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  1. There’s no shortage of insecure arseholes on Facebook, they’ll take offence at anything even vaguely pushing an inclusive agenda. Terrible design though.
  2. Ooh, I need a whisky spreadsheet now. I’ve also been thinking about exit strategies and recently sold my ATB collection for that reason. Still want everything physical though.
  3. Sorry, not for me, abslutely no thrill in it. I like to to be able to touch and look at the things I buy / invest in. That's why I started down the silver and gold road. Up to me to look after them properly.
  4. A new hobby....the first bottles I’ve bought to stick in the garage for a decade.
  5. https://www.masterofmalt.com/blog/post/the-macallan-unveils-the-red-collection.aspx?utm_campaign=blog&utm_content=1602795902&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=facebook
  6. Using 1st Class Signed for is certainly a risk, as you correctly state that you will not be insured under any circumstances. You need to find a balance where charging £7 postage won't put people off bidding or put a dent in your winning bid. Nobody wants to pay £7 on a £25 coin. Anything over £50 should go Special Delivery, as one or two losses at this level, will cheese you off good and proper.
  7. I was buying and selling a lot of vinyl around that time. From memory it was a decent time to sell, probably the last vinyl boom before the current one.
  8. Nicest design for a long time. Looks like quite a departure.
  9. Your characterisation of the forum as a place where people routinely overpay, is likely to be in direct contradiction of the view held by people who try to sell here. The forum is filled with many long term, knowledgeable stackers / collectors. In my experience, the vast majority of overpriced coins on the forum will never sell. Tight we are.
  10. They look fine. The Britannias, both silver and gold, have varied in some way every year for as long as I can remember.
  11. Nobody forced the UK to remove VAT from gold. The individual member states are responsible for setting their own VAT rules. Simply, VAT is not currently payable on gold in the UK, as it is not classed as an industrial metal, whereas silver, palladium and platinum are.
  12. Bump - price reduction.
  13. It’s changed from awaiting stock to sold out and back again during the day. I think all the aborted attempts at paying for things have an impact and these get added back to the pot as the day goes on.
  14. This is my favourite design of the three, all that remains is the crushing disappointment of arrival day.
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