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  1. Probably going off top, but how safe is Bullion Vault? it is a private company. If for any reason it will get bust, are their customers are still owners of their assets? We are talking about holding PM there for decades, if it comes to treating it as pension pot. I love every silver and hold coin I have (not many, far too little 😅), but with vat and high premium on silver, it's something that tells me something is not righ.. I know there are private vaults/ duty free storages, where you can inspect yourself.. But minimum to store are big bars.. That's a different level
  2. I don't invest in PM to.make money on it. I am aware that it normally don't bring profit, it is a store of value. So I buy from time to time some bullion (silver and gold). With no intention to sell any soon. More like my retirement pot, or a tiny top up. I try to diversify money I manage to earn. Not much, as I don't call myself a wealthy person. But keeping money in a cupboard is purely a loss, it's better just to spend it on holidays than save... Btw, just looking for options apart of having phisicall bullion at home. Inoniw there is a bulliob vault, some dealers offer to keep PM in vaults in Switzerland.. It is not a paper PM, but how safe it is? Some ETFs are backed by physical metal, and are threated as safe. Just looking to safely locate an equivalent of tub of silver every few months , buying at lowest premium.. That will be safe for years and easy to sell
  3. I'd like to ask about your predictions about siler price if we get another bunch of restrictions, and economy will be scared. I checked the charts of silver price during 2020. When lockdowns started, silver plummet (I believe it was a liquidation on futures trading, and demand of having cash in uncertain time). After a short while, prices gone up a lot (stimuluses). Gold in other hand didn't marked such a dip. Just try to predict what can happen with precision metas pices when government will start messing ip again.
  4. Anyone used coinvest recently? Looking for a tube of silver, that are difficult to get in UK (at least in a good price). Are there any brokarege cost for orders under 1000 euro/gbp? And what are roughly shipping costs - that shows only at the end of purchase process..
  5. Thanks guys. I did invested a bit in crypto, and looking to hedge some profit in physical metal. Apart I love they look, it is something you can have in hand, and will not "evaporate". Looking to do so in near future
  6. Not sure if right place, please move if wrong. I want to buy some more sovereigns/ 1 oz coins. Want to do it directly for crypto. Is there any dealer in UK that accept crypto? I know chards is doing something with the bitcoin, but not seen if can trade btc for metals. European mint wss doing it as well, but now outside the EU.. So no more vat fre.. I know some members accept it as well on trade forum here. Been buying here before, but only for bank transfer. Any advise would be appreciated.
  7. Spot price is similar to what it was for last months, or even lover than at August. But premiums has skyrocket.. And I wanted to top up like a tube of 1oz silver at payday now.. Well, have to wait will it calm down. Or will look more for the gold when it drop even more. What I hear, is that US will be paying BIG benefits, more that one off checks for 1k$ earlier 2020. Stock markets and crypto pumped up. Now on crypto is a Bull time, everything is going up. Probably, as long as there will be source of free money. Just wonder how physical metal will react.. As more $$ may be loaded into high profit/risk assets. Last year PM gone up, as the governments terrorized population. Now they are slowly calming down with "magical vaccine" .. So low risk /low profit assets may be left behind, or at least not attract such big interest. We all know that PM market is well manipulated by big banks. But gold is falling down a lot now, silver stays high - I guess as per reddit fame. Should it go down soon with the gold? If not, it may be a good time to move from Ag to Au (when GSR will be lower?) Anyone have a crystal bowl?
  8. I am waiting for some sovs from Chards. If they would have something off the shelf, and price lower, they apparently can swap. Problem is, that all physic is going faast. I wanted to top up my silver just recently, and this hiccup started - spot 1GBP up, but premium skyrocket. Look at the premiums of gold/silver at dilers - those they have in stock. Premium goes up.. Even on gold, to keep the price up
  9. https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-01-08/Can-gold-price-drop-below-1-800-next-week-Here-is-what-s-behind-the-shocking-selloff.html Thats from last month. Looks like situation in US - they will print few trilion of USD, big pays of benefits to citizens, and all the money goes to the crypto and stock exchange. Look at the BTC and ETH, market cap on crypto exchanges goes up and up. If street and Wall Street see that can make more elswere, there is less demand for gold. My assumption. Just checking gold price, keep going down.. We will see where the bottom will be, so it will be an opportunity to but some. For me it is to keep for a long run, so I am not panicking..
  10. That's the other thing..I Lived in Midlands for a coulpe of years, and narrow roads are really bad there. Check Cornwall.. Single tracks all the way.. I would say in poland roads are wide enough. Quality is another thing.. Companies making them cut the cost (eg layer on motorway should be 1m, and is 0,1m..), not paying subcontractors (one of biggest scams when thousands of subcontractors bankrupted when building a motorways, as Big companies got contracts, subcontracted to other companies, they subcontracted them again and again, with the bottom people who physically made it, not been paid.. And best part - They had to pay taxes from the invoices they issued, and never got money! So the business owners not only been owed money to their staff and suppliers, but to Revenue as well! Another biggest scam of a decade - Ambergold. Company which supposed invest money in phisical gold, been a pyramid. hundred of thousand of ppl lost everything.. And guess who been in their Board - son of Prime Minister - Donad Tusk, who has been after 2 times a President of UE . That is just not even a peak of the corruption.. In UK noone is really bother about politics, in Poland people discuss that all the time. Most argues are on politic ground. But it is still a beautiful country, and I can't wait when borders will reopen and I could see my family. At the moment my business is focused on tourism, so I do really feel the hit, no need to VAT hassle for me, they are killing my small business other way..
  11. Well, I am Polish. But after 10yrs in UK, and being back justba few times since, I can tell you that I would not find myself back there.. s**** wages ( tell someone u need £2k for a family of 5 for normal living, without new car, holidays abroad and any fancy stuff), and you will be calle ld a buffon. Free of tax amount not changed for many years- around £600 a year. Minimum wage - around £320 a MONTH. Yeah, cost of living is lver, but not as much. I'd say electronic, clothing is more expensive. Food a bit cheaper. Vat-23% ( with new rules about that, research about split vat). Mentality- if you are smiling- uou have to be either drunk, on drugs or mental health issue. If you ask in UK - how are you- it's always-fine. In Poland- even you just won on lottery-it's always s****. Mum works in a hospital for years. Her wage is around £400a month.. To get an £1000 a month - net- you need to be a hood manager in good business. People always have to find arounds the lw to make living, and each next government is just rising taxes, make more control etc. Aww, look at bureaucracy. I know as a fact that ppl working in government administration (hmrc, and all other bunch of bandits) not going to work to WORK. When you try to sort out anything, you are the servant, who disturb the peace of drinking coffee and chit chat with froends, so you are treated as a pest.. Been in that position, I have friends wjo works with them - imagine working in administration and for the whole day do a 1 a4 page copy, and not bother about tons of documents.. Corruption never ended after 89', just got worst- politicians have a monopol on bribery, stealing, and all wrong doing you can imagine.And when it comes public, nothing happens.. It is why I am not planning to go back there..
  12. I am in same thoughts. It feels like we are at III World War. The Governments has spread a terror of fear, dividing people, so they will fight each other, not seeing that they sold their freedom for pennies.. Live in Scotland now. Been in Bannockurn, at visitor centre. And there is written in stone. What happened with this proud nation? There is a reason why Scotland is known to be the most socialist/communist country in Europe now.. where the First Minister has to instruct People how to use cutlery at the table.. People stopped thinking, as TV is doing that for them. In Poland we remember well the Martial Law were in force (1981-83), with the only difference that there are no tanks on the streets, but Police, and no secret agents spying but Covidians calling cops and informing Services (go back to 40's and see how similar it is to Ghettos where Nazis separated Jews from others, marked them, and not allowed to leave those part of cities). This is a new War, where a weapon is all media controlled by Governments (amount of censorship and blocking YT and websites of those who tell the truth is growing). Looks like the idea is to kill all small business, destroy middle class, and make only big Corpo and Government jobs. Noone inform about more protest in France, what people of Denmark has fought - for days banging in pots in front of parliament, to call back a bill allowing Government to vaccine by force anyone. Noone mention about thousand of lorry drivers, who been helped by common people and abandoned by services (sorry, police was there to pacify those who has been locked with no water, food, fuel or toilet for many days).. To save my mental health, I do a low information diet - I not watch TV (for years now), and only read online article that in my interest. But back to the topic, looks like it is more like a time to focus more on the gold than silver now for a longer time investment. Sorry for OFF Top .
  13. Hi, I wonder, in case that it still will be worthwhile to buy frm EU Mint (Estonia) through a group order- no extra charges /fees/checks to what it used to be, is it considered to make another group order? And also, is anyone aware when those new regulations will be expected to be officially released? So it will be clear? At some point it needs to be sorted. Maybe dealers known more, as they import bullion from rest of the world in bulk
  14. Hi, just wondering, if I buy in Europeanmint some coins now, and keep in they storage, can I add it to future group order, or they need to be bought with the group code (I believe with new one which is not released yet)?
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