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  1. Looks like the video put up by @Paul a week or so ago was fairly accurate re more drop in price If only we knew where bottom was 😁
  2. I was thinking about that very thing but they're out of 2021's!!
  3. Now I think your daughter will pick the gold even though it’s smaller! Female instinct!! 😀
  4. Congrats mate! What beautiful badges 😁
  5. Hi If anyone can oblige please pm me Thanks
  6. Hi All- Anybody got a spare one they'd be prepared to part with pm me please Thanks
  7. Very unusual and attractive chunks of silver! Thanks for sharing
  8. Received my first Full Sovereigns today! Every time(twice 😀) I buy gold the price plummets! Lovely coins though - I’m well chuffed with these!!!
  9. Wow! These are stunning Maxe. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Cheers Foster88 Yep that realisation is now dawning 😂
  11. My first gold coin! Britannia is stunning in silver but simply gorgeous in gold! Now awaiting a couple of sovs from Atkinsons then spending will have to stop for a bit 😀 Some of the images from you guys are top class- probably better in natural light but couldn’t wait!
  12. For me it would need to be a “Matchbox” sized one though!
  13. That's something ill look at doing myself. At the start of this journey I've tried sticking to .999 but I can see the attraction of sovereigns due to their lower price in addition to them being a big name also.
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