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  1. Got a couple of these in yesterday. Waiting for the capsules to arrive because ofc I didn't order them immediately 😅.
  2. I like this design, but it reminds me of the 2020 Quokka coin they released. Design looked great but upon acquiring one, it was kinda disappointing. Though the quokka had a higher mintage, 50.000 I think. The quokka carried a very high premium at the time so I would expect this to come in at anywhere between 60-80% over spot.
  3. 1/20oz (or even the phillie 1/25oz) is just a tad too small in my opinion. I try to keep my gold around sov's or 1/4oz's and up, though I have considered adding a couple of half sovs and 1/10oz Krugs. For premium coins like lunar or Australian nuggets, I'd definitely want a bit more body to the coin so you can decently appreciate the design. Maybe I just have poor eyesight, a friend of mine has a 1g panda coin and I couldn't really see the details.
  4. To an extent I agree, however there's a difference between silver prices and physical silver prices. I think no one is too happy with the high premiums we are seeing nowadays, but in the same respect, loads of people are buying at the moment. From that I derive that the demand is high enough that people are willing to pay these prices to own their silver physically. I currently tend to stay away from bullion pieces and purchase either gold or silver pieces that already carry a premium, as they haven't risen as much relatively to bullion coins. About 18 months ago I could buy Brits / Krugs for
  5. You're most welcome! I'm not sure what you refer to as ''the stock'', silver & gold purchases via revolut are in the ''commodity'' section if you open the app and click the ''wealth'' icon. Best of luck, I think it has potential over the short/medium term.
  6. Hi Marc, I have used Revoluts' services for Crypto investments and it works in a similar way where the assests are held by another company in Revoluts name. Though you have the ability to buy and sell 24/7 which is nice. I'm not sure how their commodity feature works, but I would expect it to work in a similar fashion, perhaps not having the ability of buy and sell 24/7, but rather trading hours during the week. I don't think any VAT can be applicable considering this would be paper silver. Unless it states somewhere in the T&C that you can request your stake in Silver physically
  7. Beautiful! My package is in transit, hopefully end of next week I can welcome these to my stack!
  8. Absolutely. If the price (and listing) reflects the fact that it's Bullion and/or cleaned, that's fine. It does not affect the intrinsic value of the metal.
  9. I'd second Robda's comment there in the sense that a premium membership is very beneficial if you are looking to buy (and sell) on the forum. The good deals here get snapped up quickly, I've genuinely seen some of the good deals here being completed within 1-2 hours. I started off with a silver membership few months back and in my opinion, that's when the ''full'' potential of the forum is unlocked. 8 EUR (6 or 7 GBP) is definitely worth it for me. You could always post a wanted topic in the buy section for the UK trading area: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/13-united-kingdom
  10. Only if you assume risk on postage Foster 😉 .
  11. Limited edition Platinum sov's incoming?
  12. Just wondering, would you guys in the UK also be hit with these tax charges if you were to purchase second-hand from Europe, i.e. from the forum here?
  13. Alex944


    I think you're very much in your right to decline sending this back. Out of curiosity, could you share pictures of the coin? Curious to see what the error looks like.
  14. Though I fully agree with you and making it one of the reasons why I currently favor gold, silver coins for about 26-30 £ are selling without issues, at least here on the forum. That indicates that perhaps silver is slightly undervalued, as plenty of people seem to be willing to pay a 30-40% premium over current spot price. In my opinion, gold is currently still the better buy. Perhaps in about a year from now, the world has resumed to somewhat normal (referring to mining and logistics) and we'll see a drop in the premiums. Whether or not the spot price of silver will go down is a pure gu
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