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  1. Just got my two 1 0z silvers from Koin club - both going back. Milk spot on one and scratch on the other. No option for swap so a straight refund, Such a shame as the first 3 gold coins I got were perfect. I will have a think if I want to reorder them from elsewhere or leave it.
  2. Just rang RM and there are 382 2 ozs on order pending delivery but none left in stock - they need to be manufactured so might take a while. Apparently they only made half the mintage up front and got a bit caught out on the demand.
  3. Still waiting for my 2nd 2 oz and haven't had the delivery confirmation email yet. Although I'll be returning the first as it has some very slight marks on the obverse which I didn't see until I looked over in natural light this morning. All the of my 1/4 oz golds are fine though.
  4. Just in case anyone ordered the Silver 1 oz from Koin Club I contacted them today and they said they would be sending them out at the beginning of next week
  5. Reselling the 20z already at £350? It will be interesting to see if these move? https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/silver-coins/2022-seymour-panther-2-silver/
  6. Gold 1/4 oz Panther. First 2 showed up today. Looking forward to another plus the 20z and 1oz silvers.
  7. I got a quality control sticker ("QC 73") one of my 1/4 OZ's so maybe they are upping the quality control process?
  8. Got my first 2 1/4 oz golds and I do like them. Couldnt get the light quite right but hopefully you get the idea. Nice artwork on the box and
  9. My first 1/4 oz gold turning up tomorrow. I don't think there's a limit per household though as I rang RM today and they confirmed I've got 3 1/4 Ozs on the way in total. Its 1 one more than I wanted buy hey ho - at least if I get a duff one I can send it back straight away for a refund. Not sure when my 10z and 20z silvers are turning up either from Koin club or RM?
  10. Anyone else doing this - to avoid future queue pain? Order once and guarantee the full set?
  11. Bought the one ounce silver just now on Koinclub - while waiting on the RM queue...
  12. Wow that's lucky - been on since 7.30. Its just put me in the queue
  13. Most still there. Just quarter oz gold sold out. 10z silver looks like a decent medium between cost and mintage but not really feeling it so will pass!
  14. Its the WHO range - 2oz gold, silver etc. Apparently more detail on coins wit ha shockwave design, 550 mintage for the 20z silver.
  15. I missed it but what what really annoys me about RM is their lack of consistency. I wouldn't mind if they just did unannounced releases across the board but why ask if I want to register my interest on announcements about that coin in the first place! Instead I get an email about QB sets that I didn't express an interest in but it mentions nothing about the completer coin I did specifically register for! I actually went on the site this morning and missed it as there was no mention on the linked QB landing page beyond the sets (again often find the navigation on RM website odd - why not one page for all in stock releases of the same range)!
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