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  1. Haha...let us know once u sold it then i will list it in trade section here😆
  2. Many people will become rich if the price is real, too good to be true😅 Thanks for sharing.
  3. Some lovely Crown in the lot, Gothic Crown n Wreath Crown. Also some interesting Halfcrown as well. I am sure those will attract many interests if clearer individual pictures are posted. By the way, which year is the Maundy set?
  4. As someone mentioned in other threads, speculating proof coin is always risky coz of its premium. However, if you love the coin n buy the designs, it will be fine. I love 1847 Gothic Crown but cannot afford for it, so I like to have this modern Gothic Crown. Due to region lock, i am unable to buy directly from RM, and my price is not cheap from secondary market as well😅. I wish i can buy at GBP400 mark, but no one knows when you made the purchase. Let's see how it will go when Gothic Crown obverse launch, and I am looking forward to complete a set.
  5. Well done👍, secured some lovely things for someone beloved is always nice. Same as you, I won't do the slab unless I think I will resell it, coz i like it to be "closer" to me when appreciating it.
  6. Very nice collection, must be a set that can be appreciated for a long long time....good job. Hope there will be 5 soveriegn in future as well.
  7. Bruce06

    Sovereign mintages

    Thanks n very detailed data, i saved in my PC. The mintage is a national security figure, so RM can't publish😅. More importantly, not to disclose which means save their works on counting number of sales as well as number of returns, as they are already super busy on handling replacement every day, haha😅.
  8. I think many people overspent in past 2-3 months (me as well😭), as way too many releases from RM. There maybe Tudor Beast and Gothic in this or next quarter as well.
  9. It's decent, though price is not cheap. Thinking if there is any chance to have a presentation box to accommodate a bullion set of double soveriegn, soveriegn, half soveriegn n quarter soveriegn, as well as a five soveriegn if it is going to release in future.
  10. Weird timing, I won't do any big move right before any big sales anticipated. Or RM anticipated it is not a big stuff for today launch😅
  11. No, i didn't, but it sounds weird if it's scheduled like this.
  12. HK LPM is still selling at slightly over GBP600 for 2oz silver. I think the price will be around there until those dealers' stocks are sold out.
  13. Very good advice from experienced members above. For Wreath Crown, please only buy from trusted dealers or members here, as there are way too many fakes in the market.
  14. Lovely 1872...i have to admit Gothic Florin Is always a gorgeous one to look at.
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