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  1. Would be lucky to find one of those at that price now,they are more like 900 + if a European dealer occasionally puts one up for sale
  2. I still get alot of pleasure from just getting the silver out and looking at it,most other things I spent money on have long gone lol...let the price fall,I can just buy bigger pieces 😅
  3. I would venture to say that the 2021 type 1 may turn into a wanted item in time,as it only had a limited run due to the mid year transfer to type 2,and the general shortage of production of items from the US mint in general,so myself I am actively enjoying finding type 1 at the moment but also the type 2 for much the same reason,although the type 2 less so as they will be minted going forward this year .
  4. Didn't expect to ever get one of the 1000 minted 10oz beskar bars,but looks nice with my other favourite bars
  5. Still buying silver myself,I enjoy the actual product to look at and hold, and I truly believe we are just starting to see the rise,inflation is going only one way,been getting into small denomination gold for past few months aswell,diversity never hurts. I never had a short term plan to sell metals and still don't,the market may be a very different landscape In 10-15 yrs * my projected exit time frame, we see people looking back at the £14 an ounce period and think now is expensive...in 5 yrs we may long for the prices we are seeing now as the happy time that silver was cheap lol.
  6. Welcome to the world of physical metal,quite possibly the most addictive thing I have ever come across 😀
  7. I have to agree with all of that lol,it really is confusing as to what way it will go,and lots of vested interests it would seem trying to shout the loudest to sway people either way. I think that is one of the reasons I am still collecting silver,but looking at gold as well,at least I am enjoying a new hobby in the mean time🤣 and unlike most hobbies it may not cost me money in the long run (that's what I keep telling myself anyway 😉)
  8. I am newer to silver than you,about 3 months in,and already coming to the conclusion that gold may be the way forward to be honest, I will continue to collect silver even at the current premiums ect but not on a scale I would like sadly, and from watching sales on line,it would seem sovs or fractional gokd are possibly even more fluid than silver should the need to sell arise. But as I say,I am a total novice,I love both metals and feel it wise to have a percentage of both to hand,but it feels like silver is in a bubble that is too controlled and could loose ground very quickly when it suits the banks/ paper markets,taking the premiums with it ( at which point I will be all in again lol)
  9. Welcome to the forum,oh to be in the USA 🇺🇸, has to be one of the best places in the world to stack,no taxes on either end of selling or buying,and places you can just walk into and find bullion and interesting stuff in nearly every town it would seem...I think I would gave a very hard time not converting all my paper money into real money lol.
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