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  1. He isn't to your taste, I get that. He does talk about the fact that he does not pay tax where he is and also goes into great detail on what the trade offs are, no representation and not being eligible to vote. He also talked about not taking the bail out money currently being offered of upto 100k per employee for a maximum of 500 employees and explains how it is being exploited by everyone else in detail even explaining the fine print. I don't think he is right wing, he literally called Trump a liar and accused him of backtracking about his claims about unemployment rates and inflation... (macro economics) but you didnt get that far. Everyone can't be liked by everyone. I respect your opinion
  2. So as i stated, I am pretty sure he did talk about macro economics for a good 40 minutes? unemployment rates, Interest rates, Growth rates?
  3. Anyone who knows anything about Peter Schiff knows he is the biggest Gold "pumper" in existence. He bashes bitcoin constantly in favour of gold. I mean ... he has his business link behind him the whole time.... where he sells gold. I think people want to see gold and listen to how it was money for over 5000 years for the 100th time but in a different way.
  4. some people just want to be in an echo chamber or hear what they themselves believe. Peter Schiff is used to talking for 5 minutes in a soundbite for a news interview where he has 2-4 others also trying to talk over him so its kind of how he is now. I had to take 2 10 minute pauses to get a drink and let my ears remember what silence is like but overall it was a fantasic podcast which I learned a lot about how loans and finance works. As for people expecting 3 hours of him showing gold coins and gushing over them I am afraid you will not find much of that there, searching youtube unboxings and such may be better for them. Peter Schiff is the loudest voice in Gold and this whole podcast was a build up to why you need gold.
  5. Peter Schiff brand new interview on Joe Rogan podcast, Interesting for anyone even looking at gold.
  6. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    if you have any questions on crypto im always happy to help. I am not a pumper and I don't have "the next altcoin to boom" but i have been involved for 4 years. I talk briefly about it in my last video
  7. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    i just dont like crypto and dealers being directly attached to my account so i use a 3rd party app. I like to just make it harder to see what i do with my currency.
  8. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    Revolut allow you to buy gold/silver/bitcoin on "paper" but i only use it to transfer my currency to dealers for gold and silver to be delivered or to an exchange to buy bitcoin
  9. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    i wouldn't have much faith in them, I remember they froze the app. You could not do anything on it while it was going on. However everyone is responsible for themselves.
  10. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    I think it was more on the lines of this.
  11. Mark10110

    Glint card?

    Didn't something happen to Glint last year? I think I remember them having issues and last I heard they was closing down? Am I thinking of something else?
  12. just knowledge and information. It goes through the history of gold and puts down the arguements for why gold is important under this climate. Written while in lockdown as a warning of things to come. Here he is talking this month...
  13. I am currently reading this book and its pretty good, Thought I would share to you guys that like a good book on gold.
  14. Sony A6000 and a slight touch up with Lightroom
  15. if I sold my silver now at spot I would be losing cash, if I was to sell it at the prices people are selling on the forum I would be up around £1000 which isn't a huge profit. I honestly don't have a get out plan as it was originally for my pension but i am sure if silver spiked to £60 in the next few months (extremely unlikely) I would be extremely tempted to sell.
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