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  1. It is an after market box but still a great set. If the coins are in good condition, I consider the price pretty good. Not a bargain but certainly not a loss as well. I hope you will keep it and enjoy it for many years! 🧐
  2. Is it the original box and certificate or an after market? Can you post some pictures? The average price of £54 per coin doesn't seem excessive though. These are not easy sets to collect and one part of me regrets of having sold mine. 🤔
  3. Three nice bullion poured bars. Difficult to fins and pretty collectible, good choice if you want something different. Price is 25€ each. Postage is 10€ for the first one and 5€ for each additional. *I know they are not precious metals but I thought they will be more relevant here. The admins are welcomed to move them if they feel they suit better elsewhere.
  4. Thanks everyone and especially @ChrisSilver and @EuropaBullion. I am trying to recall the last time I won anything and I can't ! 😎 Let's all help to promote the EU section, I am going to publish some more stuff soon. ✌
  5. Just won in auction today: Proof from the Soviet Union (original 1967 version, not 1988 restrike), in very high grade.
  6. I don't think this will be the case, as they would be lots of 70-69 and even 68s already. The reason that older coins get lower grades, is mainly because they are graded years or decades (and even more) after their production. It is much more difficult (or impossible) to be in perfect condition after all this time. And of course mint techniques have been improved, so a modern Perth or RM coin has a higher chance to achieve a 70 than twenty years ago. As for the price difference, it has to do with supply and demand. If 80% of a new proof get a 70, there wouldn't be much of a difference and
  7. I have the 20 Drachmas, will be going for the larger 50 Drachmas at a point (when I stop buying smaller stuff all the time! 😅 ) @SVcollector 68 Is a very good grade for the 20D! 👌
  8. Two more fractional gold from 1967, won in different auctions: Turkey 50 Kurush and Mali 10 Francs.
  9. Western Samoa and Ghana gone as well.
  10. Let's kickstart this section with some items I have available (due to upgrades mostly). Sontage Medal silver - Austria 1967 - PCGS Details - 26€ New Caledonia 50 Francs 1967, NGC MS62 - €26 Poland 1967,General Swierczewski, 10 Zloty, NGC MS62 -24€ USA 1967, Roosevelt dime, NGC MS67 - 24€ They are all priced much below my cost (less than the cost of grading actually!). 😎 Postage cost is 5€ regular and 9€ registered for any number and anywhere in Europe.
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