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  1. LPM in Hong Kong is available for pre-order. 1oz silver for USD345 and 2oz gold for USD10k, prices are skyhigh (in my opinion only😅).
  2. Oh....good eyes.... picture showing proof half sovereign only, but in specification, it is mentioning a full sovereign...so confused. Anyway, i will pass it, and save money for next year one.
  3. Buying proof coin and re-sell it usually, if not always, incurred a loss. Always need to have a buy, hold and appreciate mindset for having these beauties....
  4. I think it's down to inflation and also central banks reluctant to hike rates
  5. My principle one is in case there is any doubt, not going for that. So, I will not go for anything if you think it may be cleaned or too expensive. By the way, for 250, you may purchase a decent Victoria Crown coinage, unless you prefer medal in this case.
  6. I am a fan of pre-decimals, so would love to see pictures of those coins and medals👍.
  7. Agree, I am trying to do the same as well. Silver accumulation or stacking is a long term strategy, as the premium charged kill any short-term chance. Need to wait for one chance in many years to take the profit.
  8. No matter which size or specification it is, completing the kookaburra series is a marvelous achievement.
  9. Same view here...1oz maybe too crowded n busy for all 10 beasts, which details cannot be appreciated by my old eyes without using the magnifier. However, the 5oz is sold out n i can only settle for the 1oz to complete my collection.
  10. Haha...you are right, i need a magnifier and good lighting to look at details of a florin😅...i am feeling much better now...cheers.
  11. Same to me, thought the design is too busy for 1oz gold before as well, until see another post showing the stunning 1oz gold proof 😭
  12. Then another re-reboot with 11 coin completer set🤑
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