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    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Kookaburras etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    And of course the infamous 1967 collection!

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  1. Very nice and collectible one Pahlavi gold coin from 1967. Asking price is 460€, including registered postage anywhere in Europe. Composition Gold (.900) Weight 8.136 g Diameter 22.5 mm
  2. Germany Silver MS65 NGC 1967F GERMANY 5M - this is gone now (can't edit the post, as it is older). Rest still available.
  3. Nice proof coin at very high grade. Weight 3.2 grams, gold .900. Price is 210€ including registered postage, PayPal or BT.
  4. Two graded gold coins from 1967. Iran Half Pahlavi (very high grade and difficult to grade for some reason. NGC didn't accept the Iranian coin due to sanctions and had to sent it to PCGS) - 225€ Turkey 25 Kurush (pretty high grade, only 2 with MS65 in NGC. Not rare as a coin but hard to find in such condition) - 150€ Registered postage cost 10€ (for one or both) anywhere in Europe. Payment by BT or PayPal F&F.
  5. Spot is up but prices remain the same (for now...). 😎
  6. These are practically at bullion prices now and the bronze ones are coming for free! 🧐
  7. Real bargain with current spot prices! 🤑
  8. Sorting a lot of stuff, so some more cases etc. for sale: Several tubes (some have labels but can be removed) - most are unused Two PCGS boxes One generic slab case One coin album 20 capsules from different sizes (not shown) Price is 30€ plus postage at cost (to be calculated per country).
  9. Last bump and it will go to eBay
  10. Three more gold from my collection for sale: Israel Moshe Dayan PF68 - gold .900 / 3.5 gr - 240€ Turkey 100 Kurus MS64 - gold .917 / 7.216 gr - 460€ Mali 10 Francs PF67 UC - gold .900 / 3.2 g - 240€ They are all collectible items and in very good grades. Payment by PayPal or BT and registered postage 10€ for anywhere in Europe.
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