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  1. Just won in auction a set of 12 silver medals from Germany, theme is the Reformation and the year is ...1967. 🧐
  2. Actually there is a small mistake, this was an older photo. The first one here is the 1990, which was the only not gilded. I replaced it and added the 2020 (last in the photo is 2019). So the years I mention are correct (2001-2020). Sorry for the discrepancy, I need to get a new photo.
  3. For sale is my last and biggest gilded set. All the Kookaburras from 1991 to 2020. Most of these are hard to find in gilded version and some of the earlier ones have been purchased at prices between 80-90€. It comes in a very nice case for 40 coins, so 10 more years and you are there! 😎 I really don't want to break this set, it may be unique (haven't seen anything similar so far). The asking price is a very reasonable 1,500€, making it 50€ per coin. The case is included in the price but not the postage costs, that we have to see depending on the country. I can also discuss exchange in part with gold. I know I can get more selling them separately but I want to exhaust the possibility to keep the set together, it would be a pity not to try.
  4. Two rare and collectible 10 ounce bars for sale: Engelhard cast - sold SC Loaf - 240€ Prices include registered postage for Europe.
  5. I use these from Leuchtturm and very satisfied. They hold 50 pcs each, either NGC or PCGS.
  6. I had 3-4 orders coming from German dealers in the last couple of months and they took about a week. On the other hand Aurinum are known for their delays in shipping and responding to queries, long before Covid. But they are also genuine and always deliver in the end, you must just be prepared to accept the waiting.
  7. I ordered something a few weeks ago in Ebay. Some time after it was delivered I got an invoice from Fedex with 10€ VAT charge plus 15€ handling! Do we know what applies for EU orders from Switzerland?
  8. Really glad I didn't have to break this set! 😎
  9. Thanks for the bump and the nice comments. Just a correction though, the price is around £430 for the set, not £600. 😉
  10. Most of them were bought from Silberstars in ebay. No information about mintage but their quality is always good. At the moment they are selling the first one in the series for 99€ https://www.ebay.de/itm/373044010756
  11. If someone gets the remaining three cases above, I will leave them at 50% discount, meaning 17.5€ (it's a real steal!) plus postage.
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