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  1. I misunderstand and think you are joking about the pricing😅....stupid me
  2. Maybe they are a bit busy for auction coming Sunday?
  3. Yea, as long as an item is making money, RM will definitely go for it. For example the QB series, you think it's over after 10, then there is a completer. Maybe there will be a completer of completer later. By the way, i still think the 2022 sovereign will surely be very very popular, and I will also try to get one if possible.
  4. Lion of England, Red Dragon of Wales are always my favorite of this series.
  5. Astonishing, i think everyone would love to have. Better to view it in person, if allow, with such a sizeable amount of purchase.
  6. The 2020 Brumby was sold out very quickly in last year, and premium is very high now, so I didn't get 1. And that's why I am undecided whether to buy the 2021 Brumby.
  7. Perth for me as well, and love the Swan series, though this year is a bit disappointed😅
  8. Bruce06

    1912 Halfcrown

    Think so too...When I watched last night, I can't believe it's going beyond 200. There's another lot of 1912 Halfcrown yesterday after the one of £440, also sold at £300. With £440, I may buy 2 Victoria Florin or a decent 1849 Penny😛
  9. Bruce06

    1912 Halfcrown

    This lot of 1912 Halfcrown was sold at over 400 yesterday😲. Is it too expensive? https://www.dnw.co.uk/auction-archive/lot-archive/lot.php?lot_uid=399354
  10. A super nice Crown that everyone would love to have. Regarding the milk spot, it seems not usually observe in old coin (or maybe I'm wrong). Is it actually covered by toning or patina over time?
  11. Lovely beautiful sets inside the cabinet.
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