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  1. Its the WHO range - 2oz gold, silver etc. Apparently more detail on coins wit ha shockwave design, 550 mintage for the 20z silver.
  2. I missed it but what what really annoys me about RM is their lack of consistency. I wouldn't mind if they just did unannounced releases across the board but why ask if I want to register my interest on announcements about that coin in the first place! Instead I get an email about QB sets that I didn't express an interest in but it mentions nothing about the completer coin I did specifically register for! I actually went on the site this morning and missed it as there was no mention on the linked QB landing page beyond the sets (again often find the navigation on RM website odd - why not one page for all in stock releases of the same range)!
  3. I bet fair few people log on anyway tomorrow at 9am - just in case....
  4. 35% drop in US unemployment rates announced about an hour ago?
  5. Thanks it is lovely - just wish I'd been able to a get the 2 Oz Silver as I think it would really look great but no chance given the tiny mintage!
  6. I was not expecting to be dispatched until after 10 working days so this was a nice surprise this morning.! Nice design although one I think would look better on a bigger coin than 1 0z!
  7. Depends if the EU or US then decided to do anything overt about it or if it disrupts access to a particular natural resource (I think coal, oil & gas and iron ore - I don't know if it they are at significant levels to cause any major economic disruption elsewhere)? Did Gold spike when Russia annexed the Crimea - I don't remember?
  8. My Premium 2021 Britannia exclusive finally turned up today. Looks really good in the hand and great detailing on the waves, armour and helmet.
  9. Reading the article its the first of a 3 year series so maybe.
  10. Agreed I've gone for 2Oz premium silver for the same reason and i noticed a lot of the premium lower mintages have already gone - most of the premium stock on coin connection has gone too. My preference in designs is the Premium version anyway - although I think the labelling those as premium when the actual mintage numbers are higher is a bit odd! I might get the 1 oz of the other version from coin connection but not sure if its such a good buy?
  11. Britannia 2021 proofs now on their website https://www.royalmint.com/britannia/2021-britannia-coins/
  12. Depends on why you bought I suppose - I bought gold last year not as an 'investment ' but as a hedge given the uncertainty of the times. If I had wanted to make real money I would have thrown it all Bitcoin or a couple of key stocks but that's the wonder of hindsight (and time travel 😀) - as in reality I never would have gambled with my assets and gone 'all in' like that so not much point feeling sore about it. I 'm personally not staking gold is going to 'shoot to the moon' , but its nice to have just in case everything else goes pear shaped!
  13. I got my 2 oz proof Griffin today from RM, which cheered me up a little bit having failed to bag any of the 3 Graces on Monday. Seeing the Griffin in the flesh I now know why its one the most popular of the Queens beasts edition. Just stunning! If someone did however want to swap it for a 2OZ Three graces I could probably be persuaded with a little arm twisting........ 😁
  14. Joined the queue just before 9am and got in at about 9.10am had the 2 0z in my basket. Asked to log in at checkout (although I had before joining the queue) and as soon as I did the order just disappeared and everything sold out. Very annoying!
  15. @Isitreal seems to like low grade Sovs - out of stock now but were going for £306 Buy Low Grade Gold Sovereign | Hatton Garden Metals UK
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