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  1. X20 SD SDHC Memory Cards Lot 20 Mixed brand SDHC memory cards for various devices: Camera, Satnav, Computer, Console etc All tested and fully working Sizes: x1 64MB x3 1GB x1 2GB x8 4GB x2 8GB x5 16GB £40 for the lot, which includes tracked insured post to the UK (UK SELLER: international buyers please message me for a postage price) I accept Bank transfer + PayPal F+F Want to make an offer? Need a different type of memory card? Message me🙂 !
  2. X9 Pokémon Card Lot 9 Mixed Pokémon cards including 4 rares (1 Dark Slowbro Holo Foil) Condition: Overall 6/10, Played / Used cards, some have light scratches, Sneasel has a crease in top left corner (see last pic) £25 for the lot - which includes tracked insured post to the UK (international buyers please message me for a postage price) All cards will be put into protective ultra-pro card sleeves before posting I accept Bank transfer + PayPal F+F Got a question or offer? Want to chat about trading cards / metals / anything? Message me🙂!
  3. +3 stamps added to the lot (used unfranked) x1 1st class large x1 20p x1 10p 27 stamps in the lot now
  4. Hi Has anybody used the company Bullion4all / http://www.bullion4all.co.uk ? I can not find any reviews about them on TSF or Trustpilot. Thanks!
  5. Hi I recently got my first item from the silver forum🥳 the seller was very nice and posted it fast! 1 oz 9999 Silver "Guernesey" 8 Doubles 2014 Coin - More info on TSF YouTube channel: I like how the coin reads 9999 fine silver (not just 999), I noticed Guernsey is spelled "Guernesey" on the coin which is the French translation. For anybody who doesn't know, Guernsey is an island in between the UK and France Guernsey - Wikipedia The coin is based on a lighter 9.6 gram bronze coin which was in circulation in Guernsey from 1864 to 1911: When I first saw the silver 1oz version they were made by The Guernsey Mint, which changed names to BullionRock Direct and then to Ravenscroft Precious Metals There website currently states they are no longer doing online sales: Ravenscroft Precious Metals. - BullionRock (anyone in guernsey who still buys from them?) The mintage is mysterious. I found a related post: Guernsey 8 Double mintages - Silver - The Silver Forum The earliest coin I can find is from 2008 ("limited yearly issue") and the latest is 2014 Here are some pictures of my first purchase. If you have any information about the coins, mintage, or company please post it here
  6. Stunning Precious Figure! How much does he weight? (vid not working for me)
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