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  1. Big and Beautiful Britannia! Couldn’t resist buying instead of a sov this month
  2. Too young to appreciate them in their pomp but what a band!!
  3. Wonderful looking coin for its vintage looks relatively spotless ( at least to my inexperienced/untrained 👁) 😀
  4. Tempted by this- I wonder how many they will mint
  5. I hope the pizza was up to the same high standard!
  6. Would have to be a small toy truck for me 😄
  7. Lovely coin! As a bit green on these matters can you suggest a good website for Marsh as I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on here and I don’t fully understand how it works. Thanks
  8. 55 Arrival!!! Thanks BYB for this lovely wee bar of silver! Looks like I was lucky in the pour also 👍
  9. Got these 10 little beauties today courtesy of @Midasfrog
  10. Lucky fellow! My brother and family live in Indiana a bit off the beaten track. One of the main McVities factories in Glasgow is in danger of closing so hopefully doesn't affect you. If you get the opportunity I would highly recommend Tunnocks Tea Cakes or Caramel Wafers- a Scottish favourite!
  11. Too true-I've American relatives and any time they're here they stock up on Cadburys
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