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  1. 1/10oz 2018 Brit X 5 £850 delivered 2 sold, above offer no longer valid. Last 3 can go for £510 plus 1/2 the cost of SD. Last 3 sold pending payment 1/2oz Britannia 2017 £825 delivered SD Bank transfer
  2. Apologies the 1/4oz are sold pending payment to the same buyer.Tomorrow is the deadline day. Will update the thread accordingly tomorrow noon.
  3. Just wanted to see if anyone has one to sell. I can source one for the mid £185 range but it will be coming from overseas. Panda 3g Gold coin in OMP. Thread will be closed on Monday.
  4. Yes it may sting now, but hopefully when you look back on the purchase in 1year you would have a smile on your face.
  5. Tn21

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1/10 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle

    This is a premium 1/10oz coin. I have one already which I purchased of morezone and at the time is was about £25 above a standard 1/10 Brit. £168
  6. There are various dealers you can buy from for eg bullion by post, Atkinson's, Chards, and many more Inc the 2 you have mentioned. Most of my purchases have been from this very forum. Good idea is to get your g bars from Baird and co and as you become more familiar with the metal and your strategy you can always keep a look out for the best prices. A fellow forum member has also kindly set up the price comparison site below. http://goldprice.eu5.net/ Welcome to the forum
  7. Lot of the smaller sizes out of stock aswell. Not sure, he could have a point.
  8. 1/4oz Philharmonic 2010 -£400 SOLD 1/4oz Canadian Mapple 1984 -£400 SOLD Bullion condition coins Plus post on top, if both are bought together I can sell a 1/10 Brit for £165. 1g gold X2 (2 sets available) =£120 plus post SOLD in a P/X Can not go further down on the prices.
  9. Hi, Thank you for the offer but i believe the 1/10s I have ATM are the cheapest on the market and with most of the bullion dealers selling them in the £180 range I think £845 delivered represents very good value. I would at this stage have to politely decline your offer of £800 for the 5 1/10 Brits.
  10. Bump should be the cheapest on the market ATM
  11. 1/10 Brit * 2 =£340 deliver d Or All 5 £845 delivered No longer in stock with Atkinson's 1/4 Oz Philharmonic & 5x1/10 Brits = £1245 delivered
  12. Hatton garden metals are not bad
  13. BUMP Reduction in prices 9 pandas £215 delivered first class signed 10oz 2019 Valliant - £275 delivered SD
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