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  1. That's the other thing..I Lived in Midlands for a coulpe of years, and narrow roads are really bad there. Check Cornwall.. Single tracks all the way.. I would say in poland roads are wide enough. Quality is another thing.. Companies making them cut the cost (eg layer on motorway should be 1m, and is 0,1m..), not paying subcontractors (one of biggest scams when thousands of subcontractors bankrupted when building a motorways, as Big companies got contracts, subcontracted to other companies, they subcontracted them again and again, with the bottom people who physically made it, not been paid.. A
  2. Well, I am Polish. But after 10yrs in UK, and being back justba few times since, I can tell you that I would not find myself back there.. s**** wages ( tell someone u need £2k for a family of 5 for normal living, without new car, holidays abroad and any fancy stuff), and you will be calle ld a buffon. Free of tax amount not changed for many years- around £600 a year. Minimum wage - around £320 a MONTH. Yeah, cost of living is lver, but not as much. I'd say electronic, clothing is more expensive. Food a bit cheaper. Vat-23% ( with new rules about that, research about split vat). Mentality- if y
  3. I am in same thoughts. It feels like we are at III World War. The Governments has spread a terror of fear, dividing people, so they will fight each other, not seeing that they sold their freedom for pennies.. Live in Scotland now. Been in Bannockurn, at visitor centre. And there is written in stone. What happened with this proud nation? There is a reason why Scotland is known to be the most socialist/communist country in Europe now.. where the First Minister has to instruct People how to use cutlery at the table.. People stopped thinking, as TV is doing that for them. In Poland we remember we
  4. Hi, I wonder, in case that it still will be worthwhile to buy frm EU Mint (Estonia) through a group order- no extra charges /fees/checks to what it used to be, is it considered to make another group order? And also, is anyone aware when those new regulations will be expected to be officially released? So it will be clear? At some point it needs to be sorted. Maybe dealers known more, as they import bullion from rest of the world in bulk
  5. Hi, just wondering, if I buy in Europeanmint some coins now, and keep in they storage, can I add it to future group order, or they need to be bought with the group code (I believe with new one which is not released yet)?
  6. Hi, I am completely newbie in PM. I would like to allocate some of free cash (a budget amounts) in metal. Start reading this forum, and when I thought silver would be bettter ( cost much less to buy some, and accumulate some), I got.a lot,of doubts. Easy to buy, but hard to sell ( eg. buy 1oz silver coin for like £24, and sell for like £12). Ebay charge a lot. Dealers pay half price. This forum or other private sell as option. This are my thoughts after a few days digesting the topics. So gold looks like is better for newbie, as apparently easier to sell. Read some cont
  7. Hi, I was always interested in buying some gold/silver . I found this forum, hope to learn more before invest in PM, so not to loose by stupidity..
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