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  1. Looking to buy graded 2016 half sovereign. If you’re interested in selling. Pcgs or ngc fine. TIA Cheers Jaconet
  2. Looking for these two special reverses. Pm me if you are interested in selling these. best & TIA jaconet
  3. I’m looking to buy 70 grade half sovereigns from 2012. If you have and are looking to sell. Pls message me TIA Jaconet
  4. Hi all I missed out on a graded 2017 plain edge sotd and thought I should try to get one. So I thought I’d ask if anyone was looking to sell theirs. I realise it’s a bit speculative but here’s hoping. Pm me if you are TIA Jaconet
  5. Hi everyone TIA for reading and any help you are able to give. I’m looking to move closer to completing a double sovereign date run 1980 - date in pf70. Anyone who has any 70 graded doubles they are willing to part with, I would be interested in hearing from you. I’d prefer ngc but would consider Pcgs aswell. The dates I’m missing are below. 2006, 2009, 2012 & 2018 Pls message me cheers jaconet
  6. Looks like there were some platinum proof 1oz available through mint marque. Very covert launch if one could call it that. Seems like many royal mint sales staff weren’t aware of it. one thing I’m interested in is where did the rest go. I very much doubt they were sold in the Uk as I’d have expected more gossip. Other than @goldhunteri hadn’t heard a jot until late last evening. I managed to get one this morning 🥳 So if anyone knows where they sold (rather than speculating) I’d be very interested. TIA Jaconet
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