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  1. Hi Frank, there is/was a series of 8x 10oz qb for sale on the EU sales thread, priced at 1500€ (1260£). I believe it hasn't sold yet but someone did pm the seller. these weren’t boxed. so a full set that is boxed, perhaps more towards the 1950-2000€ range (1600-1680£) would be reasonable? I feel that may be slightly on the lower end though. hope everything is ok since you stated you need to sell. In any case, GLWS!
  2. Cool! Asking for a friend then, where does one purchase silver bullion from Belgium without having VAT applied which isnt second hand market?
  3. That's a nice setup and great result of the photo's Dave!
  4. I don't know if this played into the price itself, but I noticed that since the introduction of VAT across the EU (read that as Estonia was finally forced to enforce VAT on silver) in early July, spot for silver specifically dipped about 10%, though the price of purchasing physical silver has stayed relatively similar. Perhaps that's just a price adjustment in the sense that the buying power required for silver stays relatively similar than before VAT introduction. This is specific to EU market though, I don't know if that'd cause an effect on the global silver price, but in terms of buying physical silver from dealers, prices haven't changed that much.
  5. Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum! Already sitting at over a kilo of silver is no mean feat. ''Small time'' or not, that's definitely a symptom of the stackers bug. Good luck kicking that habit General consensus on collectable silver coins is... mainly opinion! In my opinion, the absolute majority of the time they are not worth it as an investment. For every collectable that increases in value, there'll be dozens of examples that dropped against their original RRP at the time of sale. So as in investment probably not. However, if you absolutely love the coin and enjoy it... then it may absolutely be the right buy for you! I'm sure a lot of the UK folks can give you better insights on the RM collectables as that's not a world that I am currently involved in. Few things to often keep in mind when making your purchases (or at least I do) : - Ask yourself why you are buying. Is it for your own collection? Is it with the intent to sell for a profit (investment) or hold for longer term before selling? - Do you know how and where to sell according to your strategy? Do you know how to sell if you were forced to due to life circumstances? Silver and gold are great, but push comes to shove, don't necessarily cover your bills if you'd had to do so urgently. When it comes to stacking, it helped me to put in some boundaries for my purchases to keep aligned with my stacking goal. When it comes to collecting I am more liberal in terms of the prices I pay for coins; I am personally OK with ''over paying'' a few %'s for pieces that I add to my long term collection; I have no intention of selling them anytime soon, so for me that doesn't matter too much. Sometimes I buy coins with the purpose of re-selling or trading in the future. When that's the case, price is important. It can be hard sometimes to make the right calls and I have made plenty of mistakes in that sense. I tend to see that as me paying for a lesson I'd argue that stacking and collecting is quite a personal journey, in the sense that objectives and opportunities are different per person. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing and are able to add to your stack/collection in a debt-free manner, you are (in my opinion) always on the right track. Have a prosperous day yourself! All the best, Alex
  6. It's a valid topic to raise. I have a 1/2 oz krugerrand which I am fond of, but I do feel like in the future I'd prefer to get 2 x 1/4 oz over 1 x 1/2 oz. In terms of premiums I don't think it makes that much of a difference between 1/4 and 1/2. What does make a big difference is the liquidity of the two. I do believe it easier to sell 1/4 oz than it is to sell 1/2 oz. Is probably true. In my native language we have a saying that's something like '' too big for the napkin, too small for the tablecloth '', which I'll liberally translate into ''too expensive for smaller stackers, not interesting enough for bigger stackers''. I'd also say that it's kinda also a supply thing; you'll find series of coins in 1/10 and 1/4 very often, intricate / interesting designs. However, 1/2 usually just comes in the form of bullion or slightly more premium but not extraordinary type series (lunar years, Panda's,), which I presume also limits the interest of collectors in these fractions. That's just my opinion. Be all and end all, it's nice to have at least one of the 1/2 oz's for perspective.
  7. Just for my clarification (since I intend to send world silver coins, so no Euro/Pound/Dollar denomination), you take face value based on denomination converted to $? Very sorry to hear that, but thank you for sharing that with me. I'll make sure to tape this up properly I have to agree, but I think there's a reason behind the face values being present and low: 1) giving a precious metal coin face value avoids profit margin taxes when it comes to selling (at least in the EU), since it is technically currency. 2) They give them very low denominations to prevent loss of value. I don't recall this exactly but I'm pretty sure there was a police/court case in the UK because someone had a couple of those 50 pound and 100 pound silver coins (which at some stage, the value of the silver dipped below the denomination) and used them to pay for their gas. The employee of the gas station actually called the cops on that person (thinking it was fake money) and there was a whole case around it. Perhaps someone can link that article as I've read about it before on the forum. Giving reasonable/realistic denominations to the silver coins is harmful in the long run when the fiat currency that is denominated loses or gains opposed to the actual silver content of that coins. I'd also say it's a nice way of educating your nieces. In my enthusiasm for coin collecting, I've also gifted coins to multiple people, but I've come to the realization that most people do not appreciate it as much because they don't fully understand what it is. It was a lot of fun to explain this to my niece and nephew, but it definitely landed on deaf-mans ears in some other scenario's. Thanks again for sharing your insights and experiences everyone, I do appreciate it.
  8. This is very true. Though I'll say that in my experience, bullionbypost is good for singular items; often a single piece there with ''free shipping'' is price better than a single piece from a different dealer that doesn't have shipping included yet. From my experience (being in Ireland so still in the EU), shipping is usually between 30-40 Euro. However, if you're buying more than one piece, that ''free shipping'' included in the bullionbypost prices starts to add up, so I usually do purchases of multiple items through a different venue. Also, congrats on getting your hands on your first few coins! Stacking and collecting is a journey. Mistakes will be made, deals will be missed, but it is definitely rewarding in the long run.
  9. @pillowcat2012 If I were in your position, I’d agree with Lawrence in terms of writing to ebay. Moreover, I’d actually go on LinkedIn (if you have a profile there)and see if you can try and find someone in the upper management chain and message them directly. i’ve done this before (to An post rather than Ebay) in a situation where parcels from the UK kept being declined by customs. I reached out to a director at An post and after a few messages it turns out that they had a break in their declaration process for UK senders and that got fixed. not the same issue, but I do feel like if you’re just fighting against the bureaucratic system, it sometimes helps a lot to reach out to someone directly. sorry for your loss in this case, but a valuable experience either way.
  10. I am based in Republic of Ireland and in April, I did send over some silver to someone in the UK. Now this was classified as ''collectable numismatics'' (world silver coins, not silver bullion) and as far as I am aware, he did not have to pay any customs charges or VAT. The package went from Dublin, Ireland into Wales. I will say though that it's likely he didn't get any charges because the value was rather small (talking about 30£ worth, 2 coins), I'd imagine that higher declared values may be treated differently. Additionally, I think (emphasize think) that the legislation between ROI and NI allows for goods to be sent between them without additional tariffs or custom charges. So I wonder if the sequence of ''Order from EU mainland --> send to Ireland --> send to NI --> send to UK mainland '' would allow for circumventing additional custom charges and or VAT. However, adding an extra step adds time and shipping costs as well, so I'm not sure if that'd make sense in the grand scheme of things. I can confirm that there are no VAT charges for items shipped from EU mainland to Republic of Ireland other than the sales VAT you pay on check out, at least based on my experience.
  11. Thanks a ton @sixgun, i appreciate that a lot. I am based in Ireland (republic) so i’ll have to sort out the customs form with An Post respectively, but the info you posted above should also be relevant for that. thanks again!
  12. Hi forum, one of my friends who lives in the US recently became a dad for the first time and as a small present i want to send 3 silver coins to him as a birth gift. These are all currency world coins (so no 999fs or constitutional). does anyone have any experience in terms of the customs process for sending silver coinage to the US? Will he be slapped with somE import/customs charges? I couldnt find much info online. Im of course happy to cover these costs but wondering if he has to pay them to get the package delivered. hoping perhaps someone has experience with this I appreciate your inputs! all the best
  13. Though I argue the case that fractions are ''better'' than a full 1oz, having a 1oz coin is a feat of it's own. If you can afford it and are happy to do so, having at least one of them would be great (really, it's just a different feeling holding a 1oz vs 4x 1/4oz in your hand).
  14. I personally stick with smaller fractions (sovs, 1/4 and an occassional 1/2) mainly for liquidity / ease of use. In my experience its been easier to liquidate as opposed to 1oz, but it of course depend on yor strategy. I’ve been on the end of selling both quantities and selling sovs on second hand is a lot easier than 1oz coins (I take it that price and trust play a role in this). Of course 1oz can be sold at any dealer but the prices may be lower than expected. i’d also argue that smaller fractions are more obtainable based on price and are therefore appealing to a wider audience. I guess it also depends on your environment. eitherway, buying gold is still worth it regardless of the fraction depending on how long you’ll hold. If the idea is 10++ years, i think you cant go wrong with any faction between 1/10 and 1oz. In my opinion of course
  15. Sold pending payment
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