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  1. Bump - Prices went up, but keeping the same selling price for the lot at 72 EUR (+post), which at this time (10:30am UK) is slightly below spot price.
  2. No luck for me so far. I am also unable to find anything remotely similar featuring Robert the bruce (either very old coinage or modern commemoratives that do not share similarity). Reverse image searching on Google also did not return anything similar to it. Is there any further information on the rim of the coin/medal? It may be that you have a medal (for lack of denomination) that is not well known, perhaps created by a private mint or something similar.
  3. You are very welcome, hope you find something nice in there!
  4. Hi, It's a bit difficult to say just based on these pictures. Often you would be able to identify it pretty quickly just by the feel of the weight of the coin - silver is heavier than metal alloys like cupronickel and if you've had a silver coin in hand before, you tend to notice the difference straight away. This is not always the case with lower purity coins (think <50% silver coins) and can be tough if you haven't really handled silver before. One of the way I usually check is by searching for the designated coin on Numista. A way to search is to Google some coin specifications and add ''numista'' at the end, which usually sends any Numista page right to the top of the search results. For instance, on the picture I see a loose coin (bottom right) that says ''twentieth anniversary of coronation - two dollars 1973''. Search for that on Google and add ''numista'' at the end, and here goes your search result: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces15743.html So that specific coin seems to be silver, 25.7g of .925 to be precise. The only thing left then is to make sure that what you have on the table is the same as on the numista page; sometimes commemorative coins are created in both PM and non-PM, so things like weighing the coin or a diameter measurement comes in handy to confirm if you are not quite sure. It's a bit of a job but it's fairly accurate in lieu of actual testing with a device (like a sigma tester). Hope that helps!
  5. Hello Forum, Clearing out some items. Up for sale this round: 1995 10 Gulden - Beatrix, Hugo de Groot. 15g of 0.800 silver. 12g fine - 10 EUR - 9 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7963.html 1996 10 Gulden - Beatrix Jan Steen. 15g of 0.800 silver. 12g fine - 10 EUR - 9 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7964.html 1997 10 Gulden - Beatrix, George Marshall. 15g of 0.800 silver. 12g fine 10 EUR - 9 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7965.html 1956 1 gulden - 6.5g of .720 silver 4.68g fine - 4 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces737.html 1961 2 1/2 gulden (2x) - 15g of .720 silver. 10.8g fine - 9 EUR - 8 EUR each- https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces4130.html 1970 10 gulden - Liberation (2x) 25g of .720 silver. 18g fine - 16 EUR - 14.00 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7946.html 1973 10 gulden - anniversary of reign. 25g of .720 silver. 18g fine - 16 EUR - 14.00 EUR - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7947.html PACKAGE DEAL - Buy all for (105.48g fine) 72 EUR (spot) + Post of your choice & risk. Shipping from Ireland. Aim to dispatch within 48 hours of payment received. Payment in EUR or equivalent in GBP through Revolut or BT. All of these coins are in a poor condition, please see pictures Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  6. Definitely a shame. Some of the gold designs look amazing and this is a series that in terms of quality is really strong. The detail on background of the coins are so tight, it really is a piece of art as opposed to the majority of bullion and slightly premium coins nowadays. I hope the SA mint will reconsider.
  7. Welcome! So one of the things to definitely consider is also the liquidity of your purchases, considering that your current stacking strategy of getting the cheapest ones (this may change over time, neither is right or wrong imo). What is important either way is the liquidity of your stack. Say you have some bills to pay and you need to sell of some of your holdings, can you do this without issues? Certain coins are recognized around the world and will give you no trouble when it comes to sell, thinking of Britannia's, Philharmonikers, Kurgerrands, and to an extent i think the Goddess Europa and Bull&bear coin will be fine as well Keeping in mind that you may have to sell when you don't want to, make sure you actually can sell part of your holdings. If you were to get certain silver pieces that are hard to shift, you may run into some issues. It's for this reason that I would stay away from bigger sizes initially. 1oz, 50g's or 100gs will be fine, but maybe shy away from the 10oz + sizes for the time being. On a side note, I'll say that Europabullion and the Europeanmint are good for silver purchases. Europabullion is quicker in terms of delivery, but both have a good stock of items and are trust worthy. I have not purchased any items from Goldsilver.be, so I can't comment on that. All the best, Alex
  8. The time is always right to do something new, welcome to the forum!
  9. Thats not great news. Can I ask you where you heard that from; was it on the reply of the email that you sent?
  10. I can confirm that the service from them is really good. They currently also have an option for deferred shipping so you can make (i think it's up to 5) orders in a 3 month period to be packed and shipped together in order to save on shipping. Not sure if they offer that for UK clients as well but worth to check out.
  11. Well if it is genuine, you may have struck an absolute bargain. I would be a tad worried because of it though, the whole ''if it seems to good to be true'' type thing, but that doesn't mean you can strike gold sometimes. @Leonmarshhas a good taste in nice and older world coins, though I don't know if this is up his alley. Fingers crossed, I really hope for you it turns out to be genuine!
  12. Hi Bixley, From my (relatively limited) research, this coin is very hard to obtain. I have seen two examples of coins being sold via a german dealer, one in a bit nicer grade was listed for around £16.000 and one that is slightly more comparable to your example here for about £10,500. I am not sure if that was their actual sale price but you can find them here for reference: https://www.ma-shops.com/stuecker/item.php?id=2194 https://www.ma-shops.com/stuecker/item.php?id=999 There was one listed on ebay very recently but the sale has been ''ended'', which I'm not sure it means if it sold. Either way, that was listed for 19.500 EUR (about £16.500). Additionally I have seen a sale put up on a German dealer site for £8.800, though it does state ''Currently unavailable) All in all, I think it's relatively safe to say that this coin doesn't really come up for less £8000-£10000. definitely a valuable piece you have over there. ** Edit - Based on the premise that this coin is indeed genuine, I did not check for that, rather just for reference. I am not knowledgable enough to confirm it's genuine or not. ** All the best,
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