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  1. Seem to be encountering a server not responding / server not found error when trying to load the forum on IPad using IOS 12.4.9. Have tried clearing cookies etc, checking WiFi and loading the forum on IPhone. It works fine on the phone. Other websites load ok too on the IPad.
  2. Anyone else get a security message when trying to access The Coin Connections website?
  3. I hope the design is better than that too. That would make a good set. Not sure about the redating and no new / slight change in the design. Only time will tell what they decide to do.
  4. Fingers crossed it is. Will be interesting to see the final design and see how it compares to the Isaac Newton 50p.
  5. Received this in an email this afternoon from RM. Conviently they haven't given a time when it is released.
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