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  1. dark room, when i had lights on it made the coin exposure blow out
  2. There was no flash, all light were off I set to 1 sec exposure trying to get the look I wanted. thanks for the focus peaking stuff, just watched a video and set focus peaking high and colour red, it’s great for identifying what I want. remember I only had camera a month and I shoot in manual only, I don’t like the unit making my choices so I learn by error.
  3. yea I always wanted to get sharp pictures of some of my coins, i am impressed with it.
  4. I was playing with my new camera seeing what I can do, The panda coin is a bittle blurred but otherwise everything is looking pretty good
  5. I agree on the food thing, I try not to be one of those "preppers" who have a room full of food but every time I goto the store I pick up a couple can extra and it soon builds up.
  6. the belief is deflation before inflation, With the government touting "the lockdown will end when the science shows its time" tells us they are not planning on ending the lockdown anytime soon. The longer this goes on the worse the shockwave will be in the 2+ years following. Some believe real estate is a good move but I can't see how, so many people cannot pay mortgages due to losing jobs and when the lockdown ends there is no guarantee that they will all get his/her job back and even how they will be forced to pay what they owe on top of the "emergency loans" they have been given. On top of this I can't see many people in a rush to try and buy a house after this event no matter how sexy the banks make the loans look. I like gold and I like silver and I also love Bitcoin, If I am to follow buffets philosophy I am going to be buying more bitcoin when it starts to "crash" in the following few weeks as I suspect people will start to learn about bitcoin as they start to come out of this global event seeing gold and silver hard to obtain, just my theory. I do like XMR but I am still struggling on how I can keep the private keys as there is a lot of hoop jumping to get it on my ledger nano S, But I do think the privacy aspect will gain it a lot of traction in the near future
  7. I wonder if in 4 years I will look back and ask "why didn't I buy?"
  8. I am aware that my post comes across as "if you only knew what I know" but I don't intend it as that. I am just posting something that people who understand what the blockchain around bitcoin is capable of. I don't have any patience for a debate over something like bitcoin or blockchain or the future of it. Maybe I lose everything maybe I don't. If anyone wants to know anything about bitcoin/blockchain you are better learning from Andreas M. Antonopoulos as he knows 99.9% more than i could ever understand.
  9. I watched an interview with Dan Held (was involved with bitcoin pre £10 bitcoin and creator of Kraken exchange) and his theory's of the genesis bitcoin that Satoshi owns. We know Satoshi held onto his whitepaper idea till the perfect time showed itself, right in the middle of the 2008 crisis. He/She/They have managed to remain anonymous and have shown extremely good patience, what if (the theory) in the worst collapse Satoshi offers the genesis bitcoins to say USA government to pay off the debt at the time. This would be a some 4D chess move that would have a psychological check-mate move that would have the population asking "why are they not accepting the bitcoin offer" which would already have the population that already would have no faith in the fiat system at that point or they accept the bitcoin bailout and won't be any longer attacking bitcoin as they are holding onto it/selling it to cover the debt. Disclaimer: Before anyone responds that bitcoin at current price would not cover a USA debt of trillions, please don't as I don't have time to explain how it would work with the genesis blocks and you already don't understand how bitcoin works.
  10. I agree with the stock market, I think anyone is incredibly brave to get involved with stock market while we are in this never seen in history events happening, the amount being printed and the amount of unemployed and a GDP to defect levels as they are. Who knows, maybe the central banks can make this work but judging from history I don't have a lot of faith.
  11. Scared money don't make money, as they say. I am going to double down on my bitcoin I think, I own half of a bitcoin which I paid £1440 for. I am at a profit and have been since I obtained it but now I am thinking to get a whole bitcoin, a nice round number. Metals are going to take a back burner for a while as metals are my pension and crypto is my "investments" One thing I am taking away from all what is happening is, Bitcoin does not need any bailouts and when the audits come for the paper gold and silver I think we are going to see an interesting game of musical chairs. Only my opinion, if I knew all the answers I would be rich.
  12. I think when gold hit £1200 per oz I started to get to that point. I am going to wait a month after lockdown to see which way the wind is blowing and start stacking again regardless of price, This way I can take comfort in knowing I didn't get caught up in the FOMO and I took a back seat for a while. I don't think it would sting as much if gold/silver prices dropped in 6 months.
  13. Yea, I am thinking of stacking gold only due to the premiums on silver, I did ask Mike Maloney what does he think someone should put money into if they only had little cash and his reply was "ratio, ratio, ratio" but I can't justify paying £6+ premiums. I am putting the fear of missing out aside and trying to focus on safe money and it keeps coming back to gold. My goal before this was 500oz silver and 5oz gold, I didn't make my goal I guess the question is, will gold stocks(physical) get worse or better? Better stocks will reduce fear and demand and lower premiums but if there is a long lasting shortage then it is anyone's guess. Like I said I am removing all emotions of fear or greed and trying to buy when it makes sense.
  14. I am unsure if deflation/stagflation will happen before inflation. From what I can gather things will look healthy until market velocity picks up sending the GDP into a spiral?
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