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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    1. Annual Gold: 1oz Britannia
    2. Annual Silver: 10oz Royal Arms & Valiant, 1oz PM Koala, Royal Arms
    3. Speculative: 1kg PM Koala
    4. Slow Burn: 1/10oz Gold Britannians (Proof)
    5. Wish list: 2017 1&5oz Reverse Proof silver Libertad, 2000 Gold Maple Leaf, 2005 & 2007 Gold Panda, 2012 PM Lunar Dragon, 2019 Gold Oriental Border Britannia, 2022 Gold Libertad
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    The series I have started are all (bar 1) open
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    Not enough

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  1. Thank you. And do you now how they are dispersed for sale?
  2. Calling on those that may have an insight into the Mexican market. If I was to visit Mexico this year, how would I go about best sourcing a 2022 gold 1oz Libertad? Do I have to order from the mint for delivery to a domestic address or visit the mint? I understand there are few coin/PM stores out there and those may be dodgy. Anyone with any experience? Many thanks, N
  3. Yes, all look good to me. Still in their respective boxes etc. I bought them and they have just been stacked safely away.
  4. If anyone has a Tudor Black Bay Ceramic that they are considering parting with, I would be interested. Ideally, you would be open to swapping (details tbc) with my Tudor Black Bay Heritage Dark. Many thanks.
  5. It is a simple observation that in the last 4 weeks, the flow of adverts and purchasing on TSF, and other sites, has slowed. Of course you want to buy the dip, everyone does, but understandably there is trepidation on where the dip floors. It is not a sudden dislike for gold, just a fear of the market. Take these 1oz gold Brits, for example, that are very reasonably priced. If it were April 22, they would have been snapped up immediately.
  6. Bank Holiday Bump. Surely someone is tempted to get a head start collecting this magnificent set? I am even paying the postage!
  7. My collecting of coins could be described a whimsical or perhaps, simply, unplanned. Last week I stumbled across some silver proof QBs and thought that it would be nice to collect the set over time to go with my 2oz bullions set. Over the weekend I ended up with the whole set in a box and so now have too many. As such, I have for sale today, 4 x QB 1oz Silver Proof coins and the 1oz Siver Completer coin. These vary in price, but I would like to sell together. Please could someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe £600 posted SD is about the market rate? 1. The Unicorn of Scotland 2. The Falcon of the Plantagenets 3. The Black Bull of Clarence 4. The White Lion of Mortimer 5. The Queen's Beasts - Completer All boxes, CoAs and pamphlets are present. In these times where people seem to be hesitant to buy, I would also be open to a sensible swap for gold. For example, 1/10Brits, low denomination bars, or throw me a curve ball and I may put money in! Thank you Slo
  8. OK, thank you for letting us know. I am still keen if @Scootermuppetno longer wants. N
  9. I have PMd you, but if still available I will have.
  10. Hi Bob, The '03 is still available. N
  11. Today I received my first Monarchs coin back from NGC and I am so happy with it. It will be a long and slow journey to collect the whole set, but if they all look as good as this one when graded, in a tactile chunky slab, I will be overjoyed.
  12. Having collected the 2oz Bullion set, I would now like to try and collect the 1oz silver Proof QBs. I am aware that some members commenced this journey and lost interest or decided to focus their efforts elsewhere. Should there be any members that have lonely coins from this set, and would like to recoup their investment, I would be interested in having a chat. Thank you, N
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