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  1. I am looking for a skull themed silver item, poured or similar. Between 2 and 4 ounces I would say, send me what you have here or pm.
  2. So just got my first PCGS submission back and pretty happy with the results. To make a long story short, I decided to submit to PCGS for two main reasons. First is their mid size slab, which you can see in three coins or medals below that are between 55 and 65 mm. The middle one is also in a thicker slab due to being high relief. I think these sizes sit very well in this slab, they would look tiny in the big NGC one. Second reason was that I wanted to try the dual slab. I have several medal sets (silver and copper) and I believe this option gives them a unique appearance (and pretty rare
  3. I think it must be they are all more or less at the same level, so are the options. Can't think of anything else... 🤔
  4. I agree, labels can give a distinct look to more usual coins. And when they will be retired after a period, these coins will remain unique.
  5. I also had off centre coins from NGC, although not so bad. When I checked the registry photo they looked ok, so they probably moved during transport. But this means they were not very secured anyway.
  6. So far I was going with NGC for several reasons: A very good third party service provided by Numistacker Special labels that help adding variety to my collection Slightly better slabs (in my opinion) But recently I have sent my first submission to PCGS, directly since I couldn't find anyone else to do it for me. They have two things that I prefer against NGC: Medium size slab: I have coins between 50-60 cm that would look ridiculously small in the large NGC slab. PCGS have a medium size which looks much better choice for those. Dual holders: I have some sets o
  7. For sale again is my last and biggest gilded set. All the Kookaburras from 1991 to 2020. Most of these are hard to find in gilded version and some of the earlier ones have been purchased at prices between 80-90€. It comes in a very nice case for 40 coins, so 10 more years and you are there! 😎 I really don't want to break this set, it may be unique (haven't seen anything similar so far). The asking price is a very reasonable 1,450€, making it about 48€ per coin. The case is included in the price as well as the postage costs. It is probably the last time advertised as a set, after that
  8. They definitely have the star, which means 915 silver. They were sold to me as Sterling, so it is pretty ok. 👍
  9. They are all here. I hope they are silver, they certainly feel like it... 🙄
  10. I got several medals and most of them have this hallmark. Anyone recognising it? What is the silver content? The first number seems to be a seven (so 768 I think).
  11. Ten beautiful Spanish silver medals. Most of them 50 cm with high relief and nice toning. Not sure about the silver content, I will publish the hallmark in the silver section for more info hopefully. And yes, all of them from 1967! 🧐
  12. Great results, still haven't gotten any 70s in my 1967 collection... 😪
  13. As far as I know every bullion dealer adds the fees in the price when using PayPal and it is pretty understandable and transparent.
  14. Here you are. I feel I should have asked conservation for this one 🙄
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