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  1. They're very nice but well outside my current stacking goals - so are the 'regular' silver ones but, in the words of Magnus Magnusson, "I've started, so I'll finish." 😆
  2. Just in time for New Year's Eve, South Africa Big 5 number 4 and a tube of 2021 Britannias (which manage to take on an interesting purple colour in photos from quite a few angles) have made it from the EuropeanMint. Will probably be over paying for Big 5 number 5 when it comes out...
  3. Actually arrived a couple of days ago... My little piece of the European Mint group order!
  4. Count me in. Not the prettiest oz's going but I'll chuck in a couple from my 'fondling silver' pile - 2019 oriental borders Britannia (artificially toned to hide an ugly milk spot and haven't quite got round to polishing it up) and Scottsdale IGWT.
  5. Congratulations @Fadeingstar got in there at the last second! 😆 PM me to arrange payment/delivery.
  6. The latest addition to my ever growing @BackyardBullion stack...
  7. Auctioning off something for the cricket fans... A Sir Donald Bradman commemorative silver proof - "limited" to a maximum 100,000 mintage. 😆 First up, the negatives - we've got couple of small milkspots, one near the first D of Donald and another just behind his right knee (bit hard to make out). Now, the positives - comes in original box with COA and cardboard slip case, all in great condition. Auction runs until 20:00 BST this Friday (14th) and buyer pays postage at their own level of risk. Auction starts at a just below spot bargain price of £22: Bids in increments of £0
  8. A 2oz, 100 year anniversary of the RCMP being founded coin, supplied in capsule. Looking for £45 plus postage at buyers risk. No milk spotting or obvious flaws. (sold pending payment) Payment via bank transfer or PPF&F
  9. So my 10oz one of these is now worth £410?
  10. 5x Australia Zoo Sumatran Tiger 1oz 999 - Royal Australian Mint - Mintage of 25,000 I have 5 of these lovely coins going spare, asking £32 each including second class signed for postage (at buyers risk) - currently in stock (56 left) at European Mint at around £36 Payments via bank transfer or PPF&F.
  11. For sale: 12x 2oz+ bags of US 90% silver quarters, plus 1x 1.7oz+ bag. 1 Bag: 9x pre-1940 quarters, including a few well worn standing liberties - £35 plus postage at buyers risk.(sold pending payment) 3 Bags: 11x 1940s quarters - £40 per bag plus postage at buyers risk. (sold) 3 Bags: 11x 1950s quarters - £40 per bag plus postage at buyers risk.(sold pending payment) 6 Bags: 10x 1960s quarters (mainly 1964) - £40 per bag plus postage at buyers risk.(sold pending payment) The contents of each bag (except the pre-1940) will weigh in at at least 2oz - weights for each ba
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