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  1. Another bit of @BackyardBullion poured silver for the pile, loving those deep ripples.
  2. My spare White Lion of Mortimer has contracted something icky around the bottom third of the coin (plus Queenie's got a bit of a smudge) so it's time to send it on its way. No reserve, please bid in 50p increments and buyer pays postage at their choice of risk. Auction ends: Friday 22nd May, 8:00pm
  3. More shiny things from @kiskelo and @ilovesilverireallydo
  4. ... Sorry... 😂 They are very nice. Looking forward to the leopard as I expect that will be a stunner if they get it right, though I expect the original release of August may get put back a bit due to the current circumstances.
  5. A Nikon D3300 with a Sigma Macro lens... Camera's pretty much entry level DSLR and the lens is a recent bargain addition I'm getting to grips with. Some phone camera's are phenomenal nowadays (if you want what the presets give you) but I'm not too sure about a Blackberry! 🤣
  6. They are far more detailed than I had expected... Here's a close up of the rhino (the one that seemed least detailed on first look):
  7. Long time coming for some of these from the European Mint (thanks to the platinum Britannia dawdling on its way over to Estonia!)...
  8. A good looking Britannia courtesy of @InvestInCoins888
  9. Animals, when done well, certainly attract my attention - mythical ones too. I also like shields/coat-of-arms style, particularly those with intricate detailing where the more you look, the more you see - the design on the Germania mint rounds being a particular favourite.
  10. Aside from an 18th birthday gold necklace... Mine started with realising we had more coming in than out, the banks were offering zero real interest, and I was far too tempted to spend spare cash on 'collectable' junk. Start of 2019 bought a couple of 10g bars from Royal Mint then started doing my research and funneled my need to collect into something with more intrinsic value than pop culture plastic collectables. Wish I'd gotten in around the 2014-2016 lows (well, early-to-mid 2000s lows would have been nicer but I couldn't afford much then!) but happy to have got a couple of sub-£1,000 1oz's and sub-£230 sovs considering today's prices!
  11. This is one of the reasons I made the original post - there's lots of stuff out there I haven't considered as I didn't realise they exist etc. Something more for me to look into and learn about during my research!
  12. I have two 2019 1oz silver forum bars for sale - #153 and #154. Both come with COAs and velvet bags. I have spoken with @BackyardBullion and he has confirmed that if you purchase these from me you will have the option to take up the same numbers for the 2020 1oz bars (provided everything's done and dusted before next Friday's deadline for taking up the option). £27 each plus buyers choice of risk for postage.
  13. Latest arrivals from @BackyardBullion
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