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  1. Shinus73

    Am I mad....?

    I doubt it, because they collect graded coins.
  2. Shinus73

    Am I mad....?

    I agree with a lot of what is said in this thread, but I don’t quite understand the assertion that people are buying the slab, not the coin. Clearly, people are buying both, but appear to be willing to pay significantly more for the ‘perfect’ example, where these are in plentiful supply. Where there are relatively few examples (or none) they’ll settle for less. I think it’s fair to say that collectors of most things, want the best example they can afford. It’s like telling somebody who pays £50,000 for a rare bottle of whisky, that they’re paying for the bottle, not the liquid (which would be pretty similar to many others). They’re paying for the whole package, that’s the point.
  3. Been a long time coming. Purchased last summer, took many months to arrive and several more to grade. Worth the wait. Key date, 250 mintage.
  4. Lovely gold tiger. Silver tiger, oddly cartoonish, but will be a grower. Nicest Kookaburra for ages.
  5. Shinus73

    Am I mad....?

    No, it’s nuts. The devaluing of 69’s in relation to 70’s, or the potential for a 70, continues at pace. I’m buying the PF / MS 69’s at the right price, hoping it reverses a bit.
  6. This gives all bullion versions: https://www.perthmint.com/investment-bullion-bars-and-coins-mintages.aspx You’ll have to scour the separate years of numismatic data to find proofs: https://www.perthmint.com/numismatic-mintages.aspx
  7. I started in August 2010, a couple of months after my first and only child was born. I don’t remember the two things being directly linked, but psychologically, they probably were. I had around £3,000 in a cash ISA, which I decided to do something more interesting with. My first purchase was a 1996 1 oz Kookaburra from eBay, for around £20. When it arrived in the post, I knew that I’d found a lifelong hobby. As it happens, August 2010 was pretty much in the middle of the bull market that culminated with the April 2011 high, crazy times. Since then, pretty much every spare penny I have (after household bills and treats have been paid) has gone into silver or gold, and a little bit of platinum. It’s basically a brilliant savings vehicle for me and ensures I always have funds available, if needed. My stack has also grown to the point that it will act as a pension pot in its own right. I do a similar thing with whisky.
  8. I got an NGC MS64 1918 India Sovereign for £20 less than my maximum bid, which is always a bonus.
  9. Definitely agree with this.
  10. Yes, you would think he would have learned to let it lie by now, but apparently not.
  11. I’m aware of that and entirely disagree with the approach, but that doesn’t change the fact that the parties who are repeatedly relating this story, have their own agenda.
  12. It also needs to be pointed out that the people who constantly push these shill bidding stories are a couple of utter ‘terrible’ cans. They spend their days on Facebook groups slandering all manner of people, whilst being barely able to string together a coherent sentence. The target of these people is usually the same person, a high profile former member of this site, who has my implicit trust, despite the slightly acrimonious departure from the forum. Don’t let the modern trend for out and out paranoia, allow you to be misled by people who act out of jealousy and malice.
  13. The only new Queens Beasts coin appears to be a 5 kg gold, which probably won’t affect me.
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