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  1. Many thanks for your help getting these I’m all done. best jaconet
  2. I am offering one of my two 3 Graces, which comes with its original box and coa. Payment by bank transfer preferred. Offered at £1050 posted special delivery, an attractive discount to the most recent coin cabinet sale, eBay and others. Pics of the coin on offer are below. TIA for looking and drop me a pm if you have any queries. regards jaconet
  3. Hi everyone TIA for reading and any help you are able to give. I’m looking to move closer to completing a double sovereign date run 1980 - 2017 in pf70. Anyone who has any 70 graded doubles they are willing to part with, I would be interested in hearing from you. I’d prefer ngc but would consider Pcgs aswell.The dates I’m missing are below. 1980, 1983, 1987, 2000, 2003-2011 Pls message me cheers jaconet
  4. I was hoping to pick up one of these for my nieces. If anyone has one they might part with please pm me. Cheers Jaconet
  5. For those who like the look of platinum The part of my collection which isn’t away being graded. Enjoy!
  6. @LindemanThere’s very little supply in Europe that said there is the ability to buy every proof & reserve still, its expensive, but with lower mintage than 2014 what would constitute a cheap price? On emk site it suggested that the release date was 22 february. If I were a betting man I would expect apmex will offer coins this week. I have no account with them nor inside info & if I were you I’d be tempted to register with apmex. That was the action I took with emk when I missed all muendachs issuance and the half ounces on emk on 6 February. With an end positive outcome. best jac
  7. @Lindeman as I understand apmex have not done anything as yet. Muenzdachs are out of stock I believe. Emk have sold out of 1/2 gold proof & reverse proofs but a 1 oz & 1/2 oz reverse set is still available at emk, but 1/4 oz gold proof sold quickly too. There are other gold proof coins on emk still good luck jaconet
  8. Platinum price on a bit of a rip today, up 3% yesterday and nearly as much again today & looks destined to go higher. Ive got a raw 2018 platinum quarter Britannia I’m prepared to let go. It comes with original box and coa. If anyone is interested I’m offering at £400 posted, payment by bank transfer. ive thrown in a chart for anyone interested it’s a day out of date but is illustrative I believe. Thanks for your interest
  9. A question I just thought might be worth thinking about. If European dealers have had their allocation and there’s just a small amount left over. Apmex will have far more supply. Firstly do we think Apmex will be cheaper than 6000 euros for a proof year set? But typically buying from them isn’t an option I don’t think. If it was possible secondly do we think that we might be able to buy or will it all have been allocated away like so many of the hot issues at the royal mint?
  10. Looks like the libertad reverse set price has gone up. Was 4950 euro now 5450. Can’t see other changes. Anyone seen a half ounce proof anywhere for sale
  11. I have kept an eye on emk as the only place I know with inventory. I don’t believe they’ve changed their prices
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