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  1. Hi, just wondering, if I buy in Europeanmint some coins now, and keep in they storage, can I add it to future group order, or they need to be bought with the group code (I believe with new one which is not released yet)?
  2. Hi, I am completely newbie in PM. I would like to allocate some of free cash (a budget amounts) in metal. Start reading this forum, and when I thought silver would be bettter ( cost much less to buy some, and accumulate some), I got.a lot,of doubts. Easy to buy, but hard to sell ( eg. buy 1oz silver coin for like £24, and sell for like £12). Ebay charge a lot. Dealers pay half price. This forum or other private sell as option. This are my thoughts after a few days digesting the topics. So gold looks like is better for newbie, as apparently easier to sell. Read some contradiction advices. Some say- buy only reputable bullion coins. Other- buy whatever cheaper- bars, bigger coins - as long as undamaged, price the same per oz (not thinking about ebay). Can someone direct me or explain in a short way for dummies how best to sell PM? The purpose is to keep them for longer- if nothing break down in a life earlier, to have a bit extra for retirement (I'm before 40). At the moment all countries keep printing paper (virtual paper...) so the inflation will eat the money in the bank. So thought to keep some metal as backup (overpaying mortgage works, but can't get money out when needed)
  3. Hi, I was always interested in buying some gold/silver . I found this forum, hope to learn more before invest in PM, so not to loose by stupidity..
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