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  1. I have to agree with all of that lol,it really is confusing as to what way it will go,and lots of vested interests it would seem trying to shout the loudest to sway people either way. I think that is one of the reasons I am still collecting silver,but looking at gold as well,at least I am enjoying a new hobby in the mean time🤣 and unlike most hobbies it may not cost me money in the long run (that's what I keep telling myself anyway 😉)
  2. I am newer to silver than you,about 3 months in,and already coming to the conclusion that gold may be the way forward to be honest, I will continue to collect silver even at the current premiums ect but not on a scale I would like sadly, and from watching sales on line,it would seem sovs or fractional gokd are possibly even more fluid than silver should the need to sell arise. But as I say,I am a total novice,I love both metals and feel it wise to have a percentage of both to hand,but it feels like silver is in a bubble that is too controlled and could loose ground very quickly when it s
  3. Welcome to the forum,oh to be in the USA 🇺🇸, has to be one of the best places in the world to stack,no taxes on either end of selling or buying,and places you can just walk into and find bullion and interesting stuff in nearly every town it would seem...I think I would gave a very hard time not converting all my paper money into real money lol.
  4. Welcome to the site of precious metal heaven lol,its a terribly bad place for an expensive addiction 😅 but a wonderful place to learn and see stuff you didn't even know you wanted
  5. I think we may well see a sizable drop in price yet, I am no market analyst or the like (infact far from it!! I would live to buy shares and dividends ect, I just don't have the knowledge yet, although I know what I want to buy..) But the banks and markets are very capable of getting rid of alot of investors many of whom are in for the short term thinking wall street silver will give them another gamestop, they will panick them from the market. And I am hoping the bottom falls out the silver gold market,as they say I will be backing up the truck ,saving my fiat at the moment for just
  6. I would be interested in one of your coins if they are still available,I lost track through all the thread .
  7. Yes it did hold me for moderation for a few mins,the mods just prob have to check we posting legit stuff and no weird links ect.
  8. Just seen atkinsons are having a sale on philharmonic May be of use to someone looking for a sealed tube.
  9. I heard ( you tube only) ( although they officially tried to refute on said channel)they had over shorted on there so called investment holdings and someone did an audit and found them to be holding millions less than they said they had in the vault,alot like the comex, I think the argument is ongoing with them last I saw
  10. Sadly just had my 1st fakes,and yep ebay seller,I always use credit card so getting money back is OK but sad to see so many scammers ...will be overthinking any further purchases on ebay from now on,and actually find it cheaper from dealers on most occasions. And on here for old date pandas ect.
  11. Been eying up sovs myself,but I know nothing about them,must give them some research and watch these threads more...Nice looking coin that.
  12. I have just gone to fractional gold until silver sorts itself out again and I can see what the premiums do,and gold could have a major shake up if the banking regs change in the next couple of months,although I am still buying silver,as like you I am long term not not buying and selling,it never hurts to have a little gold in the box.
  13. Would like to aquire as per the title please if anybody is looking to sell one with out a jacked premium lol
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