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  1. RDHC

    The Gold Standard

    Thank you for the summary. Makes sense.
  2. RDHC

    The Gold Standard

    What did they say?
  3. I agree. The colour looks much more acceptable than I had expected.
  4. Mine arrived this morning, too. Can't fault them for classy presentation (plus three good quality sheets of paper to use on the reverse side).
  5. Many thanks to all who have kindly responded. Looks like neither the double sovereign nor the Britannia is the front runner.
  6. Really as per title, except that for me the most obvious alternative would be one of the more unusual half ounce gold Britannias ( a bit more expensive but you get more gold), for example the 2005 one, but I'm very open to suggestions. Thank you for your thoughts.
  7. RDHC

    Sovereign mintages

    Not so sure about the double and quintuple ones, I have to say.
  8. RDHC

    Sovereign mintages

    Bullionbypost have all the mintages. Type 'mintages' into their own search engine.
  9. I really don't think that anyone has missed all that much in aesthetic terms: neither the obverse nor the reverse strike me as being interestingly conceived or well executed; in each case the detailed parts are too small in relation to the whole.
  10. This is a truly frightening vision of the future - except perhaps as an oblique advert for his dentist. Perhaps, however, it will be welcomed by Prince Charles's P.R. team as a means to counter the proposals of those who have suggested that the descent of the Crown should skip a generation and miss out Charles in favour of William.
  11. You may be slightly reassured to learn that, from what I read, there are not so many new buyers for crypto these days, which is perhaps why the price has been stagnating recently (and it's way down from its high point of nearly $70,000 a few months ago). If there is indeed a declining number willing to be first time buyers of this version of the emperor's new clothes, then the price will do worse than merely stagnate and the whole thing will be revealed as a ponzi scheme.
  12. Oddly enough the artist is apparently Jody Clark, who is better known for the infinitely better fifth image of Elizabeth II on sovereigns, Britannias etc. He should have been advised to decline this particular commission, which was almost guaranteed to end badly.
  13. Thank you. All information of this kind is valuable, as is the warning. Fortunately my gold Britannias (no silver) have come only from reputable dealers, so I feel pretty confident about them. Can you recall what distinguished the fake ones from the real thing or were the photos not good enough to tell?
  14. That's very interesting. I can understand the fake £5 sovereigns because they go back more than a century, but I have not previously heard of fake Britannias. Are there are any particular years or other clues to watch out for? I would have thought that even before the additional security devices over the last two years a Britannia would be very difficult to fake convincingly, but I'm open to correction.
  15. No, not worthwhile to spend any money or much time, I agree, but, a further point, did they state clearly in the offer that they would not ship to Australia? If not, it would not be part of the contract, unless they also referred you to their 'terms and conditions', and made them accessible to you, that might include such a restriction. My guess is that they did not allow for overseas applications and there might be no such restriction.
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