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  1. Reference prices in Auragentum: silver 1 oz: 59 € / silver 5 oz: 425 € / gold 1 oz: 3690 €
  2. “The Rising Sun” ship of captain Willian Moody is the fourth release in the black flag serie. Images: Apmex, Auragentum
  3. Rwanda nautical ounce 2021 “Sedov”, product available on Aurinum
  4. Nautical ounce 2021 is advertised in auragentum, “Ankündigungen” section. No name yet
  5. It’s not a mistake IMO. There are some coins like yours, it’ said the old-style uneven edges. Some examples: Netherlands lion restrike (1 ounce silver proof), king Tutankhamun (Scottsdale gold coin), women of France (Monnaie de Paris) and Clovis coins (Monnaie de Paris).
  6. very nice collection. I’m waiting 2022, 110 anniversary of Titanic.
  7. There are two types of Rwanda lunar calendar coins. Non proof coins (mintage: no limit) are plastic sealed. And proof coins (mintage : 1000) come with capsule and certificate.
  8. I bought "the Mallard- Spirit of trains" to them two years ago. Fine.
  9. aurinum.de: “Münzkapsel 2 Oz Ultra High Relief Privateer / Siren / American Landmark“ amazon.com: “Air-Tite High Relief 39mm White Ring Coin Capsule Holder for 2oz Biblical Series Coins, 3 Pack” amazon.com: “Air-Tite High Relief 40mm Black Ring Coin Capsules for 2oz Elemetal Rounds, 10 Pack”
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