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  1. Some numismatic niceties to start the weekend. A lovely crown and barber half dollar. So much detail it's a feast for the eyes! 😍
  2. Final bump before I get financially ruined by VAT buying from Germany....
  3. Bump, still looking. Good prices paid for good condition and top dollar paid for 1952
  4. Some nice uncirculated beauties today 🙂
  5. Anyone got any for sale?
  6. Forgot about this order from Germany. Seller mixed up one of the coins but meh, check out that lovely 1964 proof 10 schilling!
  7. Found a little more cash behind the couch.... Manky case but the coin is nice considering how cheap it was 😀
  8. Good advice in this thread. It did look suspect to me. My 1881 for reference (also a bit beat up!) In general I find the charity donation auctions are a huge red flag. Particularly when they come with a sob story. Very few people do this genuinely and it is becoming a common eBay tactic. Hope it doesn't put you off Morgans, they really are lovely.
  9. And down to my last of the silver budget with this florin. What a nice one though at £2.99!
  10. eBay sniping pays off again. All of these for £17/oz. Really nice condition.
  11. Looking for a nice Victoria Crown with good detail. What you got? Looking to pay standard numismatic value for exame the equivalent sale value on ebay.
  12. Just putting feelers out to see what is available for the BOE 1994 £2 gold proof. 69 and 70s considered. Thanks
  13. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo for this lovely little bundle! These cuban coins are rare!
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