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  1. These would cost £200 if they were in perfect condition (check in 3 days). If you don't keep them somewhere dry with silica gel this is always possible. If you buy the cheapest bullion it won't matter near as much if they tone/spot/corrode.
  2. I'd probably alternate between buying a half sovereign and a batch of 4-6 silver coins each time you want to buy. You have the best chance of getting your money back easily with a half sov if you have to sell at some point. Silver coins need more looking after so I'd avoid premium silver in the beginning.
  3. I'd say splitting them is definitely the way to go unless you can't be bothered sending lots of small packages. But you could always try selling them in six batches of four if that bothers you. As they are 999 I wouldn't ask for less than spot + 20% as the melt crew would pay that but I don't how much more than that you could get for the best coins.
  4. Can I have the 1976 2 Rand with £8 postage, pls? I'm surprised no one wants the krug for a tenner under spot. I'd have the lot but I'm too poor lol.
  5. I agree with Jimmock. Until you know which years are worth more money it's best to try not to spend more than 4.5% over spot including postage. That's about what you can hope to get back for common years in good condition (selling on the forum). SVcollector is selling for way under that at the mo.
  6. I think it boils down to if you are happy having to sell an ounce at a time when you need to cash in or if you want to be able to sell smaller pieces. I'd say the first few thousand pounds of your stack should be small coins and then after that buy what you like.
  7. Caligula and his last wife. I'd swap my house for that.
  8. Cancelling gold coins from outdated eras is a great way to get people to surrender their booty.
  9. 27carrots


    Put up a wanted thread in the ungraded section. Follow people who have a history of selling the stuff that interests you. I think bigmarc sells what you are after.
  10. I wonder what the premium is on a 1985.
  11. double eagles going for under spot
  12. supply and demand everyone loves ancient egypt not so much mesopotamia and for coins of that value most people just want the coin they like the most rather than the whole series
  13. Very jealous of the noah's ark in its pretty case. It's got the same diameter as a 1oz gold maple too at half the cost. Can't wait till we can buy them.
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