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  1. Yes, i received mine yesterday, and it looks very good and i think it's better than the pictures at RM. A lovely one to hold for a long period of time IMO.
  2. For Canadian coins, the 1967 Dollar is my favorite...simple but beautiful. For UK, Victoria Godless Florin, young head Halfcrown and Edward Britannia Florin are my choice. How about you jenden?
  3. 1 more 1960 half dollar, while all other 50 cents on hand are modern and not silver.
  4. Here are Canadian silver coins in my collection.
  5. Not feel comfortable for those letters on obverse side when you comparing with the one in RM. I will not go for it. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-sovereigns/1893-victoria-5-sovereign-vf/
  6. Design of this series by Perth Mint is usually quite good. But for the one in year 2021, as well as the Swan, it's a bit disappointed.
  7. Bruce06


    Not return absolutely. By the way, is it talking about the different reverse of Una and the Lion 2021 silver received before?
  8. Not yet taking picture of my existing coins. I walk into a coin shop and grab a set today but it's nickel only.
  9. I will only consider to slab the coin if I decide to sell it. If the coin is for my own enjoyment, I will opt for a raw one as it use to cost less than a graded one. Also, I can buy few more coins with the save of money, which means more enjoyment.😉
  10. Hi Alun, would like to know if the QB 1oz silver proof box is still available? Thanks.
  11. A gorgeous set. One question don't know if it's correct place to ask, may I know where to get the display box like this? As I also would like to appreciate the whole beautiful set in 1 single box.
  12. I didn't take pictures of my coins before. Will try to take some and upload during the upcoming holiday.
  13. Agree this approach, take all your pictures and send mail to EIC. But don't send back your coin at this moment. On the other hand, it seems not yet announce the 2021 Una BU version, so unable to cross-check the reverse design, but not sure whether there will be one in this year.
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