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  1. My only RM weakness, never pay issue price though.
  2. Not added to the 10 oz bar pile for a while, so a couple of these were welcome.
  3. I started buying in late 2010 during the silver rush to $50. Remember buying a 10 oz Apmex stacker bar from Sarnia for £250, sold it 2 weeks later for £330. Crazy times.
  4. You'll be slapped with 20% VAT on the coins and charged an additional handling fee by the relevant courier firm. 100% guaranteed to be more expensive than buying in the UK, by the time they get here. The cheap way to buy silver has just been ended, with our departure from the EU.
  5. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. It was always going to be the outcome of a so called hard Brexit i.e. leaving single market and customs union. Which in turn, was always a potential outcome of a vote to Leave.
  6. Been using Nectar with my eBay account for years now. My savings on coin purchases will easily be in the multiples of hundreds of pounds.
  7. The new reality for these low mintage, high premium coins from the RM, is that ungraded coins, especially ones that have been kicking around for a while (these look like the first Bond issue) will be assumed to be defective (probably correctly in most cases). If you want people to pay a premium, you have to grade them.
  8. A 2012 proof Sovereign for < £600, which subsequently graded as a 70.
  9. Like a few others, took advantage of the RM 50% off Black Friday deal.
  10. Me neither. I asked about this last week when enquiring about a different order and was told that it wasn’t yet on the production schedule (two weeks).
  11. I found many years ago that the easiest way to do this is to not record the cost of individual items. The cost of anything I buy now just gets added to the total for that particular category (I have a few silver categories and a few gold categories).
  12. £19.60 was a short lived peak of recent prices. £18-£18.50 is more representative of the last couple of weeks, so £23-£24 is reasonable for basic bullion. eBay usually takes a week or two to catch up or down to decent moves.
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