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  1. 1885-M short tail, w.w. complete Gilchrist 10701 - https://thegoldsovereign.com/coin/10701/1885-victoria-st-george-gold-sovereign-melbourne £380 plus post
  2. 2016 Silver Brits x 25 (2 available) - 700/tube 2016 QB Lion - 700/tube or 75/ea 2017 QB Unicorn - 80/ea 2016 Pandas - 28/ea 2014 Brit w/ horse privy - 28 All prices plus post!
  3. Following up on above, I hope to get some of my clearer newly discovered varieties added to the reference officially in the coming months so people will easily be able to check their coin against it with high res images. Stay tuned!
  4. From my reference: 1857 4021 5 over lower 5 in date yes VF London false 40O Gold Sovereign: Victoria (Shield) - London Gold Sovereign - London
  5. From my reference: 1872 5600-49 206984 Die 49 9 in die number over lower 9 yes aUNC London true 8 - 49 false 56 Gold Sovereign: Victoria (Shield) - London Gold Sovereign - London victoria-young-shield
  6. I agree, it's easy to get bogged down with small irregularities and not call everything an error, I'm personally guilty of this but this is why I've not released any of my finds to my reference until I've found a better way to categorise them. Clear overstrikes and errors only for now.
  7. Good to see that this thread is doing well with some keen interest! Needless to say I have 95% of small errors and true varieties being shared here, all will be public on my reference when I have time to image everything properly, though anyone who thinks they've something quite special please email me so I can check my records and make sure I have it. It will be much better to be a community effort as I'm sure I do not have everything out there.
  8. Yes of course! They do exist in quite significant amounts in lowers grades, it's the MS coins you want to find! This series IMHO is underrated for its variety but at the same time I personally find these coins difficult to grade because of the detail, and graders have no idea what they are looking at either so pop reports are a total mess. DISH has taken large steps in making future grades easier, and I feel PCGS are following it well, NGC as always are clueless as ever and put on their labels whatever the user requests, which is extremely lazy and helps nobody.
  9. Hey, this was in my very early days of collecting jubs, I know an awful lot more know mainly thanks to David Iversons research along with Steve Hills publication. What specifically were you interested in knowing? I'm yet to fully publish everything in my reference but it won't be long now.
  10. Thanks, will take a look at the grade I have and let you know. Anything else please PM or email me
  11. Hi all, I am after some examples of sovereigns to fill some gaps, anything really between 1817 and 1931 as some I've not even graded myself yet such as old heads. Can be PCGS or NGC but PCGS is preferable, and must be within 1.5 grade of the top grade for that coin Please PM me any offers or contact me direct via the website!
  12. Looking for 750 for the both delivered. 2 x Shield2
  13. Modern replicas just don't compare! 1817 Proof Sovereign PR63+ UC 🔥
  14. 1857 Shield MS63 (undergraded imo, in old PCGS slab they usually are)
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