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  1. Anyone noticed the massive price drop on the 10+ option for brits from the Royal mint? Makes them under £27 delivered a coin. Weird considering the RM are usually the most expensive by a mile. Error? https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/silver-coins/britannia-2020-1oz-silver-coin/
  2. And a second delivery! Thanks @Clockpuncher for these nice minty Brits! Fantastic price.
  3. Nice delivery this morning! 1oz bar and 2 x bullion 2020 sovereigns. 😀
  4. Hi, How much would it be for 10 coins, in capsules with SD?
  5. A few bits and pieces from last week . Anyone know when these royal mint silver bars were produced?
  6. Main benefits of silver and gold stacking 1, Silver/gold should go up over the long term 2, You get to spend and save simultaneously 3, Feel like a dragon/pirate
  7. I sold my crypto recently and paid off my CC and used the rest for silver and gold. With the enevitable coming I don't trust crypto not to tank in a real financial crisis. I sleep better having the PMs and no debt!
  8. Hi all, returning to stacking after a few years away, stack 3.0 currently in the works both silver and gold and joining here to do some buying and general chit-chat.
  9. Martin is the man. Nothing but great service from him every time and great packaging (free game of pass the parcel). If you have bought from him you know what I mean!!
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