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  1. Was it a Keith Haring Swatch? 😉
  2. I completely understand the market finds the value. I was just asking what people think are the factors making the coin so desirable? 2oz of silver obviously has low intrinsic value, and 3500 doesn't seem a particularly low mintage? For example I paid less than what that coin sold for on ebay tonight, for a £5 2017 BU Pistrucci. Which is a gold coin with a much lower mintage.
  3. Why do these coins sell for so much? I know they sold out in 10mins and its a highly sought after design. But they're not mega rare, 500 x 5oz and 3500 x 2oz Seriously, who is paying £2K for a 2oz modern coin? Or the £6k Chards are asking for a 5oz one! https://www.chards.co.uk/2020-three-graces-silver-five-ounce-coin/14358 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Royal-Mint-Three-Graces-2020-UK-Two-Ounce-Silver-Proof-Coin-Limited-Edition/143997961914?hash=item2186f286ba:g:SLIAAOSwDkVgaa~p
  4. What about travelling to the EU to buy, after restrictions are lifted? Would it be legal for customs to apply duty, re-entering the UK carrying British coins? I'm not sure??
  5. Just got a 2021 sov, and a QEII young head sov. £305 each inc. delivery at Sharps Pixley.
  6. Hi, Has anyone bought from the EU since brexit? I used to get my silver from the European Mint in Estonia, but I'm wandering what I'd get charged now in import duty/vat etc. I've noticed some EU retailers applying UK VAT at the point of sale. Has anyone any experience of the process, or useful info? Cheers, Marc
  7. Yes I think the tarnish can be conserved, but the seller stated that he'd scratched the coin trying to rub the tarnish off. So I doubt it would grade well?
  8. I'm not sure? I think crypo currancies and blockchain fuctions, have their place in the near future. But I'm not convinced on the long bid on these tokens? It's not really out of the system. There's kids in the US getting jailed now, for not paying cap gains on crypto holdings.
  9. Got the coins today. Massive props to sharps Pixley! Ordered yesterday, got the coins today. I asked for a random sov, and a QE2 pre decimal sov. Got a 1980, and a 1965, both pretty much uncirculated. For £308, and £311. They send them free too, special delivery. In slips, in a nice large velvet bag. Highly recommended.
  10. £311 for pre decimal QE2 sovs with free postage at Sharps Pixley. Seems decent. https://www.sharpspixley.com/sovereign-elizabeth-ii-pre-decimal-gold-coin
  11. I just think the Bowie portrait was poor. And the others were also novelty cop outs. Same with the bond issue. I mean the RM can engrave fantasy characters in much more detail, so they should try harder with real people.
  12. Yes, the RM music series was awful. I thought the Queen one was bad coz they didn't use Freddie's face. But blimey, that Bowie coin looks bad, and like you say, no one wants an Elton.
  13. It would be fun to collect the cards. But I bet you've got at least 10 of the same cards there? They don't even seem to sell much of a range of different coins. God knows how much letters they send a day in total? What do you reckon each letter costs them including postage? Maybe £2? Its mad how they make money doing this? When also selling the under spot, intro stuff too!
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