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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    1. Annual Gold: 1oz Britannia
    2. Annual Silver: 10oz Royal Arms & Valiant, 1oz PM Koala, Royal Arms
    3. Speculative: 1kg PM Koala
    4. Slow Burn: 1914-1918 A, C, I & SA (highly graded) Sovereigns,
    5. Wish list: 2017 5oz Reverse Proof silver Libertad, 2000 Gold Maple Leaf, 2019 Gold Buffalo, 2022 Gold Libertad
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    The series I have started are all (bar 1) open
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    Not enough

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  1. They are very nice, James, and I do have a growing stack of 10oz coins. However, I buy them cheaper than that. I think whilst the troy oz soars I may be pausing!
  2. I'd be interested in speaking with anyone considering selling their 2017 Libertad. Particularly keen on tracking down a 2017 5oz Reverse Proof, but all denominations are of interest. Thank you
  3. Chris, Would you take £150 for the 2017 2oz?
  4. Hi On the off chance, might anyone have a couple of large coin capsules suitable for 1KG (Perth Mint) coins? Many thanks,
  5. Just seen an old YouTube Group Order video. Would I be correct in deducing there is no benefit now from such a movement, whether from EU or Row?
  6. Hi, all a bit confusing. What coins are still available, please?
  7. Thank you. I am having fun
  8. I did not know about this series until I noticed @CookieMonster offer a 2017 gold 1Oz recently. Sadly I missed that, but would love to have bought it as I think in gold they look awesome.
  9. Hi All, I am attempting to get a run of 10oz Valiant coins of which there are only the years 2018-2021. Would anyone doing similar be open to swapping their 2019 or 2021 for one of my 2020? Would need to be like for like, i.e. from RM and in capsule. Only cost involved would be each party pay for SD postage. Just an idea. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am interested in the Perth Mint Swan, but cannot privately message you?
  11. Hello All, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have been watching You Tube videos for a little while trying to educate myself on Gold and Silver and from there heard about this Forum. I am (loosely) a stacker, but do have to fight the urge to buy sets. For example, I am keen to build a run of RM Valiant 10oz coins and am always open to adding another 1kg PM Kook or Koala should it come up at an attractive price (yes, gutted I have just missed one!). The more I see the price of 1oz silver coins increase, the easier I find buying bigger denominations (bars or coins) rather than broadening the coin collection. Still cannot understand why a 1oz silver Eagle is so much more expensive than a 1oz silver Britannia? Looking forward to reading peoples thoughts on the prices, trading and buying more.
  12. New to site, but keen on that deal. Please let me know if you unexpectedly have a tube available.
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