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  1. Doot72

    Gold from the US.

    Yeah, I think it’s vat too, can live with the (brokerage charge), that’s not too bad, But saying that if I don’t need to pay vat as it’s 1g bars of 999 investment gold, why should I pay a brokerage charge either. I’m thinking the sender hasn’t labelled it as gold and vats just been charged on the value of the package. Ironic thing is I’ve not heard a sausage about my platinum that’s coming from elsewhere, I don’t mind a hit on that as it will be due and that’s fair enough. I’ll probably have another invoice to put up on here tomorrow lol 😂😂😭😭
  2. Doot72

    Gold from the US.

    I was after a couple of the heraeus 10g goldseed multidiscs and couldn’t find any over here at the time, shipping was reasonable and didn’t expect to be charged anything on investment gold. just received this, oh the joys 😡 anybody know of an easy way to sort this out?.
  3. Wow, this guy is still doing this, I very nearly ordered from here this morning, decided to call the number and someone answered claiming it’s a wrong number and he gets a number of calls like this, he then advised me to call another number on the website, all sounded a bit funky so I tinterwebbed a search and found this thread, that certainly was a close call 😰
  4. Doot72

    Gold from the US.

    Watch this space, I no doubt will get screwed over lol. thanks for your comments 👍
  5. Doot72

    Gold from the US.

    I’ve ordered some gold and platinum from the US, am I likely to get hit with any charges at all, are they vat free when bringing them in from America? Any customs charges etc. They are 1g bars, I’m hoping for the best as no silver involved, appreciate any informative input guys and gals. thanks.
  6. As the title, I am after 10, possibly upto 20 1kg silver bars, obviously I’m looking for a good price on something like this and ideally would be buying on a regular basis. Cash available or bt. please pm me
  7. As the title, let me know what you got and how much, thanks.
  8. 10.65 ozt fine .999 silver bullion bar hand poured by “The Silver Shed” . Number 11 of 100, comes with a signed COA from the pourer. Free postage to standard uk postcodes. Collection welcomed. £289 £275 ovno
  9. I have four 1 kg .999 fine silver bullion bars with certificates for sale. 2020 Metalor Switzerland bars. Postage will be Royal Mail special delivery, insured and tracked or come and collect in person. Payment by bank transfer/cash on collection £740 plus postage Reduced to £715
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