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  1. Top graded double sovereign with a lot of eye appeal as I hope you can see from the pics. I’m looking for £1800 postage included. Bank transfers preferred. Thanks for looking.
  2. Looking for an Ungraded piece, preferably with box and coa. Top condition a must. PM me if you are looking to sell or want to discuss. I’d be happy to hear from you. cheers
  3. Looking for an Ungraded piece, preferably with box and coa. Top condition a must. PM me if you are looking to sell or want to discuss. I’d be happy to hear from you. Best jaconet
  4. Many thanks for the congrats from you all. I agree an excellent prize and kudos to @RoslandGold
  5. Hi everyone I’m interested in adding 2014 & 2015 quintuple gold proof sovereigns. I’m looking for graded and ideally 70. If anyone has either and is looking to sell, I would be happy to hear from you. Please PM me to discuss. Thanks for your interest. Cheers Jaconet
  6. Hi everyone Im looking to extend my double sovereign set outside of the modern. I’m interested in buying a 1911 double sovereign proof for my collection. I’m looking for a quality graded coin. If anyone is considering selling who is interested please private message me. Thanks for your interest. regards jaconet
  7. Hi everyone i haven’t seen too many quintuple sovereigns offered on the site but I thought I’d put this out there to see if there were any potential sellers. I’m looking for 2016 proof but if you might be a seller of another vintage, taking advantage of the recent gold price rally, I would be happy to hear from you. I’m looking for £5 sovereigns proofs only. Thanks for your interest Cheers Jaconet
  8. Good morning all Im looking to buy a 2013 graded double sovereign. Ideally a pf70. But I’ve still got a fair few year gaps to fill in double sovereigns so try me if you are a seller. The worst I could say is I’ve got that one 😃!! Anyone interested In selling please get in touch. Many thanks jaconet
  9. I’m looking for a two pound 2016 sovereign., ideally want a 70 graded but might consider 69. Anyone looking to sell one please get in touch all the best Jaconet
  10. Very interesting indeed. Top man for passing it on!! Is the answer to go to a courier service like ups/dhl? What do people do if they’re shipping coins to be graded?
  11. 1918 M Full sovereign pcgs graded Ms63 1978 full sovereign pcgs graded pf69dcam 1992 full sovereign pcgs graded pr69dcam 2012 half sovereign pcgs graded pr70dcam Pics are attached. Anyone who is interested In one or more of these quality sovereigns please private message me.
  12. @silverdocket. thats true but 1/4 irish is probably counts for a bit more than that which americans claim in deep ancestry. my grandmother was irish (mcewan)
  13. Yorkshireman by birth but I have some Whitehaven, Irish in the blood @trp @silverdocket many thanks for the warm welcome
  14. Thanks gents. Good to be here
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