for sale 4 x Full Sovs (SOLD) and 6 x Half Sovs.(Sold) All bullion grade. All coins have been weighed, sizes have been checked and all purchased or traded from this forum by established members. The 4 full sovs are George V with the following years, 1911, 1912, 1913 & 1915. (SOLD) The 6 half sovs are, 1901 Victoria old head, (SOLD) 1906 Edward VII, (SOLD) 1913 George V (SOLD) 3 x 1982 Elizabeth II decimal portrait. Total pure gold is 51.2346 grams. I am selling all gold together for £2180 with special delivery included, fully insured. Price is calculated as £308 per full sov and £158 per half sov delivered. Very good price! I will also sell separately if it's easier with the full sovs for £1240 (SOLD) with free delivery. The half sovs will be sold in 2 lots of 3 with 3 sovs costing £483. I dont want to split it into single sovs at the moment but this might change later. Payment can be made via bank transfer or paypal F&F. If you require more pictures or info please PM me. Thank you 👍
  9. Hi. Gold price continues to go up! My price is still the same. Taking postage out these bars are now less then 5% premium which is very cheap for pamp bars. If the price continues upwards and the premium drops below 4% I will end up keeping them. Get them before they get taken off. Thank you
  10. Reduced to £500 ono for full set with free postage
  11. All boxes now sold. Thanks for the quick sales. Takecare guys.👍
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