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  1. Hi, There's a few things it could be, though I'm not 100% sure whether or not that is a B stamp: - A lot of metals are stamped with a letter to indicate the year in which it was assayed. Though there is a difference between how a usual stamp look compared to what is on the mount. Usually, these stamps would be marked by a small rectangle, it would look similar to something like this: It could also be an indication of the quality of the plating done on the base metal. You can find some information on that here: http://www.silvercollection.it/dictionarysilverplatesymbols.html It may be worth getting it tested if you're really curious, just because the stamp seems to differ from what it usually looks like. Good luck and curious to hear the result, should you go for testing!
  2. 1) 577 2) I suppose you could say that these pellets are to me what asparagus are - not my taste, not for my palate.
  3. The reason the prices are currently high relate to the pandemic. Early march there was a crash, silver down to 11 EUR/oz or something. Shortly after that, the prices all increased massively by added premiums, because so many countries went on lockdown. Dealers were unable to reliable source and producers were not able to mint their product. Now that we are couple of months past that, things have slowly been reducing as countries reopen and all that, but you'll still find most bullion grade silver (which in ''usual'' times don't hold much of a premium) hitting 20-30% over spot at the moment. I do believe that in the coming 3-6 months or so, it will go back to a more reasonable price between spot and purchase price. I feel (and I think many others) that now is not a good time to purchase bullion grade silver because it is unlikely that the current premiums on it will hold. Of course, you should definitely do what makes sense to you and what fits your strategy. I would probably purchase less for a couple of months, maybe stacking some cash to front load for a bigger purchase once prices are reasonable again. You can also look into some higher premium coins, as those values have not increased as drastically and are more likely to hold their premium over a longer period of time. Again, what ever feels right for you and fits your strategy. Best of luck!
  4. Nice stack you got going! I think that the high premiums on silver bullion will come down sooner than you may think. A few weeks ago, Silver Britannia's would be around 22-24 Euro with the Silver oz price being around 15-16 Euro. Now you can find them for around 20 Euro at a couple of dealers. It will mainly have to do how the pandemic is affecting the distribution and manufacturing from certain mints. South Africa was in a very strict lockdown and the premiums on Silver Krugerrand's are currently really high, where prior to March this year, you'd be able to find them for good prices compared to the 1oz Silver price. Personally, this has been a time where I purchased some higher premium silver coins anyway, some Silver panda's (2010 - 2014) and a proof Silverback Gorilla for example, as those prices did not seem to go up by that much compared to the bullion grade silver. I do agree however that now is probably not the best time to purchase bullion grade silver. I have been looking at some smaller gold coins (sovereigns and the like), as well as setting aside a fixed amount of cash so I have a nice amount to spend on Silver bullion once I feel the premiums have gone down to what is acceptable for me.
  5. I have a couple of late 1800's 5 lei coins, which indeed flip vertically. Also, most Dutch coins will flip vertically, the gold 10 guilder coin from late 1800 do, as well as silver coins from 1972/1975
  6. Alex944

    Help a Newbie!

    Hi Espana, Just my thoughts on your post: - I would definitely prefer to have your Silver and Gold physically if possible. Apart from the fact that I think physical ownership beats having ''numbers on paper'', it's also just a very enjoyable thing to have a collection to enjoy and to see it grow overtime. My go-to dealer for the majority of (silver) bullion coins has been the European Mint. They offer free storage for 6 months so you can purchase coins over time and ship it later to save on shipping costs, and their prices are generally quite low compared to other dealers. When it comes to bullion coins, My suggestion would be to just get what you seem to like. I have small numbers of a bunch of bullion coins just so I could find out what I liked most, for example a couple of Britannia's, Krugerrand's, Philharmonics, etc. The difference is not that big, though you will see that some bullion coins are more expensive than others. It depends on you and your strategy how much that matters to you. For me, it's generally a long term thing and I want to enjoy what I purchase, so getting coins I like for a bit more than the cheapest bullion coins does not really bother me. Lastly, the best advise is to do strong research. Compare prices between dealers, look for some reviews and their reputation and take a decision that makes sense for you. Best of luck! Alex
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome! 😀
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a question around how you compare a coin that you want to sell against what is currently available on the market, both dealers and 2nd hand. One of the coins I am looking to sell is a 2012 1oz Silver Canadian Wildlife Cougar, which has a slight scratch on it. However, when I look at prices from dealers, they seems to be quite high and doesn't always guarantee BU condition. Looking on eBay for instance, I see some coins like this but littered with milk spots. To which sites would you compare this, and what are your go-to sources for this type of information? Thank you, Alex
  9. Hello everyone, Just joined the forum though I have been keeping an eye on things for a while and just wanted to introduce myself! I've been expanding the venue in which I look for particular coins, and also to sell off some of my coins, so the Silver forum seems a great place to do so. Looking forward to engage with the members. Hope you are all safe & healthy, br, Alex
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