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  1. I have four 1 kg .999 fine silver bullion bars with certificates for sale. 2020 Metalor Switzerland bars. Postage will be Royal Mail special delivery, insured and tracked or come and collect in person. Payment by bank transfer/cash on collection £740 plus postage Reduced to £715
  2. Doot72

    Kilo bar weight

    So would 1003 grams be far too much?
  3. Doot72

    Kilo bar weight

    Bars are silver by the way
  4. Doot72

    Kilo bar weight

    Hi guys, when buying 1 kilo bars, these are new metalor. What weight should I expect to get on a digital scale, tolerance wise what would be say too heavy?. also come with certs, will the exact weight be on there that it should match up to? many thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. 3 oz bar from the silver shed with coa £90 poured with .999 silver. postage £7.50 RMSD
  6. Thanks guys, I shall give it a try👍
  7. Hi guys, I’ve been pouring some silver ripple bars and I get a small amount of the graphite From the crucible left on top. Can anybody tell me how to remove this with out leaving any small scratches behind, I’ve managed some really nice bars but this is driving me crazy,, any help will be greatly appreciated 👍.
  8. Brilliant uncirculated, never been touched or out of tubes yet. 25 coins per tube. £670 per tube. postage £10 special delivery Royal Mail or of your own choosing. Bank transfer.
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