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  1. I agree that there’s a place for collector pieces and I’ve been playing that game for many years - I just don’t see 10 oz bars, regardless of mintage, as part of that scene. With the exception of older Engelhard & JM stuff, no bars maintain significant premium long term.
  2. Have a case full of 10 oz bars - never paid a premium on any of them. I don’t understand the willingness to pay such large premiums for a bullion bar, even a pretty one. They’ll be the same price as all the others in 5 years time. However, each to their own and perhaps I can now sell my case full at £35/oz!
  3. These are perfect for stacking, assuming you can get them as cheaply as anything else. They have no collectibility value.
  4. This is the way of things, even more bonkers: A 1 oz ‘Pay Attention’ gold Bond coin in PF70, sold for more than a 2 oz version of the same coin in PF69.
  5. A couple of rims standing proud could account for that.
  6. Unfortunately, Coin Cabinet is as far removed from the spirit of early days eBay as its possible to be. I only sell on eBay with £1 max fees, which is probably why they’re happy to lose me. 🤓 Let me know when you’ve set it up.
  7. Already have one on the FB groups! I do like to partake in the fashionable collectables when the opprortunity arises (currently sat on a PF70 FR 2oz Gold Shaken Not Stirred Bond coin, waiting in vain for the silly money to reappear), there's just no guarantee that an opportunity will come, which makes it a bit dull.
  8. You can't sell anything here at a profit. I'm a misanthrope and love the anonymity of eBay - can't be doing with all the pal / buddy / cliquey stuff that goes with the Facebook groups, way too peopley. Hopefully an alternative to eBay will present itself. I'm more disappointed that I will no longer be able to spend an hour every evening hunting for junk silver bargains, not fashionable collectables, because they won't be there.
  9. It’s the new payment system, without PayPal, that all sellers will be obliged to enrol in at some stage in 2021. They’re encouraging everybody to do it now. Once enrolled, the bullion and coin categories are on the list of categories that only business sellers can use. It also means that my other hobby of scouring the site for junk silver will end, as this is almost exclusively listed by individuals and not businesses, and presumably this supply will dry up. It seems a very strange business decision.
  10. It’s strange how quickly things taken for granted can disappear. I’ve been buying silver from Europe and selling it for a small but worthwhile profit on eBay for more than 10 years and never envisaged having to stop. I’m now unable to buy from Europe at a price that makes it viable and unable to sell what I already have, thanks to eBay’s new rules relating to managed payments, which essentially means only business sellers can sell coins or bullion. In the absence of a simple alternative, a new strategy is required. Not sure what it will be yet. Frankly, not being able to se
  11. SOLD - PENDING PAYMENT Selling as bullion, due to fingerprints. £360 shipped. UK Only Payment by bank transfer or Paypal F & F. Thanks Peter
  12. Our friends at Britannia Coin Company have the exclusive rights to the 1 Kilo silver, apart from a few available (ahem) direct from the Mint. Slightly odd, as they insisted they weren’t a Royal Mint partner when questioned about their pricing for the 2 oz silver.
  13. If they aren’t now, they will be soon. The popular new releases on whisky websites are cleared out within seconds, not a prayer of getting anything. I suppose the Royal Mint may have more in its armoury to keep them at bay.
  14. I got into a discussion with them yesterday - they made clear that they did noy buy direct from the Mint and had sourced from the secondary market. They were very keen to avoid the notion that they were driving the price, but rather, they were responding to it. Personally, I feel what they did yesterday was the very definition of driving the price. They used their extensive resources to acquire a signfiicant number of coins and then used their profile to dictate the secondary market price.
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