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  1. Hi guys, I’ve been pouring some silver ripple bars and I get a small amount of the graphite From the crucible left on top. Can anybody tell me how to remove this with out leaving any small scratches behind, I’ve managed some really nice bars but this is driving me crazy,, any help will be greatly appreciated 👍.
  2. Brilliant uncirculated, never been touched or out of tubes yet. 25 coins per tube. £670 per tube. postage £10 special delivery Royal Mail or of your own choosing. Bank transfer.
  3. Hello guys and gals, just to introduce myself, I’ve been interested in silver, gold and coins since I bought some in 2014, just recently I’ve started to buy more and tried to make some profit while managing to keep some as well for myself. I also watch YouTube in bed while I’m trying to get my son settled and came across some of back yard bullions videos, since then I’ve watched pretty much most of them and bought myself a furnace and managed to make a couple of 100gram bullion bars, I’m now addicted to my little hobby in my shed whenever the missus takes the kids out. I hope to gain
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