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  1. Also here in the UAE i know 5 people who bought it other than myself. Something i didn't see before.
  2. Thats true! I just checked it out. Was launched in 2015. Id like one!
  3. This thread is very stressful...
  4. Mine always shows 3 Times whenever i order anything. Not a big deal
  5. I didnt understand 😅 i need a reassurance please. Is there a possibility to be canceled or not?
  6. Speaking about the “we regret to let you know” email that might be sent as some are saying, I had to use my friends credit card to buy my coin as the website wasn't letting me use a debit card. He also purchased his coin using the same card. But we live in different houses in the same city. Is there a possibility my coin canceled for the above reason?
  7. Hello @ChrisSilver I can super like, love and all others while i am a silver premium member.
  8. Just arrived today from the UK, thanks to @SilverMike. An amazing coin in a perfect grade.
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