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  1. OPEN,OPEN! ...and just take some beautiful photos
  2. I knooooow, regret it but at the time I wasn't sure about this release yet 🤔 In total I managed to "hunt" 2x full and 1x half. And the dealer is fine, I usually order there and it's ok
  3. They have most of the new releases. I know they work very closely with PerthMint. When it comes to 2022 sovereign they had: full, half and 5pack set (I regret not taking this set 😕 )
  4. I am from Poland so bought the coins from the local "mint" where I always buy them: metalmarket.eu
  5. aghrr... Just as I was writing this post, someone bought out all the sovereigns I had left on the site Only half of them are left.... about which I am not convinced. Well: I'm left with two sovereigns and one half on my account
  6. Gentlemen, What do you think about buying 5 pieces of proof suveren? 🤔 Of course in the persepective of keeping them for at least 5 years?
  7. Think what would have happened if RM had decided not to release the bullion at all 😵
  8. If someone is still looking for sovereign, here are few pieces: https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/products/great-britain-gold-half-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-2022-proof-5533.html
  9. If someone is interested: https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/products/great-britain-gold-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-five-coin-set-2022-proof-5537.html
  10. Fast action, no time to translate! I work in an emergency room where I have to make quick decisions
  11. Thanks gentlemen, you have convinced me! I just bought 2 full sovereigns and 1 half
  12. Thanks! But what if the bullion coins come out in the same design as the proof? How do you think this will affect the proof price?
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