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  1. Just FYI, recieved my order from him on Saturday. Also paid Tuesday.
  2. Queens beast completers for £63.49 https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2021-queens-beasts-completer-2oz-silver-bullion-coin/ People buying them off the sales threads for £68 😅
  3. Assuming the coin is without marks I would say it would fetch anywhere between £1800-£1900
  4. Only a small delivery today. Half sov lucky dip from Atkinsons again. This time a 2015 bullion half sovereign. I think these are fairly scarce at less than 500 mintage? It's absolutely mint too.
  5. Arrived this morning! It's absolutely stunning in hand!
  6. Added to my PF70 brits this morning, plus three very nice sovs from an Atkinsons lucky dip. 1910, 1907 Melbourne and a 1900 Perth! The PF70 2001 1/4 ounce is arriving tomorrow too!
  7. Post is first class standard at your risk. Upgrade at your cost if you prefer. 2 x circulated Jemina puddleduck 50ps - SOLD Netherlands 5,2.5,1 and 1/2 cents. Amazing condition. £8 posted. Genuine army air Corp operation dessert sabre challenge coin £10 posted. American coin mix including 38 x state quarters! Great starter collection for the kiddies! Most look to have been washed. £15 posted. Pressed quarter (rare!!) And two pressed pennies. £4 posted. Swiss franc 3 coins £4 posted
  8. The BU 2016 5 coin set. £40 posted Special delivery. Some damage to outer box (dirt) inner slips and coins are fine.
  9. Chance to pretend you are a big 90's businessman or re-live your glory days if you actually were one! A nice condition, all original 9500 communicator. Fully functional in every regard. Some damage to the rear hinge and rear facia (hairline crack) but does not affect function, repaired with epoxy and opens smoothly. Comes with spare batteries, computer cable, headset, charger, software, desk docking cradle (kids won't get it) and installed MMC 2GB card. IMEI matches box! Don't know if it is unlocked, works on giff gaff. £60 posted SD. No offers. UK only.
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