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  1. The post around my way is very slow at the moment, my order arrived this morning. Many thanks.
  2. Many thanks for the info, I wasn't sure if I'd missed it somehow. I'm so glad I joined this forum it's great keep up the good work!
  3. Hello all, I was hunting around at home for a long lost Playstation 2 power lead when I found a plastic cup of mixed coins from my travels all over the world. I started going through them thinking I might find some silver quarters when I found what I think is a 1694 Godless Elephant token. The condition isn't great and has been made a bit worse by some of the other coins rusting a bit at some point. Just thought I'd share it with you on here. Thanks and have a great bank holiday weekend.
  4. Furnace

    Silver or gold?

    Thanks for your comments its very helpful and much appreciated 👍
  5. Furnace

    Silver or gold?

    Overall I want to make any purchases as close to spot as I can and I'm not too bothered about collecting numismatic coins unless one really takes my fancy. Quite keen on getting some sovereigns.
  6. Furnace

    Silver or gold?

    Hello all, I'm quite new to the the silver forum and stacking community in general. I have always wanted a kilo of silver and I'm reasonably close to treating myself to one but I'm starting to have second thoughts and am now considering investing the equivalent ammount of money into gold. The plan is to keep hold of what ever I buy for twenty plus years. Any thoughts or advice from more experienced stackers out there would be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. But I'll give it a miss this time, have a great Bank Holiday weekend.
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