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  1. I tried selling this lot but couldn't even get pennies for them!
  2. Did domeone say banned coins??? I think these are still subject to the Cuba sanctions!😆
  3. Bullion half sov 1911 with a fair bit of remaining lustre and another silver brit as can never have too many!
  4. An atkinsons lucky dip sov and some choice sterling bargains!
  5. Richiesilver

    Time to sell?

    I would definitely keep them. I too bought a couple ounces at £1500! But I just continued stacking and cost averaging down now its barley a blip on the cost sheet! With the world going the way it is, I just can't see it being a bad idea to hold on to gold. Price goes up = buy gold. Price goes down = buy more.
  6. It's a really strange time in the market right now. Having been a buyer only (never selling lol) since 2010 it really seems like somthing odd is happening. I have predominantly been a seasoned ebay under spot sniper but have totally given up with this now as too much time involved. Good condition sterling coins or world silver are becoming very very scarce at reasonable prices. There are an influx of newer buyers also spending way over the odds on standard coins too. See pic below of a kennedy half which sold for over £20 the other day!!
  7. Recieved a 2020 sovereign straight from the mint like this, assuming grease in the die. St George's horse looks appalled.
  8. Hi guys, need your help with this one. 1887 half crown in great condition but strange imprint over the 'BRI' as shown. Anyone seen anything like this before? Post mint damage or error? Thanks!
  9. Some mixed bullion and some bargain slabbed Morgans. The toning on the MS63 is lovely.
  10. It's my birthday today! And I finally got my copy of the Marsh Sovereign Book! Going to have plenty of time to read it too as I have broken my jaw in three places and the whole lot is wired shut. Freak Bike accident. This forum is helping me stay sane. Thanks guys.
  11. For anyone interested in the outcome here, the dealer has recieved the coin back. It has been verified as genuine but they concede it has been polished/heated/ex-mount. They have offered to send a replacement free of charge. Great service from them as I expected.
  12. It was a group funded coin from a board on 4chan.
  13. After many long months of waiting. The Aputannia arrived today 😆
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