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  1. I voted for Buying Gold & Silver, but I'm also positioned in cash
  2. That is my silver. I've started stacking 2 years ago and I'm in my mid 30ies. I'm wondering how much space will it take me when it's time for retirement.
  3. Stacking goals for 2020? As Napoleon would say while planning a campaign "We start, then see what happens".
  4. Thank you very much for the answers. I've always been skeptical about the safe deposit boxes. I've read so many bad rumors about personal belongings being stolen from private safe deposit boxes. Perhaps I am just paranoid
  5. Good evening. I'm an Italian citizen living and working in U.K. since 5 years. I'm 34 y.o., and I didn't know anything about PM until a couple of years ago, when I've started allocating a significan part of my savings in physical gold and silver. I haven't stacked that much so far (6 ounces of gold and 130 ounces of silver), I do what I can afford to do, but I'm still relatively young and the work will continue in the foreseeable future. The further I go, the more clear it appears to me that storage and safety becomes a bigger and bigger issue, as the stack grows bigger. So I've had an idea. I return in Italy roughly three times every year for holidays, visiting family and friends. I was thinking about storing a little part of my physical PM there, hiding them in one of the properties of my family, but still keeping the majority with me in U.K.. I would just make me feel better not keeping all the eggs in the same basket. Does that make any sense? Or it's just a stupid idea? Thank you
  6. It may be. But they've just mentioned the article from the italian newspaper and translated it entirely https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/finanza-e-mercati/2019-02-24/banche-ritorno-gold-standard-l-oro-bilanci-diventa-moneta-091055.shtml So, although it is on their website, it's actually an entire article from a different source
  7. https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/central-banks-suppress-price-to-buy-more-cheap-gold-ahead-of-the-march-29th-re-monetization/ I apologize if it is a re-post. Opinions about it?
  8. I've always been using mostly cash. I use the card for the payments about which I don't have alternatives (flights/hotels for the holidays, buying PM's onlines and so on and so forth). My standard practice is withdrawing cash at the cash machine at the beginning of the month. If it is sufficient, I put the redundant cash in the "pygghi bank". If it's not, I withdraw again. Due to my status (EU citizen living in United Kingdom) I hold a good portion of my portfolio in cash of both the currencies (British pound and Euros), and cash gets along with my precious metals. I am slowly reaching a point on which i am holding less and less credit on my account (in the future probably only the amounts needed for paying bills and holidays), but higher percentages of cash and PMs. And I couldn't sleep better
  9. Today for the first time, i took all my gold/silver off the shelters, i've put them on the table and made a video with the phone. Seeing them all together is awesome.
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