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  1. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Happy to hear a different sound about them though. I think the main issue (for me personally anyway) is communication. I work in the service industry for a while and I value communication and transparency very highly. Hearing plenty negative experiences around the communication and ''vague'' answers, I think it is just not the one for me. I am a sucker for the things I order, sometimes I get all giddy-giddy and can't wait for the order to arrive. I can't imagine the stress I would get from not knowing what is happening with my order and not hearing a
  2. Biggest difference would be in VAT. Disregarding that 20% VAT from UK dealers, I'm finding the average price from UK dealers about 27-29 EUR for your average 1oz silver coin (Brits, Phillie). Comparing that to the European mint, they are currently advertising a 2021 Brit for 24,75 EUR, 2021 Phillie for 24.05 EUR, so I'd say it's about a 10-15% difference.
  3. That's it. + 2 / 3% more at another dealer for the confidence that your items are delivered as such AND you can actually communicate with them, sounds like a good deal to me 😄. My go to dealers atm are European mint (mainly for silver though) and BBP (mainly for singular purchases like a sov or 1/4 oz gold). I placed an order yesterday with Europa Bullion, the forum members are of good opinion about them. So far so good!
  4. Hi there and welcome to the forum! Also, great start with a 1oz gold of your stacking journey! That is unfortunate, but I would say it doesn't matter all too much since the coin you purchased is not necessarily a coin that would already hold a premium. 1oz gold is 1oz gold, I think you'll still be able to sell it for 1-2% above spot price once you want to get rid of it. Plenty of people don't mind a slightly damaged coin for a good price. There's quite some dealers that offer ''best value'' coins, which are usually coins like yours, no longer in perfect condition. That doesn't deter
  5. I've heard mainly negative things about them, especially in terms of communication. A friend of mine waited 4/5 weeks for an order he placed (nothing too fancy but it was about 800 EUR in value) which then came in two separate deliveries. In the end, he got all his stuff, but he was worried about the total lack of communication and if anything really frustrated that he couldn't get in touch with them properly. I am sorry to hear about your experience, at least you got refunded. I am of the opinion that paying slightly more at other (more reputable) dealers is fine, I'd consider it a deale
  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback and experience, much appreciated. @StephenEB Looks like you won yourself another customer today, I'll be placing an order this evening :)
  7. Hi everyone, I usually get gold coins from Bullion by post. I know their premiums are on a higher end but for single purchases I'm not too bothered since it includes free shipping and they are very diligent in my experience. Due to Brexit though, they haven't been able to deliver in Ireland for a while. I was looking around the forum and found https://europabullion.com/ . Can anyone tell me their experience with them? If there's some positive feedback around this I may place an order there instead. Thank you! Alex
  8. Update 13/01 - All coins SOLD, closed topic. Thank you to all of you reaching out and showing interest. All the best, Alex
  9. Hi Tony, Thanks for your interest, I've PM'ed you. Best, Alex
  10. Hey Scuba, There's a thread in the forum where this is being discussed. I found a ''semi'' answer for you there where someone talks about their experience with buying silver from the US. Have a look: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/42398-the-future-of-silver-vat-and-import-charges-into-the-uk-now-a-deal-has-been-done/page/12/ Best, Alex
  11. I am not familiar with the machine you are using, but I will say that I agree with Silenceissilver in that 98.something % is way off of what it should be. Minute errors that I have experienced would be a purity of 99.9% (in one case 99.5%) instead of the advertise 99.99%. This usually has to do with minute transfers of other metals (usually residue) on a coin. Being off about 1.5 - 2 % seems to be too much. I would think that it may have to do with the machine since I don't really see the ''benefit'' of counterfeiting gold coins by still using 98% 24K gold... Have you tested the machine w
  12. Welcome to the forum Jon, loads of friendly and knowledgeable people here so feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  13. Thanks for checking that out Dicker, no luck it seems then. Did they give any specific reasons in the correspondence as to why they don't sell the blanks within the consumer market? Cheers
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