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  1. Having missed the great engravers una/three graces and seen the price rise afterwards, I got the gothic at after market price which stayed fairly static for weeks only then to have the trading value go from £580 to less than £400 within days with the same seller. I mean, its bad luck and I don't sell silver ever 🤷 but did the other great engraver coins do somthing similar? Or is this one just destined to be the low value one?
  2. You are right! They are great collector items (ponzi memorabilia) and they usually sell quick and recover the premium in my experience. This forum will probably be the best place to buy.
  3. Venezuela silver has been greatly undervalued in my opinion. I bought tons of mint state coins over the last few years from the 30's-60s its now going up as supply has dwindled.
  4. Hi, it's definitely silver plated, not silver. It's value will be determined by the popularity of the maker (which I am unable to identify) and the condition of the item. Antique forum/shop will be able to help.
  5. Looks like they have pulled the loss leader for now 😆 spot price too spicy 🌶️ looking forward to receiving mine.
  6. These are great! Can I have a couple please? I cant see all your listings. Can you pm me with what gold you have left?
  7. Semantics, a preorder is offering for sale. My point is I personally find it a shame that dealers have enough early entry to the RM proof market that they are taking money on PF70s before a single coin is in their hands. Its not about the collector as much as it used to be. My opinion, not necessarily yours.
  8. I disagree. Ever since the start of the great engravers it has been much worse and 2019 was the last year I was able to easily procure RM proof coins. Many dealers now offer pf70s before the actual release of the coin. Saw significantly more flipping here and on ebay compared to previous years. But at least I get to enjoy the design for close to spot.
  9. As other have said, thanks for sharing the link. Missed the proofs to flippers as usual! This will be a fine consolation prize especially if it arrives under spot in January 😀
  10. I'll have 2 x 2010 eagles with 1st class recorded please
  11. Spare cash laying around. Near mint state example wanted. George V ideally. What you got? 🙂
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