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    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Kookaburras etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    And of course the infamous 1967 collection!

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  1. Some collectible and hard to find items, the last remaining from my two sets. Koala 2011 (original box & COA) - 39€ Panda 2008 - 58€ Panda 2009 - 48€ Panda 2010 - 48€ Panda 2012 - 48€ Postage cost 10€ for anywhere in Europe, any number of coins.
  2. Austria and one Mexico sets gone.
  3. I have recently sent more expensive items tonUK without a problem. I would give it 99% chance not to go through customs. But even then, the amount is too small.
  4. Trying to optimize and focus my 1967 collection (and save some space too). Some pretty rare sets included. Israel €12 Australia €41 Austria sold 4 silver United Kingdom €12
  5. I have three of these. Very good quality and they take slabs from both NGC and PCGS. https://www.leuchtturm.com/coin-case-for-50-certified-coin-holders-slabs.html
  6. Haven't calculated but I target 60 and above for everything (except the Anguilla counterstamps which are a different case). Some of my items are top pop and even unique. And I upgrade for higher grades when I find a good opportunity.
  7. The Ebay items from UK appear now to charge taxes like the ones I see from US. This happens only when the seller is using the Ebay's own shipping program though (I am in Ireland).
  8. Second and last part of the 1967 collection: the slabs!
  9. My single most expensive silver coin so far. The prices I have seen are above 1000€ for raw and 1500€ for slabbed. Waiting to get it in my hands and send it for grading. 🤞 Copying from the internet: The Australian swan was a Pinches production that is both beautiful and has commanded strong bidding in sales we reviewed. When decimal currency came to Australia in 1966 no dollar coin was planned so a competition by a numismatic magazine (Australian Coin Review) resulted in this winning design by Andor Meszaros. The Australian mint did not mint a dollar coin until 1984. Competition org
  10. As last year, I am posting my full 1967 collection as it was in the end of 2020. First part has anything except the slabs. These will follow in the next couple of days, as I don't have everything in one place. So here we have coin and medal sets, large medals, coin envelopes and all the bits and pieces.
  11. Gildeon

    withdrawn US Dime 1967 NGC

    Reduced to 20€ plus postage 😉
  12. On hold pending payment
  13. On hold pending payment
  14. My second PCGS submission returned today. In general satisfied with the results, although I couldn't avoid one Details grade again. 🤔 A little curious about the French "CAISSE D'EPARGNE" medal, which was put in a large slab, without me asking for it. It is 45mm, so not sure if it was a mistake or didn't marginally fit in a normal slab. Another issue is that they didn't grade some US medals, which I believe NGC will not have a problem to. But they graded all European medals, even some pretty unusual ones. Maybe it has something to do with the grading taking place in Europe instead of
  15. Three half sovereigns from years 1912, 2018 and 1974 (Isle of Man). Asking price is 210€ each plus 10€ for registered postage anywhere in Europe. Not sure what happens with UK from 1st of January. I don't believe there will be duty or VAT but you need to research it from your side, I can't take any responsibility for extra charges. Payment by PayPal F&F or BT.
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