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  1. Three Lincoln sets from 1967, all with different labels, including the latest San Francisco one. All with RD designation, which is a must for my copper coins.
  2. Two more gold coins won in auctions. Tunisia 5 dinars (9.55 gr.) and Lichtenstein medal (6.95 gr.)
  3. My large slabs from PCGS. Four silver, one bronze and one silver/bronze. Some are definitely the first ones graded from their type.
  4. I think they are not allowed to ship in US or something similar. Which is kind of stupid, because this coin didn't come from Iran and such items can be outside the country for decades or even centuries. Anyway PCGS didn't have a problem, maybe they grade them in Europe...? πŸ€”
  5. My latest PCGS submission came back. These are the regular size slabs (two are double thickness), I will present the large ones in another post. Some notes: One came back as "Details", it seems I can't avoid these completely but I have become better... πŸ™„ The Austrian medal had come back as "non eligible" from NGC and now it got a great SP69, nice surprise! 😎 NGC had also refused to grade my Iranian gold coin. Something that had to do with sanctions, which I couldn't understand, as this was from before the Islamic revolution. And they have graded several such Pahlavi coins. Anyway PCGS had no such issue and got a respectable MS65. 🧐 I am glad that the peculiar octagonal medal was graded, I was not sure about that. It sits a little sideways in the slab but maybe it has to do with the unusual shape. Two went in thick slabs and especially glad about the Spanish medal, again was not sure if they will slab it. Overall pretty happy and it proved that if one company refuses to grade something, you can always try the other one. PCGS seems very knowledgeable with European medals but I had problems with some American ones. I send all the US medals to NGC now and if something fails, I will try PCGS too.
  6. Very impressive, congrats! 🧐
  7. Oh but it is, it's on the other side like the silver one. 1963 is probably the year that the coin club was founded. You scared me for a second! πŸ˜…
  8. Here is the other side. And I also have the Bronze one, which I will be sending to NGC next.
  9. My latest submission to NGC came back. Really surprised with my first 70 (and an MS!) and very happy. 🧐
  10. Just won this in an auction. It says 3.26 gr and it's probably a modern restrike of an old Sicilian coin. Don't know much more yet, so any info would be appreciated.
  11. Just received from Heritage Auctions in US. Three cupro-nickel proofs, mintage 1,700 for the two of them and still checking for the piedfort. There are some silver piedforts in these series (oversea French territories), expensive and hard to find (mintage 50!). And the top of the line is the Gold Piedfort with 20 mintage!! Still some way to get there though... 🧐
  12. All sold now 😎
  13. It is an after market box but still a great set. If the coins are in good condition, I consider the price pretty good. Not a bargain but certainly not a loss as well. I hope you will keep it and enjoy it for many years! 🧐
  14. Is it the original box and certificate or an after market? Can you post some pictures? The average price of Β£54 per coin doesn't seem excessive though. These are not easy sets to collect and one part of me regrets of having sold mine. πŸ€”
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