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  1. Thank you @arphethean, I do appreciate it. I'm a little apprehensive at the moment with ordering things from the UK into Ireland. On two recent occasions, items were held by Irish customs (Even though properly declared by UK sender) and then after about a week it would be sent back to the sender. Though in both occasions the items were indeed returned, it's a bit stressful to go through. However, if you did not have any issues with sending items to Ireland (or EU in general) recently, we can definitely discuss!
  2. Hello everyone, I was out on Holiday a couple of weeks back and while there, I found a nice antique shop in which I spend quite some time going over some older world coins. Where I live, antique shops tend not to have old coins and local coin shops just aren't really a thing. I got back with a nice little bag filled with goodies, and among them are two half crowns in pretty good condition from 1940 and 1941. Though I had no intention of starting to collect them, I noticed that there's a nice small date run that I can look out for, being from 1937-1946. My question is though - what is a decent place to source such coins? Unfortunately it'll be very tough for me to find them in a shop here, so I'll most likely have to resort to buying them online. I am not a big fan of Ebay for a variety of reasons and my usual dealers don't sell this type of older coins, so was hoping perhaps someone on the forum here has a recommendation of a place that I could check. Appreciate any information shared!
  3. Alex944


    The dragon bars are definitely something to get excited for. I think anyone into the stacking/collecting game still has that excitement for their purchases. If you don't feel it, it's probably not the right purchase
  4. Early on in my stacking journey the best advise I had was ''know your exit strategy before buying something'' and that is really something to take into consideration. Gold and silver will always sell at a price, the question is only if you are happy with the price for which it sells. So in terms of purchases, if you are planning to hold for a considerable period of time (10+ years I'd say), it really doesn't matter that much what you buy as long as you enjoy it. Now I've been dabbling a bit in buying silver/gold, and than trading off one of the two in favour of the other. In that regard, the higher liquidity the better, so sticking with popular bullion coins (Brits, Krugs, (half)sov's) is the way to go in my opinion. I've also bought a few premium / collectable pieces for ''investment' purposes and I found it incredibly hard to shift them when I tried, despite some of these coins being absolutely amazing! But it taught me a good lesson about considering my purchases better. These have now been added to the long term stack and I'll figure out what to do with them in the years to come. Bottom line really: 1) Know your exit strategy before buying 2) Short term buys - popular coins that are highly liquid 3) Long term buys - basically buy whatever you fancy 4) Enjoy the hobby either way.
  5. It's a good train of thought really, though I'd argue that the last major change has been the technology/digital revolution. With all the amazing benefits it has brought us, like instant communication across countries and continents, healthcare developments etc, it is also partly the cause of a lot of issues we face nowadays. It brings a lot more control to governing bodies (RIP privacy) and it's also a huge tool of <negative> influence (i.e. social media campaigns that influence big decisions and events) which is not something we've seen before.
  6. Was able to pick up some coins from an antique shop while on holiday. These two are particularly nice in my opinion
  7. After 1/10oz, 1/4oz and 1oz first time getting my hands on a 1/2 oz coin, courtesy of @EuropaBullion
  8. I think it'll work if you create a topic straight from the UK Ungraded section here: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/13-united-kingdom-ungraded/ Click on the green ''Start new Topic'' button and you should be fine. Alternatively, you should be able to create it directly with this link: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/13-united-kingdom-ungraded/?do=add Good luck & hope you'll find what you are looking for!
  9. Alex944

    Bullion by post

    BBP is definitely good. Yes a bit more pricey, but sometimes a couple more £ in return for a piece of mind / a coin you may not be able to source from elsewhere can be worth it.
  10. It's hard to say what the best series/coins are as there are multiple facets that can come in to play. Queens beasts was (is) a great series, resonated with a lot of people, high collectability, and it won't be difficult to sell them once the time comes. I am personally of the opinion that should you look to hold for 20+ years anyway, it doesn't matter that much. Collect what you enjoy is probably the best advise I can give in that sense. It's important to be able to enjoy your stack if you are holding for long term, so dab your toes in some different designs and series and see what you enjoy. You can always get rid of the ones you don't enjoy as much as use the proceeds of those sales to fund coins/series that you do like! In terms of rarities, this is a great resource to check: https://en.numista.com/ It will show you all standard specifications (weight, purity, composition, rarity index) and can be really helpful. Enjoy the journey!
  11. Alex944

    Silver Selling

    Definitely not delusional, but I'd be weary of seeing an ad on ebay for a set of 24oz 999 silver for less than spot. Unfortunately ebay is littered with fakes and dodgy listings, so it may not be the best avenue to sell this particular set. I'd say that if you put it up on the forum for less than spot, it'll be gone within a day.
  12. Alex944


    Nothing Ultra about the rear of this coin imo. You'd think that for very rare coins you'd at least try to give some information. Why does it note 1787-1799 if the picture indicates 1788. I hope people won't fall for this one but you'll never know I guess
  13. Yup, ordered a couple of these when they were released and very happy with the design/quality considering it's a low premium coin. Looking forward to that October release then!
  14. Tough to tell from the pictures. I am not well versed in the sound testing of coins, but I guess it's not weird that a sov has a different sound, considering the different purity (22ct vs 24ct). @stefffana knows some more about sound testing I think, perhaps he can share some knowledge here.
  15. Nice! I saw a video from a guitar youtuber trying out one of these picks, but his one looked different and was a 5g or 10g one from memory. Is that a full 1oz pick? In terms of the telecaster and stratocaster coins; they're quite cool, but I've never been a fan of coloured coins like that. Can't see a price on the website because it's sold out, but I'd imagine they go for quite a hefty premium.
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