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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Looking at stacking Silver just as an investment. Love stacking circulated world silver coins as love to think about the history of them and what they have seen on their travels.
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    British and World circulated coins.

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  1. The mint told me directly, when I returned my coin twice for a replacement, that all returns are destroyed and you get a new coin.
  2. yes couldn't agree more, my stack is there to enhance my or my childrens life when it needs to and is part of a wider portfolio.
  3. This thread is more just a bit of fun. I'm not stacking for SHTF situation, I'm buying to hold as investment and a bit of a side hustle. I also like the history side.
  4. So then is it counter productive to store your items off site if you really do think a SHTF situation is coming (like a prepper), unless you have a second secret easy to reach location. I see people talking about their stack being in a secret location for security, which makes sense, but people will be on the streets, robbing each other and looting places. Any bank, etc location will be high on people's list for looting and then protecting or being held up in.
  5. I try to buy bulk silver lots at spot or lower, pick out what I want and then sell on at slight profit. This keeps my stack price very low and affordable. I am not really bothered about buying a specific coin, just what I think is good value for money and recognisable for potential resale. I am now using the profits to grow my gold stack as its less space and not high premiums on the bullion.
  6. An interesting thought I had. If you are stacking for a sh*t has hit the fan situation, and you don't keep your stack on your premises, what's your plan for recovering it? There are different situations that could occur, but one running theme will be chaos on the streets. So if its trying to get to a family or friends house or to a safety security deposit box, how would you do it?
  7. I had money taken out of my account last night and email on Friday saying its being released today.
  8. Hi, I would personally leave as they are and let the next person decide to take them out or not, they are protected in there.
  9. To be honest, any circulated coins that are not completely worn that you can get at spot or just above are probably the best bet. This is what I go for and seems to work quite well. If you need to sell quick then you can off load them close to spot and there are always buyers for silver at low premium. Especially as it has the history element. I'm very careful not to buy too much bullion because the silver here has a high premium.
  10. A very nice coin, I have a growing collection of francs, especially from Switzerland. Its great to learn a little more.
  11. I will speak to the importing department and also customs to try and get an answer, but I don't think it will be straight forward. I'm thinking to still ere on the side of caution and stay below the 390 threshold and perhaps a small bit of loose change of constitutional on my person.
  12. Can you imagine going through with a 10kg necklace. Yes would have to be no more then say 5kg
  13. It would weigh a lot and look suspicious though.
  14. Yes, I agree but I wonder how much "loose change" you could reasonably ocme through with.
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