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  1. Yes, there seem to be too many options on the 'Colours of Rum' front.
  2. A bit steep, but Samaroli are one of the higher end independent bottlers.
  3. Mostly NGC graded Royal Mint 1/4 oz proof gold coins - not bought at Royal Mint prices.
  4. Mine did this too - had to confirm with Account Manager that the orders had been processed and still not had confirmation e-mail.
  5. I suppose I meant that however they're described, they're inevitably going to reflect modern practice. That's a beauty!
  6. Devil's advocate, but aren't these supposed to be modern representations of old portraits? This is what the strike on a lot of modern coins looks like.
  7. Yes, mine went back. Abysmal really - you would think by now they would have realised that it makes good business sense to get them right first time. The number of returns and additional runs they then have to perform, must cost them a small fortune.
  8. Yes, it eventually turned up on the new items page. Took me 20 mins to find it…..
  9. I can't even find the 1 oz silver proof, which is the one I want - Royal Mint website is shocking at times.
  10. Yes, it’s the second investitures coin.
  11. Opened one last night - literally my first ever taste of rum. Very nice, ideal when craving something sweet.
  12. Shinus73

    Royal Mint

    Nothing wrong in doing so when the VAT is carried through to secondary UK market prices, which is the usually the case with silver and platinum bullion coins.
  13. Managed to pick up a couple of these, before they sold out (quickly) earlier this week.
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