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  1. A pair (4th & 5th Effigy) of ridiculously low mintage (10 each) platinum 5p coins (1/4 oz each), from the 2015 platinum proof sets.
  2. Yes, I’ve heard nothing since ordering. Wondered if anybody else had.
  3. Has anybody who ordered one of these heard anything from the Mint?
  4. Gave up serious drinking in my mid 20’s, late forties now. I was cursed with hangovers that seemed to be much worse than anybody else’s (like my father before me) and couldn’t wait to stop. A single malt on a Friday and Saturday night Is my limit now. If I have more than one, I’ll lie awake all night.
  5. Oh yes, it will likely be nearer £12 than £16 by the end of the week.
  6. Half way there @ £14. If this is a new 2020/2011, it’ll be £16 by the end of the week.
  7. I like your approach and to be honest, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my eBay selling these days - my real work keeps me more than busy enough. I like to keep the overseas option available, as I’ve made lots of sales outside of the UK over the years. I insist on the Global Shipping Program now though, as this removes the risk of being liable for a loss on the foreign leg of the journey - much safer for the seller. There’s something to be said for excluding eBay newbies, this muppet is practically a virgin, with a feedback of 3.
  8. Buyer's remorse I think - he appears to have placed his maximum bid 3 days ago and I think is now accusing me of shill bidding, as it obviously went higher than he wanted. The second highest bid would have netted me around £580 incl postage.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love eBay and have been buying and selling on there for a decade with very little trouble (feedback > 6,000), but every now and then you just get a c**t. Had a Kilo Andorra Silver Eagle finishing this evening - shortly before the auction was ending I received the following messages in Spanish (thank you google translate): 'Don't touch my balls after 2 seconds, there is no bidder here, you're your bastard.' and 'Commit the shameless coin' - I think this one may be lost in translation. This lovely bidder then won the auction and immediately left me negative feedback saying 'bid 2 and 1 second to finish to increase the sale. fraud to eat so much'. WTAF - you have to laugh or you would cry. Buyer reported - not much else to be done.
  10. They are difficult to come by in the UK, particulalrly for a reasonable price. They were one of my first bullion collecting loves, and I've recently started buying them again, having twice before collected many and then sold them. I'm currently selling a 10 oz reverse proof Maple Leaf (1998, the only year for these) on eBay.
  11. Definitely this - I’m constantly perplexed by Sovereign collectors wetting themselves about a wonky V or an extra dot!
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