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  1. This coin was traveling the world since January and finally in my hands! Thank you @Numistacker for the service. 2019 proof Britannia along with her younger sisters.
  2. You are totally right. Many gold shops here in the UAE are influenced or owned by Indians and people in here especially the locals and the Indian expats tend to like higher purity gold in jewellery. I am originally from Palestine Jerusalem so technically i am stateless. I do live here at moment for work but been jumping from one country to another (mostly Europe) though my life. I do not like higher carat gold in jewellery, i prefer 18k or less. Unlike in coinage, in my opinion since they are collectibles or bullion, i prefer to hold something which is pure regardless of the metal. The new sovereigns are way too coppery imo even if they allowed. On the other hand, the older sovereigns are an alloy but still looks gold. Thank you for all the rich information you provided it all made sense for me now. An unrelated question, do you guys ship to the UAE?
  3. I was wondering if they do so when grading. It makes sense to just blow the just before slabbing.
  4. Congrats for all the winners! I wasn't lucky to win this time and never been lucky to win anything in my life 😂 but i am happy for all the winners and for the great cause it was for! Thanks to @Roy, for all who donated in either prizes or donations snd for this great forum!
  5. I was scared when i read my old post saying i am a new member 😅 I was confused! Thanks for the link Lawrence and the info. I think the RM should just use pure gold instead of ‘contaminating’ it with coper 😬 since the sovereigns are no more circulated.
  6. Welcome 😀. I live in Finland 🇫🇮 too but currently in the UAE.
  7. Just wanted to ask for members thoughts before buying one. Links included. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/ancillaries/Coin-Cabinet-Drop-Door-with-Small-Holes/ http://www.sacher-schmuckkoffer.com/epages/64612968.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64612968/Products/6010.010423
  8. There is a 50 percent sale on some of the gift items if anyone is interested. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/spring-offers/spring-clean-50-percent-off-selected-gifts/?__ja=tsid%3a38667|kw%3aE20D2A&utm_medium=email&utm_source=promotional&utm_campaign=2020-04-gif-spring&utm_content=main-cta
  9. https://apple.news/Avk34bCpMRTGY4Cj2mssliw
  10. Amazing boxes I can smell the wood from my phone! Are you going to make the exact same boxes with different size inserts? 1\4 gold beasts and Britannia's? I know you made special beasts boxes earlier with a logo embossed but I liked these plain ones more! so sleek
  11. They are similar to the disposable latex gloves.. but made of synthetic rubber (latex free) and harder to puncture. Ive seen many people wearing gloves. I personally don't see it necessary since the virus can stick on it anyways so you will be contaminating anything you touch with the gloves.I Just wash my hands regularly and don't touch my face. I also sanitize my phone, wallet and anything I touched outdoors.
  12. Reached safely from the royal mint to the UAE! I also would like to thank @trp for being so patient and understanding after having issues transferring him money for his 2018 proof Britannia. I couldn't buy it from him back then because of my bank, I felt that i need to thank him here.
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