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  1. As 2020 was a large acquisition year for me I am going to tone things down in 2021. I got a 2021 sov but still need a 20 swiss franc and a 10 guilder. I want to get my cash savings account back up to 5 figures and build my crypto reserves up again.
  2. Still on my foreign binge, 2 franc, 5 franc, bolivar and a 1 guilder 🙂
  3. 2021 Sov and some super cheap 50%. Nice!
  4. Another nice delivery full of history! Thank you @MikeG1978 for your contribution to the pile. I sniped the 1967 Gulden last second on eBay for £2.20 after too much wine. Then I realised they made a nickel coin that year too 😒. Delighted to find this was the silver version at significantly under spot!!!
  5. Nice to finally see the arrival of my 1/2oz proof 2020 lib. Its beautiful!!
  6. Hi All, Would like to buy a little selection of world silver to expand my collection. Looking for things like 1, 2.5 gulden, British silver, Swiss francs, French francs etc. Just looking for a £50 - £100 nice selection. Let me know if you have anything please! Rich
  7. £33-£34 is the best you will find them at the moment in the UK. So a pretty high premium. I won't be buying any more lol
  8. Last delivery of 2020. A nice 1985 PF70 half sov to go with the full and some more 2020 libertads.
  9. Here you go 🙂 https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2020-mexican-libertad-1-oz-999-silver-bullion-coin/
  10. 2020 1oz Libertads now available from the silvertrader. Just ordered 5 for myself!
  11. And the rest of my lib set arrives from Germany! Including the mythical 1 oz 2020 Libertad 😍 Now just waiting for the 1/2 proof to arrive....
  12. I would like to hear the opinion of the learned members here regarding the buying patterns being seen with graded sovereigns. I seem to be sensing a kind of growing mania...observing some very high bidding (and sudden recent increases in bidding) on more modern sovs as well as ms/pf 1900's sovs. Anyone else feel like the demand is growing fast?
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