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  1. I just think the Bowie portrait was poor. And the others were also novelty cop outs. Same with the bond issue. I mean the RM can engrave fantasy characters in much more detail, so they should try harder with real people.
  2. Yes, the RM music series was awful. I thought the Queen one was bad coz they didn't use Freddie's face. But blimey, that Bowie coin looks bad, and like you say, no one wants an Elton.
  3. It would be fun to collect the cards. But I bet you've got at least 10 of the same cards there? They don't even seem to sell much of a range of different coins. God knows how much letters they send a day in total? What do you reckon each letter costs them including postage? Maybe £2? Its mad how they make money doing this? When also selling the under spot, intro stuff too!
  4. So like many of us here I picked up half a dozen of the £224 sovs from Harrington and Byrne in 2019. But almost immediately, I was sent letters on fancy paper with picture postcards of overpriced coins. I thought nothing of it, I obviously didn't fancy the coins they were offering, but they started sending duplicates of the same letter. I don't think they have much of a range to sell! Anyway, I stopped opening these elaborate marketing letters after a few months. And thought, maybe I should just ask them to stop sending them? But then I considered the cost and lengths they wer
  5. Has anyone heard of, or used this site? Some of the products and prices look too good to be true. And they claim to post for free. https://europabullion.com/
  6. I know you've all been eagerly anticipating this release.. Its a half oz silver proof. Only £60!
  7. Haha! Let me open it. I can't wait to see what potential investment opportunity is inside!
  8. Yeah I think so. It used to be 3 sovs max, but when the price changed you could buy another 3. So I tested it with the 309 price and the 319 price. Ordered Monday and Tuesday. Both arrived today, along with the obligitary marketing spam phamflet.
  9. This is since the start of this year! I don't even open them now. The paper is really nice, good for fountain pens etc. I mustta had about 18 sovs off them in the last 12 months, without cheating. Obviously all were well under spot. But the letters come 2 or 3 times a week now..
  10. It's £319 now. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4220.html
  11. I received my 2020 sovs today. £279 and free postage is a really good deal. And they make the effort presenting in a capsule and velvet slip with Coa. I've always found them to deliver a good service and they've never stopped me buying practically every coin on or under spot. Since I first dealt with them back in June, I reckon I've received around 40 letters on expensive paper with postcards of coins available to buy from them at 2-3 times the market value. I'd also recommend you don't give them your phone number, because they will ring you up trying to sell you overpriced p
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