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  1. Got an interesting 1872 shield back sovereign. Apart from the pimple on Queen Victoria's face, the letter D E I and A looks odd....
  2. Thank you for your reply. The grade is AU58. Yes I realized the two marks on the bun.... Do you think they are just dent marks or mint error?
  3. Just received a 1872 young head shield sovereign, a very interesting one! There's something on the Queen Victoria's face and it looks like an acne.... might be a mint error. Also an error message 'invalid cert number' showed when I tried to verify the coin by reading the NFC tag in the PCGS slab. I have inspected the coin under a microscope and pretty sure it's genuine. Already contacted PCGS and waiting for their reply.
  4. I think selling counterfeit legal tenders is a criminal offence... NCA should tackle these sellers just like FBI
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