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  1. Postage is always unknown, especially for long distance delivery, like hong kong. You may try asking auction house see if any alternative option if it is not specify in their auction terms, sometimes they will have but most not. By the way, the auction premium is 40%, which is ridiculously steep.
  2. Well said, no one has crystal ball, so no one knows the future. To me, i always prefer a complete set as issue to plastic coffin.
  3. Agree, only buy if you like the design, as all newly minted proof coins are with hefty premium. If there is any gain after purchase, i will treat it as extra bonus.
  4. Likely VF, but a picture showing full obverse n reverse would be help.
  5. Yes, it is mentioned mintage limit 5k for 2020 gold in Royal Mint site before, coz that's why i first bought it. However, just go through RM site, it is not found also.
  6. Agree, especially with internet nowadays, price wil go to the market price eventuality I think the VAT is on top of auctioneer premium only, but i didn't check n participate any RM auction before.
  7. RM old coinages are all very expensive comparing with outside n auction house, and they even do not have a picture to show the exact coin they are selling with such premium. I remember I asked for a photo by email years ago, and they just reply sorry nothing is able to provide, in case you are not satisfied you can simply return it...customer service nowadays, ha.
  8. Why have to buy at ebay, in view it is more expensive than reputable dealers n with stocks
  9. Pay now at ebay but with no stock by seller, money takeaway, and seller disappeared...sound like a scam at ebay😅
  10. Sovereign proof max mintage is 23160, where are the others apart from 3 and 4 coin set. Something else reserved to launch on coronation next year? Same question🤣, but i think most dealers don't have it.
  11. No idea, but i didn't login to my account when click the item
  12. In Android version site, it's also 6 weeks, so a perfect present for 2023 Christmas 🤣
  13. Like the Godless n Standing Britannia Florin so much, which to me are one of the best designs of predecimal coins...your Victoria shilling are nice too ...thanks for sharing, cheers.
  14. Their customer service is as disappointed as other Royal Mint services...i asked a simple question about bracelet size through email, but not a single reply after a week
  15. LPM have it https://www.lpm.hk/en/banner22/modern-masters-jody-clark-st-george-and-the-dragon-series.html
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