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  1. This year's trio of @BackyardBullion tsf bars arrived today, joining their brethren in the "fondling silver" pile.
  2. Couple of 2021 aussie dragons from @Panda6Pack and big 5 number 5, to go with numbers 1-4, from @ShadowTriad
  3. Lovely chunk of silver you have there, here's an opening bid of £1,000
  4. Retrieved this from the delivery office this morning, courtesy of @woody65
  5. I got a 1/2oz Britannia on here a while back, mainly because it's a nice one and the premium was a relatively low ~9%. They're a nice size for good details but given there's both smaller and larger coins with typically lower premiums I'll usually go for a Sovereign or two, or save up for a full 1oz for stacking purposes.
  6. No, they sent me an "Investment Gold Declaration" form to sign and return. Based on the paragraph at the bottom of the form, as long as the gold coins are 90%+ gold, have an official currency denomination and the premium over spot was less than 80%, then they come under investment gold. Investment Gold Declaration.doc
  7. I had to sign one for a recent delivery and had no extra charges - only had gold in the package though.
  8. Had a recent order from Coininvest delivered (straight to the local PO, for some reason) via UPS, no extra charges but I did get an email from the UPS import people at East Midlands airport with a declaration form to sign and asking for a bunch of further details such as commodity codes/VAT registration numbers etc. I just replied with "bullion grade gold" and "private individual purchase" or "not applicable".
  9. My "Ceilings of Heaven" 2oz set... A nice, short (3) series but could do with a microscope to view the microfilm inserts in their full glory!
  10. After more than 5-weeks of waiting... These two arrived today from Coininvest! (managed to miss the "dispatched in x-days" notification on the 'roo when I ordered... Then UPS had "Brexit related delays" 😩)
  11. One regular from 'forum favourites' H&B and my first Double from @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer - with extra pics demonstrating the importance of getting the 'right' light when photographing gold!
  12. This one was a 'random year' selection from Atkinsons - 3% over spot when spot was sub-£1,000...
  13. The '58 was from Chards and the '59 was from the Britannia Coin Company - both were "best value" grade bullion. Think all my sovereigns are either "best value" lucky dips or H&B as I generally go for the lowest premiums on sovereigns. Had one with an edge ding but that was balanced out with an unexpected 2012 sovereign in good condition.
  14. A "lucky dip" sovereign from ATS and a couple of mini-Krugers from @Gypsy
  15. Had a wide selection of years in the past, usually decent condition - been getting them mostly from the late 50's recently.
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