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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Looking at stacking Silver just as an investment. Love stacking circulated world silver coins as love to think about the history of them and what they have seen on their travels.
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    British and World circulated coins.

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  1. The mint told me directly, when I returned my coin twice for a replacement, that all returns are destroyed and you get a new coin.
  2. Absolutely stunning 2 ounce silver Gothic Crown Portrait. Capsule has never been opened, fantastic condition and comes with original paperwork and box from the mint. Price, including insured special delivery, is now ONLY £299. PayPal and bank transfer accepted, can get vouches on request have sold to many members.
  3. 53 pre 1920 British Sixpence coins, some dating as far back as 1816. Yours posted for £85. If that wasn't enough then we are also including these 6 four pence coins as well including a Maundy one dated 1849. PayPal and bank transfer accepted.
  4. ANOTHER BELOW SPOT SILVER SALE What! Yes that's right. We have another below spot silver deal here. 477g of Canadian 80% 50, 25 & 10 cents coins. Current spot price puts this at £243, I'm selling it for £240 INCLUDING special delivery. PayPal and bank transfer accepted.
  5. BELOW SPOT SILVER SALE What! Yes that's right. We have here 886g of Austrian 64% 10 and 5 Schilling coins as well as 4 1976 100 Schilling coins. Current spot price puts this at £362 £372, I'm selling it for £360 INCLUDING special delivery. If that wasn't good enough (and it should be) I'm also chucking in a 20g 90% 1973 50 Schilling. PayPal and bank transfer accepted.
  6. Spot price Silver, 151 silver threepence £122 plus postage.
  7. Mixture of British and American coins for sale. 11 coin British bundle ; date run of 8 really nice threepences 1912 to 1919, 1887 Shilling, 1902 shilling, 1887 Sixpence - withdrawn type = 40 1888 Double Florin = 20 5 coin American bundle; 1982 Commerative Half Dollar, 2004 Kennedy Proof Half Dollar, 1887 S Seated Liberty Dime, 1841 O Seated Liberty Dime (scratch on Obverse), 1898 Barber Dime = 40. Official 1843 Royal Mint Sovereign coin weight for 5dw 2.5g, nice Patina = 20 1928 S Mint Mark Peace Dollar (Key Date, hard to find and traditionally a weak strike) = 50. Postage on top unless otherwise listed, if shown in capsule then capsule is included. PayPal and bank transfer accepted. Can get vouches if required.
  8. 1982 Commerative Half Dollar 2004 Kennedy Proof Half Dollar 1887 S Seated Liberty Dime 1841 O Seated Liberty Dime (scratch on Obverse) 1898 Barber Dime 1853 Sitting Liberty Quarter - SOLD Postage on top. Take the lot for only £50 £45 posted 1st class signed for. AOOG PayPal and bank transfer accepted.
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